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The Camoflauge - A 'My Candy Love' Fan Fiction

Novel By: aurorablack
Fan fiction

Elizabeth has moved to a new town. This would seem like a fresh start, given everything that has happened in her past, but she soon meets a young boy, who above anything keeps to himself, but is sure enough to reveal her secret, and eventually steal her heart.

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The taxi pulled up slowly in front of a magnificent two storey building that stretched it's way down the road. I sighed, guessing (and knowing) that this was it, my new home.
I quietly thanked the driver before handing him the $23.30 that I had owed him. Without a second glance I jumped out, pulling along beside me my bag, filled with the nothing of my previous life back in Hawksville. Just aching memories were all they were, and constantly I would have to have to tell myself that, day by day.
As the taxi sped off, I walked down the road, admiring the new houses that were obviously home to my new neighbours. Once I stopped in front of a grey, brick house, I sighed, having the knowledge that this was where I would spend the rest of my high school life. I walked up to the front door and dug a tiny key out of my pocket, which I used to unlock the door and then embrace the slight chill of wind that swept me when I stepped inside.
It was only a tiny house, but the word that fitted it more to my description was cozy; small and cozy, like a cabin in the winter.
I walked up the stairs, my bag dragging itself behind me and thudding at every step. There were only two doors upstairs, not much room at all, but my thoughts soon changed once I opened the first door and was taken in by the embrace of what was my new bedroom.
A new bed, complete with beautiful, silk, white sheets and a bedspread of vintage floral patterns, all on a sleek wooden frame. A new desk, dark with black wood and silver handles for the drawers. My stationary, my pencils and pens, all from my old home, it was here.
But what shocked me the most was the vintage vanity table, pure white, shining from the sunlight of it's pampered finish, with a beautiful oval mirror hanging over it. It was graced with bottles of perfume, nail polish, and tiny tins of mints.
Long had I waited for a vanity table like this one. It was what I had been saving up for since I had gotten the news that I was moving. Now, here it was, sparkling at me, pulling me in to sit on the tiny stool underneath.
But my mind instantly was distracted by the sound and vibration of my mobile inside my pocket. Flicking it out, the name 'Auntie Debra' flashed across the screen.
I answered it straight away.
"Elli, dear! Did you see the suprise I left for you?" She cooed over the phone.
She must have been talking about the vanity desk.
"I did!" I gushed. "Thank you, thank you, over a million times, thank you!"
"No need to thank me, dear," she told me. "You paid for it just as much as I did..."
"What do you mean?" I froze. Did she really go into my bank account?"
When I heard her laugh, I relaxed a little bit.
"Only joking," she said. "You're so easily convinced. Anyway Dear, I'll let you go, let you settle into your new home. Enjoy yourself and I will see you tomorrow morning, okay?"
"Okay, I'll be here," I said. Where else could I go?
"Ta-ta!" And with that, she hung up.

My meal for the evening was microwaved piklets, that I had picked up this morning from a resturant in Hawksville, before I hopped on the plane and headed out here.
As I sat down and munched on my dinner, I stared out my bedroom window, overlooking the lights and beauty of the neighbours houses. The house I was living in now, was now on a hill, sort of, and you could only see the first few streets of houses, but my main focus was the stars. Had I ever seen so many stars, I could sleep underneath them without hesitation, but at the moment it just wasn't right. I needed something else, something to make me feel complete when I layed out underneath the sparling lights.
I sighed, swallowing my last piklet and then heading downstairs to place the plate in the sink. As I headed upstairs, I switched every light off in the house. When you live alone, you have to kind of accept certain responsibilities and not raising the tenants electricity bill would be one of them.
As I closed my bedroom door and turned out the light, I climbed under the covers of my bed, but I didn't fall asleep. Instead, I stared back outside, back out at the lights in the sky, wondering what this new move would do to me.


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