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After Dawn - Renesmee's life

Novel By: bluishmaag
Fan fiction

Renesmee's life after 100 years since she was born View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 3, 2009    Reads: 4,916    Comments: 27    Likes: 7   

Chapter One - Hands Off!

I opened my eyes, seeing my mom and dad right in front of me in the cafeteria in Forks High School. Year? 2108, it's been 100 years since I was born. Renesmee Carlie Cullen. - Beside me was my Jacob. My destiny, my soul mate, my other half, My Life. - At our right were Uncle Jasper and Aunt Alice. They were whispering something in each others ears. Giggling and laughing at each other. At our left were Uncle Emmett and Aunt Rosalie. Aunt Rose was resting her head on Uncle Em's shoulder. Talking about their anniversary or something. I didn't listen; I didn't care what was happening now. All I cared was that Jacob was here beside me. His arms around my shoulders.

Suddenly, dad growled angrily. We were all shocked at his behavior. He was only like this when there's a problem, or something he doesn't like is happening. Since his a mind-reader. I wonder what is happening.

"Edward? What's wrong?" mom asked dad.

"Do you see those 5 boys over there?" turning his gaze at the 5 boys with a few space between us, their heads were together, like having a special meeting.

"There Mike's, Austin's, Tyler's and Eric's grandkids" dad said grouchily.

"Really? So which is which?" Aunt Alice said, amused.

"That 2 russet skinned boys, their Tyler's. He married a Makah. That's why his grandkids are quite dark-skinned." Dad said.

"That one, in the center. His Mike's, with Jessica." I felt mom open her mouth, and then shut it tight.

"That's nice. They actually did end up together." Mom said flatly.

"The one with the eye-glass, who could guess whose grandchild is that?" dad asked at everyone.

"Eric" Aunt Alice said in matter-of-fact tone.

"Eric" mom agreed.

"Eric" dad said. Knowing all their assumption is correct.

"So that means that short, orange head is Austin's?" Aunt Rose asked.

"Yes" dad said, with a little amusement in his tone. "With Lauren"

I saw all of them widened their eyes.

"Wow, I didn't expect that" mom said.

"Neither did I" Aunt Alice murmured

"Well, who knew? There was NO connection between them before." Dad said

"Humans are strange" Uncle Jasper said.

"You got that right" Uncle Emmett added.

"Well, haven't anyone noticed that Nessie and I don't get what you're saying?" my Jacob said.

"Well, Jake, Nessie, Their grandchildren of our former classmates her in Forks" dad said.

"Not only that!" Aunt Alice almost yelled. "Their granddads were head-over-heels for Bella when she first arrived here"

"Really?" I asked. Totally surprised, I didn't know was appealing when she was human.

"Well, who wouldn't?" dad said. Then he kissed mom on the nose.

"Ugh. Not in public! Please!" Jacob yelled.

"Yeah, as if you don't kiss Nessie in front of a lot of people" Uncle Emmett countered.

"Whatever". Jacob replied.

I just laughed.

"But, why were you so grouchy" mom asked.

"Yeah dad- I mean Edward." I said.

He chuckled at my reverie. Then sighed heavily. "Their cursing the male Cullens" he said, his voice was if in disgust. Which I think was. "Including you too, Jacob, you're already a part of our family." Dad continued.

"See, Mike Jr. right there wants Bella, and Austin Jr. wants Rosalie, then Eric Jr. is drooling over Alice. And the twins, - I'm referring to Tyler Jr. one and two - is fighting over Nessie" dad ended.

Dad's arm was like steel girdle in mom's waist, while Uncle Jasper and Uncle Emmett were glaring viciously at the boys who wanted their girls. And to my surprise, so was Jacob. He looked at the twins as if he would rip their heads off.

"I guess, wanting my Bella runs in their blood" dad murmured.

Mom stroked his cheekbone with her fingertips and said, "Don't worry the want maybe in the blood. But not the appeal" she teased. Dad just smiled at her.

"Jasper, Don't glare at him. His not worth taking your frustration out on. You'll always be my choice, you that" Aunt Alice said, then smiled and kissed Uncle Jasper's cheek.

Uncle Emmett was still glaring and so was Jacob.

Aunt Rose and I rolled our eyes. "Stop it Emmett, His body, His face, and most especially his character and kisses will never match yours." Aunt Rose said then she stood and cupped his face and kissed him full in the lips. The crowd watching was awed by them. Then after the kiss, she saw and winked at him. "See." Aunt Rose ended.

Then I notice Jacob was really shaking. I held both his hands in mine and held them tight. "Jake, please calm down. Their not worth wasting your effort, sweetheart." I said coolly. Of course they weren't. Jake and I were married for crying out load! Maybe his jealous again. Aw, his cute when his jealous.

"Sure, sure" he replied.

I raised one eyebrow and looked at him. He was still glaring at the two berserkers. This irritated me. So, I cupped his face too. Like what Aunt Rose did with Uncle Emmett. I kissed him, but longer. I heard dad clear his throat.

I giggled, and then stopped.

"Fine, we'll let them off the hook, but they should keep their hands and thoughts to themselves and for other girls" dad spoke for all the 'male Cullens'. Then Uncle Emmett and Jasper together with Jake nodded thoughtfully.

We Cullen girls just sighed in relief. I even managed to smile up at Jake, who smiled back.


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