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Novel By: baisi
Fan fiction

I ran as fast as I could from my predator. But they outran her. Journey through Tricia's life after being turned into a vampire and how she came to meet her friends and her love. OCxOC View table of contents...



Submitted:Mar 26, 2008    Reads: 170    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

I ran to a nearby stream, in a matter of seconds, I was acrossed the meadow. I stared at the water in shock. I was there, yes. But I was beautiful. My black hair that used to be long was flowing down my neck, and stopped at my shoulders, shiny and sleek, with swideswept bangs, that had chesnut highlights. My skin was as pale as death, as the predator that turned me into whatever I was. Like I'd never been out in the sunlight all of my life. Then I saw my eyes. Scarlet, like fresh blood, and terrifying. At that moment, I was scared of myself, capable of what I knew to be unhuman body was capable of, no matter how beautiful I was. And there were dark circles under my eyes, like bruises, but they were from lack of sleep.

And then I smelt it. It was an animal, and it smelt delicious. I heard it's heart beating. Pumping out blood, fresh blood throughout its' body. And I couldn't control myself. I ran after it. It tried to outrun me, but gave up in the end, knowing it was no use.

And before I could think about what I was doing, I sunk my teeth into its' neck. A warm liquid filled my mouth, and my teeth released more venom as I swallowed it. I felt the life drain out of my prey.

I gasped, and looked at what I had done. A tiger was below me. And I shuddered at the sight of his lifeless, bloodless, body.

I closed my eyes. And pinched myself. I had to be dreaming. Whatever or whoever had bitten me was infected, and passed it onto me. Making me hullucinate. I was only dreaming about being a vampire, because he'd drank my blood. Because people knew naturally, when bitten by a vampire, you turn into one too.

But suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my elbow. I couldn't be dreaming then.

I took off my clothes, now stained with blood, and put them into the stream. I expected my hands to feel the cold of the stream, but felt nothing. I kept rinsing my sweaty blood stained clothes, until they stains finally came out. I looked at my hands as I pulled them out of the water. They weren't pruny either.

I ran miles and miles back to my camp site, a small tent, by the others, and packed everything up. By then they were dry. There were no signs I'd ever gone on this camping trip at all.

I'd have to stop at a shop to get some contacts, my eyes were probably still red. Though, at least people would think that they were contacts. I'd probably end up getting my natural colour though, blue.

I ran to the nearest car rental place, miles away from the countryside of Alaska. I got a black mustang, though I woud have preferred a chevy truck, or a porsche. Either in red. But I had gotten the cheapest nice car that they had (saying something right?)

I signed my name, or my alias name anyways, Trisha LeFevre. I'd had a math teacher by that name once. Only her first name wasn't Trisha. That was another version of my name, Tricia.

And then a burning filled my throat. Again, I stopped in a ditch in the closest wooded area, and listened to the calm hearts. They were peaceful creatures. And it pained me to kill such innocents. But I didn't want to attack humans.

I saw a doe, and leapt at her. I saw the fear in her eyes, and the l hope drain out of them. And I drank from her. I wiped my mouth on my hand, and looked down to make sure there was no blood on my clothes. There wasn't.

I heard another heart, a slower one. A human one. It was pumping blood throughout the body, into the veins, like music bumping a rhythm into a dancefloor. I started to run after the human. But something stopped me. If I felt bad taking an animals life, how would I feel taking a humans? How could I take a life, like someone had taken mine? I couldn't inflict that kind of pain on somebody. But the monster in me was asking, "how could you let such a delicious treat get away. Instead of this rubbish, you could be feasting on the best right now. Listen to the blood pump throughout her veins, does it not sing to you?" But I ran as far away as I could, and I drank from as many animals as possible.

I went back to my car, and the burning returned, it would not be satiated. But it was barely noticable. I drove to the place where the recycled cans and bottles were. I got about 20 bottles.

I went to the closest forest, and tracked a mountain lion. For a long time, I just followed it. And when it was paying attention the least, I pounced on him. He turned on me, and stared me down. I growled, and he snarled at me, baring his teeth, daring me to spring and attack him. The inner vampire that was now in me laughed at him, and he must of seen something in my eyes, or sensed danger in the air, because he tried to run away. But I snapped his neck, and bit into it. Blood filled my mouth, and I spit it into my bottles, until there were no more bottles left. I drank the rest from him. Death was apparent in his eyes.

I ran back to my car, and drove to the nearest Walgreens. I walked down the medicine isle, and picked out a pair of contacts with my natural eye colour, blue.

I walked to the front counter, and the nineteen year old boy- I don't know how I knew, I could just tell how old he was- didn't look up. He spoke the obligatory, "Did you find everything alright?"

"Yes. Thankyou." I said. When he heard my voice, his head popped up, and his eyes glazed over after he took in my appearance. Did I really have this type of affect on humans?

He shuddered. Not like a scared or disgusted type of shudder, more of like when you look at a hott guy on the internet, in a movie, or a magazine.

I cleared my throat. "Sorry about that. Have a good evening. And by the way you look good with the golden eyes, if they are your natural colour, they look better than an ordinairy eye colour like blue." He said. He realized his words, and mortification filled his facial expression, and he actually blushed.

I smelt it before I saw it, the blush. It was like a sweet temptation that I almost couldn't pass up. But the temptation, the temptation to commit gluttony, it was the Devil's. And I tensed up.

He handed me my Walgreens bag with the blue medicine cup and the stars, not noticing my predicament.

"Thankyou."I said stiffly. "Have a good day."

"You too." He spoke softly as I practically flew to the car.

I took a swig from one of the plastic bottles as I put the key into the ignition. I'd have to be more careful. And stay away from humans for a while. Or I could blow my cover, and many peoples lives.


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