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Memoirs of a Teenage Directioner

Book By: Tommos Girl
Fan fiction

Are you a "Directioner"?

If you are, what does it mean to you?

Has being one changed your life like its changed mine?

Being a Directioner means everything to me and
The following story isn't really a fan-fiction because its a TRUE story!! It's about me. It's about my life and how it's changed since I discovered 5 boys that you probably know a lot about:) and if you don't, why are reading this?
Everything I say is 100% true and either happened to me or a friend(I might replace people's names though.....not sure) Basically an account of the life of a teenage Directioner.

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Part 1 "Discovery"

Every Directioner has their own personal story about how they became what they are today. Their own story about how they gave up their social life, let their grades drop, and dedicated their entire life to 5 boys better know as One Direction. A large amount of our stories begin July 23rd 2010 at 8:22pm. My however doesn't, along with all the other Directioners who can sometimes feel left out or even get picked on because they "weren't there from the beginning". Okay sure I wasn't their from the beginning. It's not my fault I don't live in the UK and I wasn't really into following a talent show that wasn't even broadcast in my country. I'm sorry I don't remember what I was doing on July 23rd. At the time, I didn't know it was going to prove to be the be the day my life "actually" began. All that matters now is that I know I will love and support my boys forever.

My story doesn't actually begin until March 2012. Yea I know what you might be thinking, I'm newbie but wait it gets worse. I have always loved music. I listen to all kinds of music from The Beatles to Miley Cyrus to Taylor Swift (sad but true) to Queen and everything in between. Although I don't really try to keep up with what new artists are coming up until I hear them on the radio because most don't make it far in the industry anymore.So, I was at my cousin, Lauren's house and we were listening to our local "hit music channel" and the radio dude said something like "Now the new hit single from One Direction, What Makes You Beautiful". Long story short me and my cousin FELL IN LOVE with that song like legit. I immediately ran to get my iPod so I could download the song on iTunes. I remember me and her dancing and singing to that song in her living room for almost 2 hours strait on repeat. At the time I didn't think much of it just another great song from a band that I would probably forget in a year...one hit wonder type deal. Boy, could I have been anymore wrong.

After that One Direction mania hit my town and it hit hard. I wasn't really into it at first, yea sure I liked the song but I hadn't heard anything else, I didn't know there story, and I had only seen them on the Up All Night cover. I remember going to my friend Kaitlin's house and the entire time was like One Direction this and One Direction that, honestly it was annoying at the time. (Today I'm the one starting the 1D covos) She even took my phone and downloaded One Direction songs onto it. I don't remember correctly but I believe they were "I want" and "Up All Night". I deleted them as soon as I got home I was So sick of it. Then, a few weeks later my friend, Olivia, came to school with the Up All Night: YearBook Edition that she had just purchased. All of my friends were freaking out over it and reading all of the boys pages. Except me, by this time What Makes You Beautiful was being over played on the radio, they were all my friends talked about, and honestly I was sick of it. I was done with One Direction. It paynes my heart to say that now but that's how it happened and I'm going to stick to the truth and the truth is I was so sick of them by this time that if someone said Direction I freaked out on them.

The end of the school year was approaching which also meant my Band classes annual trip to Americas Roller-coast (Cedar Point). I was probably the only person looking forward to the 4 1/2 hr bus ride there because that meant that I would have 4 1/2 hrs to listen to music and being the music lover I am that was like heaven. So I was ready with my iPod and my phone both with full batteries. About half way through the trip I found a song on my phone:

Artist: unknown


Song: One Thing.mp3

I later found out that it was one of the songs Kaitlin had downloaded but at time I had no idea where I came from, but I listened to it anyway and fell in love the same way I did with What Makes You Beautiful. (I still can't believe I'd never heard my friends talk about the song before this) I think I listened to song the whole way there and part of the way back.

When I got home my cousin Lauren was at my house so we could "start summer break off with a bang(party)". I immediately showed her the song, and her first question-knowing my hate for 1D- was "Why are YOU listening to One Direction?" I think I was just staring at her like a dumb statue. I didn't understand how this song could be by them. All I could say was "what!?!?!". It was at that moment that I realized I had to give them a small chance, I wouldn't obsess like my friends but they weren't bad guys. It just got annoying sometimes. [(small unimportant detail) The same day Lauren showed me a song called Tell Me A Lie sung by Kelly Clarkson....I told her later that she didn't really sing that song she just wrote it LOL]


Well that's part 1 of my becoming a Directioner. It gets better I promise. Now that I write it down I was really stupid back then lol:) Part 2 will be more me accepting One Direction and starting to fall for them while being in deNiall and saying that I still hate them.

P.S. I would love if people actually read this, but I'm not really expecting people to. This is my first thing on here and I'm really just doing it for myself, so in like 10 years I can read this and remember everything:) I thought it might be a cool idea and I recommend all Directioners do something like this.

P.P.S. I would love to get votes and comments telling me what you think of this idea. I love you if you actually took the time to read about my boring life,but if you didn't that's okay I'm not mad.


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