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Andy Biersack, My Babysitter?

Novel By: Andyblover
Fan fiction

Alex has had a hard life. Her mom died right after she was born, and her dad left her and her sister alone to take care of themselves. Rebecca, Alex's sister, goes off to college, and, being the bogus person she is, hires a babysitter for Alex. Guess who it is? View table of contents...



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Warning: cuss words fly everywhere. Happy reading!!!!


I wake up at the crack of dawn by my sister, Rebecca. She is already fully dressed. She is wearing all pink, as usual. She has on a bright neon pink dress, pink knee-high socks, pink high heels, pink earrings, pink bracelets and necklaces, nail polish, pink hair, pink everything!!! I swear, that girl loves pink!! When I went to go get my gauges, she tried to get me to get pink ones! I said absolutely not! She knows darn well how much I friggin hate pink!
"Ugh," I moaned. "Why did you have to wake me up so early?? I'm not going to be late for anything, mostly because nothing happens this early!!! It's like, fucking five in the morning!!"
"Because I like seeing you miserable. Now get dressed, brush your teeth, do your hair and makeup, do whatever the hell you emos usually do to get ready and grab my stuff!" Rebecca said.
"Why am I grabbing your stuff for?" I ask.
"Because you are going to carry them for me!!" Rebecca said.
"No I am not. You carry them for yourself. I am going back to bed. Finish my dream about me and Andy meeting Batman," I said.
"I am the oldest, therefore I am in charge. And you have to do what I say," Rebecca said.
"But I'm not your slave! You can't just treat me however you want! I am your almost-eighteen-year-old sister, and it's about time you start treating me like one!!! I am not going to take this shit treatment from you anymore! Now get! Out! Of! My! Room!!!!" I said, walking towards Rebecca as she backs out of my room. I slam my door and jump back into bed. She really needs to leave me alone. Forever. I can take care of myself, I thought.
I immediately turned on my side and pulled the covers over my head. I was not going to do what she said. There is no way in hell she can make me her slave. I started thinking about Andy again and started drifting off to sleep.
-------------------------------a few hours later-------------------------------
I wake up with my eyes still closed. I stretch out a little, then get up. I open my eyes and check my phone to see what time it is. It is ten o' clock in the morning. Ugh. Might as well get up. It'll take me about an hour to get ready.
I get up to go to the bathroom when my phone vibrates. It's a text from my friend who wanted to know if I can go to the library with her. I said sure. I get up and this time go to the bathroom and start getting ready. I brush my hair because I know it takes a good chunk of time to do that. Then I walk out into the kitchen and grab a pop tart. I walk into my room and get dressed while eating. I put on my black BVB shirt, all of my BVB bracelets, my BVB logo necklace, my black jeans, my black combat boots, and I slip in my black BVB gauges. After that I go back into the bathroom and brush my teeth, wipe the crumbles off of my mouth, put in my lip rings, and then I start in my hair. First i have to straighten it, then I have to part it, then straighten it again, then let it cool, then tease, then straighten the bottom, then tease again. When I finish, I fluff it up to make sure it looks great, then put on my makeup.
I finish all the final touches and walk out of the bathroom, into my bedroom and grab my laptop. I need my laptop so I can finish my fanfiction. I walk back into the living room, grab my keys, and when I am on my way out, my phone vibrates. It's from my friend again. She said she can't go. Got grounded at the last minute. Oh well. I set my keys back down on the table and sit on the couch.
"What to do, what to do..." I say. I see my cat, Whiskers.
"Meow," I say to Whiskers. She just walked away.
"C'mon, what did I do to you?" I ask. I hear a soft hiss.
"Catty, are we?" I ask.
I reach across the couch, grabbing the remote. I turn on the TV and change it to AV so I can play my game. I get up and grab the Playstation 3 controller from the charger. Then I turn on the Playstation and put in Final Fantasy VIII. I'm stuck at the part where you have to defeat Lightning's inner character or something, it's too hard. Especially since you can't play two player. I think his name is Odin. But anyways, I move the little character around on the screen and make her walk to the next part that always makes me frustrated, and watch the cutscene. When the cutscene's over, the battle starts. I quickly switch paradigms to the Yin and Yang so Hope, the other character, is a Medic so he can heal me while I try to attack the beast. All of a sudden, my paradigm changes so that both characters are Ravagers, and I end up dying.
I throw my controller down on the couch and yell, "What the FUCK??? I've done this a MILLION times!!! It's literally impossible!!! Ugh!!!" I then stomp into the kitchen and pour myself a glass of ice cold lemonade. When I calm down, it's about time for me to stay away from PlayStation games. So I turn off the Playstation and put the controller back on the charger. I have nothing else to do, so I go grab my laptop from my bedroom, and listen to a little bit of Black Veil Brides while playing Minecraft. Lately I've been working on building a city. I am right now in the middle of building a school. I have already finished building the whole street layout, which took me about a year, considering its a huge city. Now I am working on the main buildings. I am trying to make an exact version of my hometown, Urbana, Illinois. Since that's where I was born, and that's where my dad probably went, I moved to Canada, to make sure I was far away from him. I look up from my computer to see a raged Rebecca waving at me, trying to get my attention. I take one headphone out of my ear.
"Hello? Anyone awake in Alex town???? You're supposed to be grabbing my stuff!!!!"
"I told you, I'm not grabbing your stuff!!! I am not your personal maid!!!! You have two arms and two legs, use them to carry your own damn stuff!! I'm tired of it!!!"
"Do not talk to me like that!!! I am in charge and I have the right to-"
"Who gives a fuck if you're in charge? You still can't treat me the way you do!!! I am not going to let you treat me the way you do. You know what? Get a job, go ahead and buy your own fucking maid!! I can do whatever the fuck I want!" I said. She sighed.
"Okay, fine, whatever, but as you know, I'm going to Paris for the whole summer for college. Since Mom is, you know, gone, I'm going to have to call a babysitter." My oldest sister Rebecca said.
"What???? Why do I need a babysitter? I am almost eighteen!!!" I say.
"Exactly. You're not old enough to be by yourself. So, I've called a babysitter."
"That's so bogus! I can drive wherever I want! What about Billy and Bob?? Why are they not here?"
"Summer camp."
"And when they're done?"
"Staying at a friend's house."
"For the WHOLE summer?"
"This is SO unfair," I mumble.
"Life isn't fair. Bye." She said, walking out of the house.
"Now what do I do? I mean, what kind of college lasts for only a couple of months?" I ask my pet cat, Whiskers. All I get is a quiet meow as I pet her.


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