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rap battle Hawke vs Shepard vs Grey warden vs Dragonborn

Miscellaneous By: Rachel1712
Fan fiction

This is a rap battle i write using characters from video games, the characters are owned by bioware and Bethesda Soft-works. there is swearing but i have blocked some of it

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Hawke vs Shepard vs Grey warden vs Dragonborn
I am the bad ass saviour of worlds, i fought creatures you cant comprehend,
You fools have got nothing on me, i destroyed the reapers and I'll do the same to you this i intend,
I am the best there is, so lets not pretend,
Your all so pathetic, no wonder why you all fail,
Cos i am coming down hard like hail,
You got no chance, you kill dragons i kill machines,
and you guys don't even have cool figurines.
Listen here you little pr**k, i got more skill in my little finger than you do in your entire body,
You cant compete in this battle, all you do is argue with everybody,
go cry to the council oh wait they don't listen to you,
Aww do you want me to hand you a tissue.
Cry i don't cry, i kill little sh*ts like you everyday,
and if anybody's gonna cry it's gonna be you cos your game is so gay,
you might want send out a mayday,
Just like the commander of the grey,
couldn't they invent a better name,
you don't even have game,
it's a damn shame,
why don't you just take the blame,
cos your video game is lame.
F**k you, you misfit,
You can dish it out but can you take it,
you got blown up just cos your crippled pilot wouldn't leave the cockpit,
your nothing but a hypocrite,
my name has class, a meaning that's legit,
i have had it with your bulls**t.
Ha are you people listening to yourselves, your like babies,
you act like you have rabies,
you have class that's a first,
Your friends with a witch of the wilds your just cursed,
and your only other warden didn't even trust you enough to tell you he is a prince,
and when you found out you just spilled lies ever since,
What about you commander Shepard, i didn't know they handed out titles like drinks,
Ha your just a jinx,
just ask your crew oh wait most of them are dead,
and the rest just fled.
The jarl don't pay me enough to deal with you prats,
your all just like rats,
i am the only one here worthy of my title,
if you can't hear i'll just shout or would you prefer a subtitle,
I am the harbinger of the companions, the thane of nine holds, archmage of the college of winterhold, not to mention the dragonborn,
When you all pass i'll make sure i'll mourn.
Are you f**cking kidding me,
your guards give up one life if they take an arrow to the knee,
you other two just make me wanna go rampages,
at least i don't hang out with elves and blood-mages
Your ship got destroyed by a flying s**t,
You cant talk, look at your outfit,
what were you thinking,
maybe you were to busy drinking.
Bring it on you b***hes,
cos your games have so many glitches,
and all your friends are witches,
and you both only care for riches.
Oh yer you can shout dragons down but you can't handle a bear,
you just smell of despair,
and commander at least my crew are loyal to me even if i don't do their mission,
you lack ambition,
i rose from refugee to champion in just three acts,
so maybe you should get the right facts.
Your companions have so much hate its f**king funny,
and i don't care for money,
shall i go though your team,
You have anders the abomination with an infatuation,
fenris a lyrium tattooed brooding jackass without an education,
Merrill a dumb blood mage with a poor choice of migration,
Isabella a slutty pirate who has no morals and has poor presentation,
varric a midget who should keep his mouth shut and has to much imagination,
and aveline a bull- busting she hulk with a terrible reputation,
so had enough Hawke,
cos i have more talk.
Don't bring the companions into this,
this is between us , your just taking the piss,
and with your aim its is easy to miss,
you really should have learned to dis,
before coming back from the abyss.
Why don't you shout at somebody who cares,
oh wait you should start running cos i think i hear bears,
Not to forget mass effect's ending,
nice colours for all that defending,
i don't know what's worse. your ending or the dragonborn's condescending.
You wanna go my thu'um will shatter your bones,
don't worry i will write how you died on your gravestones,
I've had it, i am ending this now,
and you wanna know how,
FUS RO DAH that's how.


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