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Princess - A Short Stack Fan Fiction

Novel By: aurorablack
Fan fiction

Who would have thought, right? Me, out of nearly every single Short Stack fan in the known universe, he picked me.

Amylia 'Violet' Heatherbrea is a young girl growing up in the small city of Newcastle, Australia. She attends Hunter River High School, where she is outcasted and bullied my her classmates.
Shaun Diviney is the lead singer of the famous band, Short Stack. Surrounded by millions of fans, and touring worldwide with his bandmates, Andy and Bradie, never in his wildest dreams did he ever expect to meet Amylia at a concert in her hometown. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 24, 2013    Reads: 17    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Shaun's POV

Focus Shaun, focus was all I could say to myself. Mess this up and it could all be over were the thoughts that were raging in my head, all while my heart was beating to every thump that Bradie made with his drums. It felt like it would explode right in my chest. I didn't understand, this was just like every other performance, why did I feel so uncomfortable now? I took a glance at Andy, who was right beside me, eyeing his little brother. His pale expression and shaking hands told me that I wasn't the only one nervous. He looked at me and gave a smile; all I was doing was smiling weakly back. He noticed this and lent over to me.

"You alright, bro," He whispered to me. I nodded, I think, and he placed a hand on my shoulder.

"It's just like any other time," he told me, and when I looked at him again his smile had turned into a grin. I smiled back again and he took his hand off my shoulder, picking up his bass, ready to go on. When Bradie hit his final beats, the lights instantly went dark and the screams of the crowd grew. Andy took a deep breath and went out into the darkness, I, after a while, did the same. Even though it was dark, I saw Andy high-five Bradie in acknowledgement and walk over to his mic. Mine wasn't far away either, just a few steps until I was staring into the faces of the millions of fans that looked up to us. When I finally reached the mic, it was still dark, but it was my duty to turn the lights on, and that I did. Pulling my pick out of my pocket, I lifted my guitar to make the start. I strummed the first note and strumming the second note, I started the song.

"Woo, Woo!" I yelled into the mic, beginning our song, Are You Afraid of the Dark.

The crowd screamed and yelled out our names. They seemed to have loved this about as much as any of the other crowds we had played for. They jumped up and down to the beats, screamed as loud as they could, making it seem like their lungs would explode. I looked down at a few of the girls in front of me, and flashed them a smile, making them all scream, and one nearly faint. I had never expected to make that impression on any girl, even beautiful ones. Growing up I always wanted to be famous, but in a band that attracts just about a million girls all over the world was a massive surprise.

We were just getting to the bridge, which Andy took on, and watching all the girls scream out for him must have been a great moment for him. I watched as he smiled at the crowd in front of him , as he moved out of the way for me to get to my mic.

"Her little black dress is like a lightning bolt. I'll let her rock me, let her shock me, with a thousand volts." I sang into the mic, watching the girls sing along and scream out their pleasure. It was nearing the end song and Andy and I stepped up to the platform that Bradie and his drums were on. On the last note we really hit it, jumping off the platform and making everyone scream louder.

"Goodnight Brisbane!" I shouted into the microphone, and heading backstage, the screams and voices faded as the red curtain went down.


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