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sosnh Male Winter Tournament #1

Miscellaneous By: sosnh
Fan fiction

This is the Male Winter Tournament. This is the first yearly tournament between 16 Cartoon and Real characters from TV Shows. We have a fine collection of superstars this year. Beware that this may be violent.

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Hello everyone, and welcome to the boys version of the Winter Tournament. This tournament is held yearly with both real characters (meaning characters in TV Shows played by actors) and Cartoon characters. There are 16 entrants this year, 8 of each category. Sam Puckett of iCarly & Sam & Cat won the tournament for the girls earlier this month, last defeating Turunga Leela from Futurama. This tournament is randomized by a Tournament Bracket Generator, and I input the results I would expect here and how each situation would play out, and advance the brackets in the generator.

The participants this year are the following:

-Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead)
-Abed Nadir (Community)
-Goomer (Sam & Cat)
-Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory)
-Rey Mysterio (WWE)
-Caleb Rivers (Pretty Little Liars)
-Miles Matheson (Revolution)
-George Altman (Suburgatory)
-Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)
-Peter Griffin (Family Guy)
-Spongebob Squarepants (Spongebob Squarepants)
-Fred Flinstone (The Flinstones)
-Shaggy (Scooby-Doo)
-Donald Duck (Looney Tunes)
-Ash Ketchum (Pokemon)
-Yugi Moto (Yu-Gi-Oh)

I hope you all enjoy, and let the battles begin.

The arena is filled. The crowd is cheering, equipped with a fluffy jacket and a hot cup of cocoa each. They were ready to see who would join Sam Puckett on the throne and be the King until the next year, when he could choose to either re-enter the tournament or give up the throne.

The agent in charge of the tournament stepped forward. "May I have your attention everyone? There will be several matches in each round, and there will be a few rounds, eliminating a few people each round until we get up to the final. The only two ways to win the match is to either keep your opponent on the ground for 5 seconds without them moving or to kill them! You cannot forfeit."

The crowd cheers, as the matches begin.

Rey Mysterio VS Ash Ketchum:

The bell rings. Rey starts jumping around the arena, dashing for Ash. Ash throws out a Pokeball and sends out Sceptile. He shouts for Sceptile to use Leaf Storm on Rey, but Rey dodges it, and dropkicks Sceptile, knocking it into Ash, and it's Pokeball, sending it back inside. Rey started punching and kicking Ash. He stalked Ash until he got up once again, and then hit him with a Hurricanrana (Flips him over by jumping on his neck). He then knees Ash in the face. Ash's nose starts bleeding. Ash jumps back up, wiping off the blood. Rey kicks Ash in the back of the head, and he falls flat down to the ground on his chest. He isn't dead, but unconcious. He doesn't get up by the 5 count. Rey advances.

Yugi Moto VS Goomer:

The match starts. Goomer isn't sure what to do. Yugi laughs. He summons Dark Magician, and Dark Magician hits Goomer with a spell. It shatters Goomer's brain. Unfortunately for Yugi, Goomer doesn't have a working brain. Yugi de-summons Dark Magician, and sits his duel disk down. He puts up his fists, and walks over to Goomer. He starts punching into Goomer. Goomer freaks out, and punches Yugi right in the skull, and then throws him at a wall. Yugi isn't able to get up by the count of 5 but isn't dead. Goomer advances.

Daryl Dixon VS Shaggy:

Yoinks! Shaggy yells, as the buzzer of the bell goes off. Daryl takes out his crossbow, and shoots at Shaggy, but Shaggy runs away, and behind one of the tower's in the middle of the ring. Daryl takes out a knife, and walks around the tower, but Shaggy continues to walk around it. Daryl figures out what Shaggy is doing, and reverses his direction. He walks around, until Shaggy appears, and runs right into him. Daryl stabs him in the brain, killing him. Daryl advances.

Miles Matheson VS Homer Simpson:

The bell rings. Homer scratches his butt, and feels for a Donut in his pocket. He eats it, while Miles runs at him. Homer realises what is happening and runs away. Homer is too fat, though, and Miles catches up with him. He tells Homer that if he wants to live, stop moving. Homer has no choice. He was losing momentum. He stopped. Miles punched him across the face. Homer looked back at him. It became another one of those boxing situations like Homer had been involved in. No matter how many times Miles hit him, he kept taking it. Eventually, Miles gave up, and stabbed Homer in the stomach. Homer fell to the ground. Miles tore his shirt off and held it on Homer to keep him from dying. He didn't have much strength left though. He walked away, while the 5 count was reached. He then helped the medical staff take Homer to get stiches. Miles moves on.

Peter Griffin VS George Altman:

Both of these competitors used what they did best. Their voices. They sung, but George was singing in tune with his guitar, while Peter sung Bird Is The Word. As they got closer, in one swift movement, George removed his guitar and broke it over Peter's head. Peter collapsed to the ground, and couldn't get up by the count of 5. George moves on but Peter is ok.

