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Christmas on Watership Down

Novel By: Arland Clements
Fan fiction

This is loosely based off of the TV movie "Winter on Watership Down". Some content has been altered or added to fit with the original book and to add effect to the story.
Note: This is actually a novelette, but because of Booksie's current uploading system, I'm uploading this as a "novel".
Trivia: My first novelette
Trivia: This entire thing is exactly 10,000 words long View table of contents...


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~~The beautiful singing of children was all that could be heard by anyone back at the warren. All of the humans were gathered around the big tree where the warren was. Bigwig and Buttercup were both outside, watching and listening to them. They were doing the same thing Bigwig heard them doing before, but this was different, it was a very precious sound.
"What are they doing?" Bigwig asked.
"I don't know, but it's wonderful, isn't it?" said Buttercup.
Bigwig listened to it more, growing more and more fascinated by it. "Maybe there is more to man than we know."
Then, over the singing, came the sound of barking. It wasn't a dog's barking, Bigwig was sure of that. He thought it almost sounded like a fox, except that he thought that was impossible. And at that very moment, the other rabbits came around the corner. They saw the people standing there and they hesitated.
"What do we do, Hazel?" cried Dandelion.
"Keep going." he ordered. "Run straight through, don't stop." They darted through the legs of the astonished humans and darted past Bigwig and Buttercup into the burrow. The fox came around the bend, too, but after seeing all the people, turned around and went straight the other way.
Bigwig ran down to join Hazel and the others, who were more tired than they'd ever been before. "That looked like a near thing, Hazel." he said. "How'd that fox get back on our trail?" Hazel was so tired he could hardly speak loud enough for anyone to hear.
"Just stubborn, I suppose. Are you alright?"
"Yes, I am." He talked in a shameful tone, and hanged his head for a moment before continuing. "We were all wrong about Buttercup."
"I knew it!" Fiver tried to yell, but was also too tired to say anything loud. "It was the fox I sensed."
"You can sense foxes?" Buttercup asked in astonishment.
"Sometimes." said Bigwig. "It's a long story. Fiver's… Well, gifted. The thing is, we're safe here, always were."
"But there are humans right outside." said Hazel defensively.
"They won't hurt us." said Brudinal, who had just came down the run. "They care about us."
"Apparently they like rabbits." said Bigwig.
"Good humans?" asked Hazel.
"Now that's a strange idea." said Hawkbit. "Although it would be nice if it's true."
"When we moved to Watership Down, you said we would need to accept new ways of thinking and doing things." said Fiver to Hazel.
"I did, didn't I?"
Buttercup and Brudinal stood in front of the other rabbits in a sense of royalty. "We offer you our food and our friendship. As man shares with us, we'd like to share with you."
"In the spirit of Frith's Eve, we accept." said Hazel proudly. "And we thank you." From above the surface, more singing could be heard, but this time, it was many times more beautiful than before.
"Listen, they're at it again." said Bigwig excitedly.
"It sounds right, doesn't it, Hazel?" said Fiver, who was also incredibly amazed with it. "It's Frith's Eve, and it sounds right!"


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