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Gaara Love Story

Novel By: angelxgood
Fan fiction

A story of a girl who falls in love with the hazekage in the village.

WARNING - Gaara Fan girls/boys, should know that Gaara in the story is not the same as the REAL ONE!

P.S You may notice some black parts font ! View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 18, 2008    Reads: 8,114    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

Chapter 3

Gaara and I stared for at each other eye to eye. It was getting wet because it started raining a little while ago. So Gaara and I hurried into my house.

Both of us were all wet. However I didn't complain since I loved the rain and apparently, so did Gaara.
"You guys are all soaking wet! What were you doing out in the rain?!" Maria exclaimed.

I just smiled and got a towel for Gaara and myself. I was really happy since I felt closer to Gaara and hoped he felt the same.

I changed my wet clothes to my Chococat shirt with some blue jeans. I had no clothes for Gaara to change into. So I just got him a panda suit that I wore on Halloween. Everybody laughed but I thought it was adorable on him, though it was still pretty funny.

Temari and Gaara stayed over for an hour, it was getting late.
"Gaara, Temari I think its getting late maybe you should go home." I said.
"Ok well I guess i'll be going now, see you later Maria." Temari answered. "Come on Gaara, you're coming home too!" Temari yelled.
"No, I'm not going in public wearing a panda suit." Gaara complained in melancholly.

Temari huffed. She closed the door and left home.
"So, where you going to sleep anyway?" Maria asked Gaara.
"I guess the couch." I said. Sadly Gaara was too tall for the couch.
"I'm not letting him sleep with me! He's sleeping with you ok?" Maria decided.

I was shocked.I never slept by a boy before. My mom and dad had never even let any boy be by me when I was on the bed. My parents did that because they knew how the boys would try to do funny business with me. They were strict. I sighed since I felt bad for Gaara. I couldn't have him sleep on the floor. So I had no choice but to have him sleep on the bed with me.

I put on my pink kitty pajamas that matched with the pants. My heart pounded louder and louder against my chest, as I saw Gaara try to sleep on my bed. "Sweet dreams Gaara." I said softly and went to bed. It was hard for me to sleep but after 10 minutes or so I finally fell asleep.

I dreamt about Gaara and myself holding hands and going to the Sand Village Carnival. I thought it was the best dream I have ever had yet.

When I woke up the weirdest thing happened. My lips were touching Gaara's. My eyes widened and I fell over my bed. I must of been moving. It was weird but I liked it a little bit. I then noticed I hit the floor. Gaara woke up from hearing the noise when I slammed to the floor. He helped me up from the floor and walked me to the couch. I thought it was nice of him.

A couple minutes later someone was knocking on my door. It was some sand ninjas asking for the kazekage. I let Gaara go. They pulled him out from my house. I thought it was weird and shrugged it off. Then I put on some normal clothes, which were jeans and a red and while polka doted T-shirt my mom made me. I thought it was embarrassing to wear at first, but I got over it.

Maria went to the kitchen wearing some jeans and a shirt saying "I'm the life of the party" she loved that shirt. Her tournament came again since the accident with the sound ninjas and I watched Maria fight over and over almost about to beat the finals. I was happy to see her win 10 minutes later. She beat the tournament, and everybody cheered happily and applaud for Maria.

Maria celebrated by taking Temari, Gaara, andme too a restaurant for dinner, since Maria was now a jounin.
Dinner was great and it was night again. Gaara and I decided to go on the roof again and hoping it wouldn't rain this time.
Gaara had told me earlier there was something he wanted to tell me. I was hoping it was what I thought it was, and it was. He told me he loved me. I quickly embraced him and told him I love him back. Then Gaara and I gave each other a good night kiss when moonlight came. I was happy because life was finally coming into place.


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