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Short Story Contest

By: Amorelle

Page 1, A short story contest. Very fun. I wouldld enter it...... if only I wasn\'t hosting......


Welcome to the Short Story contest! You are instructed to write a short story about the topic of your choice. Enjoy writing! Remember, Round 1 entries are due October 18. We give you plenty of times for you to write and revise your short story.

The Rules

Your short story MUST be your work.

You may submit only one short story by you.

The short story must be between 300 and 1000 words

All content must be either G or PG rated.

Characters in story must be fiction.

The Judges

For those of you who are wondering, I will be judging the contest with two others. Anyone else who wants to judge Round 2, 3, and Final Round, please include your username, age, and at least half a page explaining why you would be a good judge.

The Awards

1st Prize- Picture of Gold Trophy put on their Profile

2nd Prize- Picture of Silver Trophy put on their Profile.

3rd Prize- Picture of Bronze Trophy put on their Profile

Runner Up- Blue Ribbon

Honorable Mentions- Honorable Mention ribbons

Round 1 Winners


How to Send Your Entries

Pleas do not post your entries on your Booksie, as we will be publishing it. To send your entries, copy the form below, and write your answers beside it. Send it to Remember to send the form normally, but the story as an attachment.



Date Composed:

Story Genre:

Rating: (As in PG or G?)


Thanks for Reading This! I’m Hoping To Get A Lot of Entries!

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