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A Snake In Muddy Waters

Book By: xthepaleshadowx
Fan fiction

Draco Malfoy has always hated the smart Hermione Granger. But what will happen when they fall in love? Read on to find out.

Submitted:Nov 29, 2009    Reads: 175    Comments: 1    Likes: 2   

It must be the fumes from the potions, thought Draco Malfoy as he sat in Potions, staring at the back of the second worst person at Hogwarts (I.O.W. Hermione Granger, the smartass that all the teachers loved, except for Snape). There was no way possible for Granger to actually be looking pretty today. And there was also no way in hell that Draco was ever going to think that way of her. Ugh. Draco shuddered lightly and then turned back to his nasty looking potion. It boiled and frothed inside his cauldron. Draco would be very glad to get out of potions today, for the first time ever. He needed some fresh air so he could clear his mind of these dangerously mud-blood loving thoughts. Damn, that granger girl! Draco raised his hand. Professor Snape swooped over and said in his oily voice, "Yes, Draco?" Draco said quietly,"May I be excused early? I need to go to the bathroom and class ends in a few minuts. Please?" Snape looked at Draco's slightly panicked face and then nodded curtly. Draco hopped out of his chair, grabbed his bag, and swiftly walked out the classroom door. But he couldn't help noticing Granger as he walked past her. She turned her face towards him and she had the oddest look on. All Draco could think about was how pretty she looked. This scared him badly. He was almost running by the time he got to the bathroom. Once inside the bathroom, Draco examined his face in the mirror. His eyes looked wide and shocked. His white/blond hair was slightly messy from his run and he could see his chest heaving. Why me?! Draco thought frantically. He couldn't like Hermione. Gah! Granger! He hadn't just called her Hermione in his thoughts. But Draco couldn't escape the truth. He liked Hermione Granger. And he had for a long time. He knew it was true, because once he had thought it, a sense of rightness came over him. Draco took his head in his hands and started bashing it against the wall. He wouldn't have stopped, if it weren't for the lunch bell. It clanged loudly. Draco shook his head dizzily and then stumbled out of the boys bathroom. At lunch that day he was very distracted. Crabbe and Goyle tried to get his attention about fifty times before they gave up. Draco was too lost in his thoughts of Hermione to even notice.


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