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"Simple Harry Potter Questions"

Miscellaneous By: future author
Fan fiction

*WARNING* This is Harry Potter related. Here are some Harry Potter questions that I would love for you all to answer as your comments. I would love to hear what you all have to say and I will answer them too, so you're not the only ones, haha. If you have any questions about Harry Potter, I would love to answer them. Enjoy! :D

~future author

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Question #1:

~Who are your favorite and least favorite Harry Potter characters and why? (List as many characters as you want).

Question #2:

~If you could choose which House you would be sorted into Hogwarts, which would it be and why?

Question #3:

~Which is your favorite and least favorite Harry Potter book and why?(Feel free to list the books in your order).

Question #4:

~Which is your favorite and least favorite Harry Potter movie and why? (Feel free to list the movies in your order).

Question #5:

~Which is your favorite and least favorite class offered at Hogwarts and why? (Feel free to list the classes in your order).

Question #6:

Who are your favorite and least favorite Professors at Hogwarts and why? (Feel free to list as many Professors as you want).

Question #7:

~Which position would you play in Quidditch and why?

Question #8:

~Which clubs would participate in at Hogwarts and why? (Feel free to list as many clubs as you want. And Quidditch, Prefect, and Head Boy/Head Girl are counted as a club in my book, haha).

Question #9:

~Which career could you see yourself in after Hogwarts and why? (Choose as many careers as you want. If you are a Professor at Hogwarts, list the class you would teach).

Question #10:

~What kind of wand would you have and why?

Question #11:

~What pets would you have and why?

Now answer me this if you don't mind. (This has only to do with the books, not really the movies)...

~Hermione chose to sign up for all 12 classes that Hogwarts had to offer for her third year. During her third year at Hogwarts, however, she begins to struggle because she has so much to do. At the end of that year, she decides to drop 2 classes (Divination and Muggle Studies) leaving her with 10 classes from the total 12. She takes the remaining 10 classes during her 4th and 5th year at Hogwarts. When Hermione receives the results to her O.W.L.s the previous year, it is said in the sixth book that she has gotten 11 O.W.L.s, 10 outstandings and 1 exceeds expectations in Defense Against the Darks Arts. If she was only taking 10 classes at the time, how then did she get 11 O.W.L.s? She would have had 11 classes to get 11 O.W.L.s, but she only had 10...


Now for my answers:

Answer #1: I like all the characters, but if I had to pick my favorites it would be Dumbledore, Hermione, and Rowena Ravenclaw. And for my least favorite, it's hard to pick, but I'm going to have to say Cornelius Fudge because he doesn't really know how to run the Wizarding World without the help from Albus Dumbledore and he continued to pretend that Voldemort was never back even though Dumbledore had warned him about it for over a year causing the world to go in disarray.

Answer #2: My House is Ravenclaw all the way because I value intelligence, although if they had a House that showed qualities from all the Houses, that would be my House too.

Answer #3: I like every single book because they are all so good and well written. The stories tie into each other even though each book has a different problem going on. I like the first two books because it begins the magical world, but I like the third book because it is more dark than the first two. By the fourth book, I couldn't put it down becauseof the Triwizard Tournament and the scene with Harry and Voldemort at the end. From then on to the end of the seventh book, the story begins to focus on what Harry has to do to defeat Voldemort once and for all. I don't think I could choose my least favorite book because they're all different. However, when I read the sixth book for the first time, I didn't understand why it was important, but now that I have read it seven times, as well as the other six books, I have come to realize that it is very important to the storyline.

Answer #4: I like the first two movies, the best with the third movie not far behind because they follow the story to the books really well. As for the fourth movie through to the second part of the seventh movie, they didn't follow the books to well at all. I still like them, but not as much as the first three movies. And the reason the first two movies are close to the books so much is because of the director who was changed at the start of the third movie. I think if the same director from the first two movies had stayed, that all the rest of the movies would have been really well done and close to the books.

Answer #5: I like all the classes offered at Hogwarts because they each teach a different branch of magic. I have none that I don't like.

Answer #6: I like all the Professors at Hogwarts because they each have so much knowledge of magic and that's how I would want to be. My least favorite would have to be Professor Lockhart because he doesn't fit like the others and Professor Quirell because he was a Ravenclaw and yet he was dumb enough to let Voldemort posses him. Ravenclaws are supposed to be smart!

Answer #7: I would want to play as either the Seeker or the Chaser because I would want to win the game for my team or be in the middle of the action scoring goals.

Answer #8: I would participate in all of them because they all interest me.

Answer #9: First, I would create my own Quidditch team and play as seeker on it, then I would want to be the Apparating Instructor at the Ministry of Magic teaching anyone to Apparate because the ability to apparate just fascinates me. I would also teach the Students at Hogwarts. And finally, I would teach at Hogwarts as the Transfiguration Professor because it's one of the most difficult core classes at Hogwarts. I would be Head of Ravenclaw House, Deputy Headmaster, and Headmaster, butI would still teach people to apparate on my spare time and teach the students of Hogwarts to apparate in their sixth year.

Answer #10: I would have a wand made of hazel wood because that's my Celtic tree lore. J.K. Rowling made the wood of the wand of the trio out of their Celtic tree lore based off of their birth month. Feel free to check that out on the internet, it's very interesting. Anyways, I would have ahazel wood wand with a phoenix feather core that was twelve inches long.

Answer #11: I would have an eagle owl and a snowy owl and their offspring because that'd be cute.

As for the last question, it has been bothering me from the moment I read the Sixth book and I would love to see what everyone thinks about it because I got nothing. If you want to check it out, it's on page 103 of the sixth book in the American edition. If you see Harry's results on the left side page, then on the right side Ron says Hermione's results.

Thank you so much for your time of reading my questions and answers. If you do not mind may you answer my questions in your reviews? I would love to read all of your answers because it interests me. And I will answer any questions you might have. Thank you again, I greatly appreciate it!(:


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