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Meyer, Stephenie. Twilight. New York ; Hachette Book , 2006.

Annotated Biography

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In a dark world, there are bigger secrets hidden in a small town from other places. No one is saved from a danger that is happening. People started disappearing and some were killed by mysterious, unfortunate lifeless humans. It starts off with Bella, a young high school girl, who moved to Seattle, Washington in a small town calls "Forks" to be with her father Charlie. On the first day of school, Bella made new friends quite fast. Her new friends were telling Bella of all the students who come here but she was most interested in another group of students who were family called the " Cullens." The Cullen's family included Edward, Alice, Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper. They were quite odd most of the time, because the Cullens would only come to school on the days that would have no sunlight. It was also quite strange because Alice and Jasper together with Rosalie and Emmett are couples. When school was ending, Bella was going to her car when she noticed another car heading toward her. All of a sudden, Edward was in front of Bella stopping a car coming toward her by blocking the car with his one hand. How was it possible that Edward came to Bell so fast if he was on the other side of the school, and how Edward stopped the car from crashing into her with one hand? The next day of school Edward didn't show up. Then another couple of weeks he still didn't show up. One day Bella went with her friend to a diner. After dinner, as they were leaving, Edward showed up and asked Bella if they could have a private conversation. He offered friendship, and Bella agreed. On the way to her house, she felt his cold hands and saw his eyes changed color. When she got home, she researched all the weird things she noticed about Edward. She came to conclusion, and figured out that Edward is not human. To be exact, the word came to her mind…he was a VAMPIRE.
To Be Continued...


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