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Things You Should Never Do In Demi-God Camps

Miscellaneous By: locoforcoco
Fan fiction

Yup, I did a Hunger Games one, and now it's time for a Heroes Of Olympus one.

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1. Never point out how Reyna and reject start with the same letter.

2. Never ask why Annabeth has no powers.

3. Never call Haphaestus He-happy. Phaestus happy.

4. Never question why Leo cried over the death of a machanical dragon.

5. Tyson says that hippocampi are fish-ponies, umm never point out narwhals. Underwater unicorn.

6. Never point out how messed up it is that gods and goddeses can hsve more than 20 children.

7. Never ask why Artemis is a goddess of childbirth, but yet she refuses to have kids.

8. Never ask why instead of making her appear somewhere else, Zeus turned Thalia into a pine tree.

9. Never tell Hazel she hides her age well.

10. Never wonder how Percy has a horse for a brother.

11. On the horse topic, never ask tell Chiron to stop horsing around.

12. Never wonder how Percy somehow managed to overlook the fact that Tyson's a cyclops.

13. Never ask how its not messed up of children of Aphrodite date children of Hephaestus Hephaestus when their married.

14. Never ask Chiron if he ever played stag.

15. Never ask how gods and godesses can date if Zeus if their father, while Hades and Poseidon are their uncles.

16. This isn't really a 'never' one, but does anyone get the feeling that Athena is ln drugs?

17. Leo has a magic toolbelt that he can pull stuff out of, never ask him if he can pull a girlfriend out of it.

18. This has to do with numbers 1 and 17. Le and Reyna are the king and queen of rejection. I see a shipping! Sorry, back on track.

19. Never ask Percy if he's been dehydrated.

20. Leo can set himself on fire while Percy can control water- never question how their friends.

21. Never give Octavian your panda pillow-pet. (Poor Percy)

22. Never ask Medusa if she's having a bad hair day.

23. Never tell one of Medusa's victims that their stone-cold.

24. Never ask Grover if he was called a lamb when he was a baby.

25. Never ask how its possible for Frank to have a baby face.

26. Technically Hazel is thousands of years old, while Frank is a teenager. Never point out the problem here.

27. Never point out how ironic it is that Thalia has 'electric' blue eyes and her father is Zeus.

28. Never ask why Hestia gave up her throne for Dionysus, the WINE god.

29. Never ask Piper if she knows a Peter.

30. Never point out just how ironic it is that the rainbow goddess, Iris, is a hippie.

31. Never point out some ones confusion if they lived in Rome, New York. Would you be Greek or Roman? Camp Half-blood is in New York, but Rome. Hmm.

32. Never ask how Percy will on save the world with a pen.

33. I'm not complaining, but never ask how Percy and Annabeth survived a fall into Tartarus.

34. I don't know if i'm wrong, but never wonder if Percy and Annabeth kill monsters in Tartarus, won't the monsters be sent back to Tartarus?

35. Never call Tyson a 'big' baby, cuz he's a cyclops.

36. Never wonder about this, but should Clarisse be allowed a weapon?

37. Never ask how the Heroes of Olympus saved the world on Happy the Dragon.

38. Never wonder why Kronos is gold- wait- Midas!!!!!!

39. Never question how Annabeth is scared of tiny spiders, but not of money bars where she could plummet to her death.

40. Never question why Percy has a Pegasus named Blackjack.

41. Never ask Zeus how the weather is up there.

42. Never ask Rachel if she likes Percy in front of Annabeth.

43. Never question how Bianca died even though she's a child of Hades.

44. Never tell Percy someone ate his blue food.

45. Never tell Demeter you threw away cereal.

F6. Never steal Dionysus's coke.

47. Never tell Grover he needs to shave.

48. Never tell Apollo he has a hot-temper. Get it? Sun god? Whatever...

49. Never tell Coach Hedge that people wanted to fight with him

50. Never tell me I just wasted your time. :), we

Okay well, this was suggested so, yeah. Anyway, I might do a Harry Potter kne just because I have some ideas. Okay, if you have a favorite, commdnt the number. Mines 48 just cuz it's corny. :)


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