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My Review for "The Lost Hero" by Rick Riordan

By: Gothic AngelFire

Page 1, This is how I feel about the book called \"The Lost Hero\" by Rick Riordan who has also written the famous Percy Jackson series and the Kane chronicles.

 I think that "The Lost Hero" is a really great story that people will enjoy if you like Greek mythology. This story is about a group a misfits named Leo, Piper, and Jason. One day Jason wakes up on a field trip and he doesn't remember a thing. When Piper and Leo start to notice they think that its just a simple case of amnesia, but when they arrive at the Grand Canyon National Park, things take a turn for the weird. I won't tell you the rest because that would completely spoil the book. But when you finish this story, you will be dying to read the next book. So be on the look out for the upcoming sequel called "The Son of Neptune". Rick Riordan is a very amazing author. I had a chance to read all of the books he has written in the Percy Jackson series in which the 1st book is now the major motion picture "Percy Jackson and the Olympians; The Lightning Thief". The series also has all the Greek gods and goddesses as well as many of the famous Greek myths and many more.

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