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Chryslis: Book 1

Novel By: Austin Converse
Fan fiction

Chryslis is the story that takes you deeper and deeper as you go along. It is based in the early B.C days and shows the way of other earlier tribes. When an uprising tribe leader reinvents himself as a dictator and conquers other smaller tribes to make them apart of their tribe, Samuel Havon, who is the last member of his tribe, must find a way to stop the ones who try to stop him and save other tribes from from thier deaths. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 14, 2011    Reads: 64    Comments: 6    Likes: 4   


Book 1

Thank you so much for reading Chryslis, I would like to tell you up front that you may find the beginning of this story very confusing and questionable but I promise it will get better and will make a lot more sense as you read on. Don't forget to comment and tell me what you think:)

Chapter 1 The First Day
In the early B.C. days, before the world was split into seven continents, the world was slightly more advanced then it was when it was split apart. They had prisons and buildings that were made out of stone and they even knew how to make swords, axes, hamers and even paper. The sun was called Chryslis, because it did not cause burns when you got to to close to it or when you stayed out in it for too long and it did not blind you even if you were just a couple feet away from it which was possible because the sky was only 700 feet away from the surface of the earth. A tribe called the Armogans came up with the idea that if they build a stairway that connected the grounds of earth to Chryslis, they would be able to bring back loved ones who have died. Samuel Havon, an Armogan tribe member, remembers what his tribe's chief told him before they left him alone. He awakes in an underground tunel to discover that his entire tribe is missing he remembers what that he must continue the stairway that wil be built up to the sky. He begans to work to the sky as he builds it peice be peice. When he runs out of strong dried clay he quickly goes to search for more. As he searches, a thick layer of fog appears. In just hours, the fog became thicker and thicker to where he could only see 200 feet in front of him. He assumes it is just a weather change and suddenly ignores it. As he journeys to find more material to use, he falls through hollow ground into what used to be a swimming hole. No one in his trib ever used it because it was very dangerous due to the rapids it created. He did everything he could to climb the dirt walls but the undeniably strong current was pulling him down reguardless. He grabs on to a thick root and starts to dig two holes in the dirt wall. He digs them both out, places both of his feet in and pulls himself while using another sturdy root. He continues the same process over and over again until he is finally out. He quickly prays to God to give him streangth, courage and determination and goes back to the fort that he built to sleep in.


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