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Twilight: It's just a Book

Book review By: apocalypso
Fan fiction

If you have a good or bad opinion of Twilight please read and comment.

Submitted:Aug 26, 2009    Reads: 259    Comments: 10    Likes: 3   

Twilight: It's just a Book

"Only gay vampires sparkle" what's wrong with gay vampires?

I hate this line of fire it's stupid and homophobic.

I know this sound ludicrous, because he's not real, but Charlie comes from a period of time when most women cooked. It's not his fault he was never taught how.

Also, the main reason I think why lots of people hate twilight is because they feel cheated by the book, because let's face it, I'm a weirdo, you are possibly a weirdo, and we are not usually the most popular people in school.

So when all these orange airheads start liking a book that we've known is around for ages, and they don't get bagged for it, it makes you feel the need to prove that you read the book before them.

Then all the screaming psychotic girls got involved and most of us were like, 'this is definitely not my thing.' so we turned to the other option. Let's all bag twilight because the majority of people who read it and love it are bitches.

And thus the weirdoes started to divide and now, for some reason, if you declare that you love or hate twilight, you are the object of a thunderstorm of comments about how your opinion is so obviously wrong.

And about the argument about the true love thing, I just wondered if you've actually met someone who's in love, and that there is no reason for love, it just happens.

Someone who commented said that Stephanie Myer uses too many adjectives like irrevocably.
I have a massive problem with this.
WE, I presume, are writers, Booksie, is a site for future and present authors.
Why are we, as writers, complaining that Stephanie Myer is using too many words to describe what she is trying to put down on paper?
It just doesn't make sense.
But it does bring us back to the people who were with twilight at the beginning.
They are feeling cheated, How dare those airheads know big words like that, when we have read loads of books to know as many as we do, and all they had to do was read one?

But some people just can't read as well as us.

It makes some people really happy that they finished a book as big as twilight. (They obviously didn't notice how massive the margins are.)

But still, you can't judge a book by the cover, nor can you judge it by the people who read it, Stephanie Myer can't control that.

I understand that some people just hate twilight, we can't all like the same things, but does that mean we have to send slanderous comments at each other, no, it doesn't.

People don't get angry with me when I say I like the book Watership Down, so why is twilight different?

Because most people, are In fact jealous of Stephanie Myer, I was jealous of J.K Rowling for half my life until I actually read the series.

Which make me think that most people who insult Twilight have not read the entire Twilight series?

You may say that it's boring and that it made you squeamish but I think that if your going to take shots at the plot, you have to finish all the books.

I'm not saying that everyone should like it, just asking the question of everyone, Why is twilight different? Why must we divide because of four books?

If you feel like telling me that Twilight is the best book on the planet, or that twilight sucks and that the people who read it are mindless foundation-faces who exist to torment me feel free to comment.

I am also open to any death threats, attempts to break down my self esteem, or just plain abuse please comment, I do so enjoy replying



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