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Pokemon - Part 1

Book review By: Pranav5
Fan fiction

If you have ever heard of Pokemon, then you can continue any further.

Submitted:Aug 9, 2013    Reads: 53    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   

It all started during the sunrise. Ash, Iris and Cilan were walking towards Lacunosa Town. But, to their great surprise, they saw Professor Juniper. The latter said:

'Hey! You all there? Great!'

'Professor Juniper...what brought you here?', asked Iris.

-Well, I'm researching for the mysterious Pokemon called Kyurem. Ever heard of it?


-The legend said that Kyurem is the main disaster of the Giant Chasm. The Giant Chasm is actually behind Lacunosa Town. But it has been disappeared and no one had know the reason.


-I've called Bianca through the Xtransceiver but she must be coming by now.

No sooner was Cilan pushed by Bianca, indeed.


Ash: Eum....Bianca..

Professor Juniper: I was waiting for you.

Bianca: P....Professor, I've a bad-news....(sob)...(sob)

Ash: What's wrong?

-They....they stole my Pokemon....BWA HA.....

Iris: Who?

Bianca: Team-Plasma....and that Ghetsis. THEY STOLE MY EMBOAR...

Cilan: Bianca, relax!

Professor Juniper: Oh no! That's terrible!

Cilan: Do you have any clue where they are?

Bianca: They're nearly in the Giant Chasm.

Iris: Just what about the professor was talking.

Ash: But we have no time to waste. We must rescue a Pokemon. Are you ready, Pikachu?

Pikachu: Pika...pika...

Our heroes went into a cave which will lead to the Giant Chasm forest.

Iris: Cilan, watch your steps.

Cilan: Okay....(SLIP)....aaaa

As they emerged out, they saw a many trees and a silent breeze passes from no where.

Professor Juniper: Here we are, the Giant Chasm.

Iris: Oh! So scary!

Bianca: (shivering)

Ash: But where is Team Plasma?

They continued walking and soon, they noticed a kind of white smoke to the air.

Cilan: Over there! Look!

Professor Juniper: Oh my....oh my.....what is that?

Ash: Let's go and see.

After few miles running, their curiousity turned into dissapointment. In fact, it was a factory that was releasing a kinda ice power.

However, inside the 'factory':

Ghetsis: Hehe..now my plan will be successful.

'Sir, we have noticed some strangers. They are coming through.'

Ghetsis: WHAT? Close the doors, now!!!

Too late, as our heroes had already entered the laboratory of Ghetsis.

Ghetsis: Huh??

Ash: Hey, you! Return the Pokemon you stole else we'll destroy your factory.

Pikachu: Pikachu...

Ghetsis: Factory? You should be know to whom you're addressing, trainer.


Ghetsis: Sorry. The rules of Team Plasma cannot be changed. We steal people Pokemon, and we have ain't return it.

Cilan: Then we'll battle you.

One of the Team Plasma members announced to Ghetsis, 'Sir, accept to battle them and we'll steal their Pokemon and vice-versa.

Ghetsis: Hmm...All right. I accept; A Triple Battle.

Bianca: I...I can't battle without my Emboar. Good-luck to you three.

Ash: All right, Pikachu. Go!

Pikachu: Chu...

Iris: Excadrill. Go!

Excadrill: E...xcradrill...

Cilan: Pansage, I choose you!

Pansage: Pansage...

Ghetsis: Hehehe. Awesome Pokemon you have! Now, Hydreigon, Seismitoad, Cofagrigus. Let's do our work!

Hydreigon: Drei....

Seismitoad: Seismitoad...

Cofagrigus: Cofa..

Ash: Pikachu, use Thunderbolt at Seismitoad!!!

Ghetsis: Seismitoad, use Water gun!!!

But Pikachu's attack was stronger.

Ghetsis: Seismitoad, get up!!

Iris: Excradrill, use Dig!!!

KRASH!!! The ground Pokemon just stomped below Hydreigon.

Ghetsis: Hey...You're messing my room.

Cilan: Just as we planned. Now, Pansage, use Vine whip at Cofagrigus.

Ghetsis: Cogagrigus, dodge it!!

Cofagrigus: Cofa...

Ghetsis: You've well enjoyed. Now, it's my turn. Hydreigon, use Dragon pulse at Excadrill!!!

BOOM! Excradrill was down.

Iris: Oh no! Excradrill, get up!!

Excradrill was unable to battle.

Excradrill: Excr...

Ash: Grr...Pikachu, use Iron tail on Cofagrigus!!!

Ghetsis: Cofagrigus, use Protect!!!

Cilan: Now, that's enough. Pansage, use Leaf storm at Seismitoad.


Seismitoad was unable to battle.

Ghetsis: No...

Ash: Hey, Cilan! There's only two of us. I'll attack Cofagrigus and you, Hydreigon.

Cilan: I'll bet no.

Ash: Huh?

Cilan: A grass type Pokemon can't do super effective attack on a Dragon type. So, you attack on Hydreigon.

Ash: Okay. Pikachu, use Thunderbolt on Hydreigon.

Pikachu: Pikachu......................................

Hydreigon was unable to battle.

Ghetsis: No! I have one Pokemon left. Cofagrigus, use Shadow ball on Pikachu. He deserves it.

Pikachu: Pika...

Pikachu was unable to battle.

Ash: Oh no! Pikachu, are you okay?

Pikachu: Pika..

Ghetsis: Hehehe..

Cilan: What? There's only me left?

Iris: We're counting on you, Cilan.

Bianca: You're our only hope.

Cilan: Okay then. IT'S SHOW TIME!!!! Pansage, use Leaf storm!!!

Ghetsis: Cofagrigus, use Protect!!!

Cilan: Aargl.

Ghetsis: Now, use Shadow claw.

It hit Pansage.

Cilan: Pansage, get up!

Ghetsis: Hehehehe..

Our heroes are still hoping for Cilan to win the battle for Bianca's Emboar. Will Pansage able to get up or let the victory to Ghetsis?



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