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Unspoken: chapter 1

Book By: Unknown genius
Fan fiction

MaKayla Robinson, Australian cutie, can't believe her aunt got her a job as one direction's new stylist and someone's showing some interest in her singing she didn't know she had. Everything seems perfect. But, will a few broken hearts and a few mean words ruin everything?

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*MaKayla's POV* " I can't tell you how greatful I am that you got me this job!" I squealed at my aunt over video chat. I still can't believe she got me one of the coolest jobs ever! I was going to be one direction's new stylist. I was already almost done with my studying at barber school and my aunt put full trust in me with this job. "Calm down!" my aunt said laughing "Now be ready by the time I get there. You don't want to keep me and the boys waiting do you?" I almost exploded with excitement. All my friends (including me) Was madly in love with the band and I was finally going to meet them! "They're coming too!? Now I need to repack everything! Also I need to find a new airport outfit!" I said stroking around my room. I held up the clothes I was planing to wear: A short sleeved Blue shirt and knee-length khakis. I held the outfit up to the computer screen. "does this look ok?" I asked my aunt. "of course not!" I said answering my own question. "sweetie I have to go, it's time to leave the air-" She cut off mid-sentence "Louis! Be careful!" I heard her yell at someone making a lot of noise in the back round. Suddenly my aunt's face dissapered from the screen and instead showed a person with a mess of curly hair and a British accent. Harry Styles. "Hello love. Can't wait to meet you, your aunt has told us a lot about you and frankly I can't wait" he said and smiled. Just him smiling made my heart race and my cheeks flush. "now I've got to go. See you very soon." then the screen went black. I went to my closet and searched for the perfect oufit. After what seemed like forever I'd finally chosen an outfit: A fitted tank top, that showed off my chest quit nicely, a pair of Jean shorts and black boots that just barley went past my ankle. It was normal to wear this in Australia where the weather is always blistering. I just hope none of the guys think it's too inappropriate. I was pacing around my room for who knows how long until I finally heard my aunt honking the horn to her mini van. I looked out the window at the five boys piling out of the car and my heart picked up speed again. I took a couple of deep breaths before heading down stairs to open the door. "Dont be a coward, don't be a coward." I said over and over to myself. I walked down the stairs and opened the door. "Hello I'm Louis" one of them said wearing a fake mustache and really tall hat. "with that hat, it's not hard to tell" I said laughing. He grinned and tilted his hat and shoke my hand making me laugh more. " I'm Liam" another said with a serouis look on his face. He held out his hand with a smile "Nice to meet ya" I said as I grabbed his hand and shoke it. "Vas happnin?" said the third one who I knew was zayn. "Vas happnin" is mimicing his voice, making us both laugh. Then the curly haired boy that I saw in my computer screen came to shake my hand next. "I'm Harry" he said with a smile. "I think we've met before." I said teasing. "Hello beatuiful, I'm Niall" a voice said behind me. I turned around to see a blonde haired boy smiling at me. I couldn't help but blushing as he started to shake my hand. "H-Hi" I said. Wow I couldn't even talk straight. I don't know what it is but, Niall's hand shake felt warmer and friendlier than the rest. I looked up into his Crystel blue eyes (which made my heart beat faster if that was even possible) and thought wow.


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