Sheldon Cooper VS Donald Duck:

Donald runs around after the buzzer sounds, frantically avoiding Sheldon. Sheldn sits in a corner of the arena, determining what type of soil they were using. Donald noticed what he was doing, and ran at him. However, as he did, Sheldon heard his footsteps, and threw dirt up at Donald's face, blinding him. Sheldon kicked him in the leg, and whacked him to the floor. He then got a toy lightsaber off the arena floor that was thrown to him, and whacked into Donald for a few minutes with it, before walking away and cheering, as Donald didn't reach the count. Sheldon advanced, but Donald is fine.

Abed Nadir VS Spongebob Squarepants:

Spongebob is not under the sea, and can't breath. Fortunately, the guards realise this and hand him a fish bowl with water in it. Spongebob tries to blow bubbles which would be his main weapon, but can't because he has the fish bowl on him. He then takes out his red karate clothes and runs at Abed, who is reading. Abed shifts his feet, and trips over Spongebob. He lowers his book, revealing a mustache. It is evil Abed. He smashes the fish bowl on Spongebob's head, laughs, and walks away, as Spongebob dies from not being able to breathe behind him. Abed, or should I say, Evil Abed walks onwards.

Caleb Rivers VS Fred Flinstone:

The bell rings. Caleb runs around, carrying a tazer. Fred carries a bat around. Caleb runs right at him, and is hit on the arm with the bat. It snaps. Caleb cries out in pain. Temporarily distracted, Fred looks down, and Caleb strikes with the tazer to Fred's gut. He gets shocked, and falls to the ground. He doesn't get back up in 5 seconds, but is ok. Caleb advances, and Fred is fine.

The day ends there. The crowd walks off, impressed. With two deaths, from Spongebob and Shaggy, it was a great day for many. The next day, the match-ups for the second round are announced.

Daryl Dixon VS George Altman:

George guesses what Daryl would do, and runs away. Daryl, though, guesses what George would do, and shoots an arrow from his crossbow where he thought George would be. It hits George right in the skull, as he hits the ground hard, dead. Daryl advances.

Goomer VS Abed Nadir:

Evil Abed shoots Goomer in the stomach with the teleportation gun that transports Goomer to the evil timeline, and the officials rule that Goomer loses, and Abed advances.

Caleb Rivers VS Rey Mysterio:

The bell rings, and Rey, off the bat again, is coming at a fast pace towards Caleb. Caleb has his arm strapped because it was broken by Fred Flinstone the day before. As Rey goes for a Dropkick on Caleb, but Caleb moves out of the way. Rey sweeps Caleb down to the ground by his feet.As Rey attempts to jump on Caleb, he is hit in the chest with the tazer, and falls flat to the dirt. He is not dead, but unable to get up at the count of 5. Bad news for Caleb, though, as his leg is fractured, but he advances.

Sheldon Cooper VS Miles Matheson:

As the bell rings, Sheldon tries to plead with Miles who has his sword drawn. Sheldon draws his toy lightsaber, and they begin to battle. In a matter of hits, Miles cuts the lightsaber in half, and with the next swing, chops off Sheldon's head with one nice slit. Miles advances.

The next day dawns. The Semi-Finalists are all ready to battle.

Caleb Rivers VS Abed Nadir:

Abed uses the same portal transportation gun as he used on Goomer in the previous round to eliminate him. Abed Nadir advances to the final. Who will be his opponent? Time to find out.

Miles Matheson VS Daryl Dixon:

Two skilled artists these two are. They nod in approval of the match. Daryl shoots at Miles, and Miles dodges them. Miles runs forward, sword primed at Daryl, but Daryl aims at Miles' head, and shoots him, killing him instantly. So the final is decided. It is going to be Abed Nadir fighting against Daryl Dixon.

The next day, the crowd is peppy, and enthusiastic to find out who will win.

Abed Nadir VS Daryl Dixon:

The bell rings. A flash of light fills the arena. Another Abed appears. He starts talking to Evil Abed, and shoots him with the teleportation gun. He tells Daryl to give him a second. He gets out some paintball guns and ammunition from a duffel bag. He nods to Daryl that he is ready. In a barrage of paintballs, he aims at Daryl. Only one hits, but doesn't really affect Daryl. Daryl releases a calculated shot, but it only manages to puncture one of the bags of ammunition Abed is wearing. Abed throws the two pistols he had been using onto the floor and takes out a machine gun, and shoots at Daryl. Daryl tries to dodge, but is hit multiple times by the paintballs. Daryl falls to the floor. Abed walks over to him, and shoots him in the face with a pistol that he took from his holster. Daryl is not dead, but unconcious. Abed wins, after Daryl does not answer by the count of 5.

Celebratory fireworks erupt from the large-scale arena. He takes his place as King, alongside Sam Puckett from iCarly and Sam And Cat. So that was this year's tournament. Who do you want to see next year? How would the tournament have went in your eyes?

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