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Chapter 3 of Saved and Destroyed

Miscellaneous By: RaiWarzone
Fan fiction

Chapter 3 of The Saved and The Destroyed

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Chapter 3: Lavinia Panics

"You...you know our voices?" He repeated and I nodded. "How..." he breathed, glancing over at her.
"NATHAN!" I shouted, remembering the name I had heard before blacking out after I was hit. "You're Nathan!" Stop...it didn't make sense...why were they here?
Nathan nodded slowly, watching me with cautious eyes. "And...and this is Sarah..." he whispered, looking unsure if he should tell me that or not. Was I that intimidating?
"Where do you live?" Sarah tilted her head, watching me in curiosity. I knew she was just trying to change the subject, but I still debated it, wondering if I should just go back home. I had no plan, nowhere to sleep, no relatives to go to...
Nathan was now preoccupied with the news, still holding her hand. I was about to tell her, might as well just go back before my attention was immediately drawn the TV.
"-The search for Lavinia Foltier is still underway. Her grieving Uncle had this to say:"
"I just want my darling niece back. She meant the world to me and if she never returns I don't know what I'd d--"
"YOU LYING BASTARD!" I screamed, throwing an object I didn't bother to look at towards his despicable face on the TV. Then I noted my mistake when they both looked at me in shock. I was worked up now and glared at them "WHAT?!" I snapped at them, trying to calm myself down.
"You're her...?" he whispered in question, both of them staring at me with widening eyes. Sarah reached for my shaking hand and I pulled away. My vision focused on him when he whispered something to her.
"Sarah, don't..."
I broke down into tears, why were they here, what did they want? I felt arms wrap around me and a small coo as I felt myself being rocked. I didn't even care anymore, they could just kill me now and I wouldn't mind.
Nathan approached me cautiously as I watched him with tear-filled eyes, wincing when he extended my arm. "He did this to you….?" He asked gently, running his fingers over the bruises on my forearm where my Uncle had grabbed me tightly. He was way stronger than he looked.
I just stared at him, questioning then looked to Sarah, who still had her arms around me.
"We'll take care of you…" she whispered and I gasped, my eyes widening.
No! They just want to hurt me, too! I glanced over at my clothes from before - masked in blood and mud. I scrambled to get up to grab them but fell immediately from a horrible head rush. I felt my head crash against something and I started blacking out, the last thing I heard was my name being called and his voice on the television still. Ranting false truth, at that point I let myself slip into sweet unconsciousness.


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