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An orphan girl with amazing skills finds out she isn't the only one with those unusual powers. And later finds out that she is one of THE ONES. And would she meet her true in knowing her kind? FIND OUT the Life of the Untamed Beauty: Selene... View table of contents...


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°Untamed °

Preface → (a short one) - "Untamed beauty, that's quite a nice title for you" Jared said to me.

"No, it's a perfect title" I said.

Chapter 1 - Gifts

I slowly opened my eyes, - It sorta stung maybe the outcome of my flooding tears from last night - I looked up at my new ceiling. Yes, new ceiling. I was in another foster home. My name is Selene. My real mom named after the goddess of the moon before she died. Because I was born on a Lunar Eclipse. I hated that fact. Because I was born on a lunar eclipse, I had special abilities, special powers. Some say it was a blessing, I say its curse. I could compare it to Witchcraft. My 1st gift was that I can move objects with my mind. As if I was controlling another body with my mind and I can move anything. And I mean anything at my will. I can even remove a huge rock without breaking sweat. And this was the reason for my parents' death. My father, actually. My mom died shortly after giving birth to me. But my dad…he died because of me. Because of powers. When I first opened my eyes and gained consciousness, everything was flying. And a doctor- who survived my unknown attack - said, "Everything was flying. And a scalpel accidentally flew towards Mr. Vandom; it plunged straight at his back. And it killed him" - little did they know I was the reason. I always hated that fact. It always kills me knowing that.

For my second ability, I can also control someone else' movement. But this I have to concentrate with. Concentrating on the body cells and muscles. Ugh! It's just so frustrating! - I sighed at the thought - I stood up and faced the mirror as always. My mom and dad's picture was there. I always put their pictures on mirrors, so that our faces would be beside each other. I looked almost like my mom, except I have my dad's nose and eyes. My mom was a beautiful curly blonde, with big blue eyes. While my dad wad a dark blonde, and had a bit streak of brown with it. His eyes were of the same color. Light chocolate-brown. So that's what I look like. Long, curly, dark-blonde, light chocolate-brown eyes and tall, slim figure. But with a weird birth-mark in my chest, shaped like a moon.

I fixed myself and went down stairs. For the first time, a relative wanted to adopt me. My mom's most distant relative. They lived in a big, scary mansion - well, where we live, I guess - wanted to read their thoughts last night, when I first arrive. I always wanted to use my third gift. I hadn't had the chance to use it to someone more specific. I closed that gift when I first new it, because I was invading privacy. I knew I have the gift of mind-reading when I was only 13. I suddenly felt uneasy and fainted. I swear I will use my 3rd gift next time. And next time has arrived. I was going downstairs to properly meet my new family. How stupid, why do I even bother calling them: family? They'll just kick me out when they know I'm weird.

I descended slowly down stairs, as I peeked at the new family - who's going to kick me out sooner or later - in the dining room, someone said in a strong, seductive voice, "Come here, Selene". I didn't know what I was doing. My body followed the man's words against my will. I looked at the people sitting at the table. They were 5 of them, 3 males, and 2 females.

The one in the center stood and said, "Hello Selene" his voice was the same as the seductive voice that made me come in here. Maybe it was him. "Why don't you seat down?" he gestured. And against my will, I sat down. I heard him chuckle. Maybe because of my confused expression. "Selene we have something to discuss" he said. I sighed and prepared myself with the 'YOUR WEIRD, WERE KICKING YOU OUT!'


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