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Willow thompson; your average seventeen year old.

When forced to move to her dad's, she is not happy, specially when she has to move to the other side of the world, LA to be exact. Thinking of nothing but the negatives she pushes everyone away...

Including the next door neighbor Justin..

Can he break down her walls and convince her that this move is not as bad as it seems ?.

Find out in; Sunset kisses.

(Yes this story is a Justin bieber love story, he is not famous.)

Submitted:Oct 15, 2011    Reads: 18    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

The putrid heat beat down on my agitated skin as I sat in the stuffy car; a permanant sulk attached to my usually bubbly face. Dad sat in the front a small smile forming on his rugged features. I watched through the mirror as his bright blue eyes darted up at the mirror checking what I was up too in the back. I sighed heavily and popped my earphones in my ear letting Drake rap me into another universe where I was happier and free. Don't get me wrong, I love my Dad but I hate his new wife and I hate my smug half sister, who practically stole my dad away from me and Mom; now I have to come live in this stupid jumped up, overrated shithole the world idolises leaving my Mom all alone in our three bedroomed suburb in England. What a bummer.I popped my lips together as the car came to a halt infront of a humungous and familair looking house, if you can even call it that. Two people that I soon recognised as Mya; dads money grabbing wife. And Kayla; Dads stuckup daughter. I rolled my eyes internally as the engine stopped and dad opened the door for me gesturing for me to step out. "Welcome home Willow" he said softly sincerity plagueing his rough voice. I huffed as I slipped out of the sleek bmw and stood upright letting my chestnut brown hair cascade down my back. I pulled out my single earphone and switched off my Ipod. "Cool" I replied simply showing no interest what-so-ever. "You could be more enthusiastic" he scolded, I shrugged and headed towards the door where the evil witch of california stood. "Oh Willow what a pleasure to see you" mya babbled fakely batting her thick black and obviously false eyelashes. "Yeah same to you" I replied yawning as I did so, she tutted and screwed up her face, "its not the time to be rude now, I'll let you off this time" she warned. Please as if I'm scared of some fake ass cum guzzling gutter whore. I scoffed internally and smiled sweetly, "yes mummy" I shot back sarcastically as my dad struggled past me with the bags, without another word I pushed past them and followed him into the spacious kitchen. He turned to me a content smile playing his lips, "I have missed you so much willow" he exclaimed before pulling me into his arms, I grinned into his chest savouring the daddy feel he emmited. But being my stubborn self I pulled away placing a bored look on my face, "cool" I replied letting him know I'm still mad with his decision to make me move here. "Willow why are you being like this" he pleaded his eyes swimming with sadness. "Because I don't want to be here" I mumbled crossing my arms over my chest. Instead of talking about my feeling he brushed it and picked up my three heavy cases, "I'll show you too you're room" he muttered gravely. I cussed under my breath as I followed his lead. I looked on with huge eye's, my room was perfect, dad had captured exactly the style I adored. Light purple graced the wall; a black qoute laid bold on one side. 'Dream until your dreams come true.' A black leather bed stood in the centre laden with a luxorious silk bedset. Other than that purple fairy lights tangled around the light purple curtains. A white apple macbook stood on a mahagony dresser/table. Everything in the room was perfect but I couldn't let that show obviously I had to keep that 'I hate this place' look going. "You like it?" Dad questioned a hopeful look coursing his face. I half smiled and pursed my lips, "its alright" I answered taking note of his disheartened expression. "Dinner will be done in five' you should get dressed because we have guests" he stated coldly before shutting the door behind him. I poked my tounge out at the closed door before opening my suitcase and picking out a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a black blouse. I peered inside the ensuite bathroom before stepping inside, grabbing a fluffy towel and jumping in the unused shower. Refreshed and clean I padded back into my room clasping the soft towel around me tightly. Soon enough I was dressed finishing the look off with a pair of classic white converse, I sighed as I heard my dad calling my name. Grabbing my blackberry I headed downstairs and into the 'dining room', "hey everybody" I called dully before slumping into the chair and completely ignoring the guests. I scoffed as dad shot me a 'behave' look. I looked across the table at the man and women that sat opposite me, "nice to meet you, I'm dads daughter that doesn't want to be here" I exclaimed sweetly. I giggled as everyones moths fell open, a strong grip closed around my arm, "ouch' I snapped as my dad pulled me out the awkward room. "Get your room" he hissed his face holding a venomous look, damn he's mad. "I'll deal with you later" he muttered before deciding to help me by shoving me up the stairs, as soon as I entered my room I jumped on the bed burying my face in the feathery pillow. "I hate you" I hissed, "I hate this place" I said louder. Its official' I hate it here and nothing or nobody can change that.


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