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What Happens After BREAKING DAWN

Novel By: bluishmaag
Fan fiction

It's in Edward's perspective View table of contents...



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Edward Cullen

Chapter 1

We drove towards La Bella Italia, where Bella and I had our first night together - alone, one might call it a date.

Bella sat in the passenger seat, Renesmee, our daughter sitting at her lap. Renesmee is our half-human, half-vampire daughter that were almost killed two months ago, almost all of my family members and friends could have died that day.

Renesmee grew much slower everyday. And right now, she was the size of a 1 year old child. Her beautiful bronze curls were pass her waist already and Bella tried to cut it short, just up to above her waist, but she couldn't dare touch the scissors when Alice was around. Renesmee was dressed in her favorite blue sweater; she wore a black shirt underneath her sweater and cute pink skirt that match the snickers she was wearing.

Bella on the other wore a pair of jeans, tennis shoes and the blue shirt that I had bought for her. I wore a pair of jeans and white turtle neck longs sleeve shirt.

I quickly parked my Silver Volvo on the east side of the parking lot. There were only a few costumers seeing there were only five cars there and one bicycle.

I opened the door then walked towards Bella's door, she didn't open, she was already used to me opening her door, especially now, we were in a public place.

"Why are we here, Edward?" Bella asked. She was more than shocked why we would be going out, just the three of us, and more badly as she would imagine, we were in Port Angeles.

"It's for Renesmee, I can hear her stomach growl" I muttered "And we are meeting J. Jenks today as well, haven't you decided to be the one meeting him since now? Sparing him from Jasper?"

She laughed, it sounded like bells, a wide contrast to her human laugh, but still, her laugh - human or vampire - they are still utterly beautiful sounds to hear.

"You told him to come here?" she was surprised again. "Why here?"

I shrugged. "This is where we had our first night together that we could be alone, I suppose you can't remember" her vogue human memories are a headache to Bella. She wanted to remember the important ones only, but the not so important ones made her curios.

"Ah, where you save me from those…" she trailed off.

I sighed. "Are you alright, daddy?" Renesmee asked, seeing my depression. I could forget what had almost happened to Bella if I hadn't come.

"I'm fine, honey" I assured her, then I turned towards Bella, "Shall we go inside then?"

I opened the door, I could feel Bella tense beside me, "it's going to be alright, you can handle this, you know." I assured her.

She shook her head, "No, it's the hostess" she eyed the unnaturally blonde girl in front of us, "It's the same hostess as that night"

I gazed at the girl who was eying me with lust in her mind.

Oh my god! Is he real? Oh my goodness… I haven't seen him in a while, I thought he was just a dream, I was wrong here he is again, but it's been such a long time, it's been more than a year. The hostess muttered, her mental voice was nostalgic.

But that wasn't why I was surprised, "You remembered the hostess?" I asked Bella. She nodded sheepishly, "well, honestly, I was a bit jealous at that time, so… well…" she trailed off.

I smiled proudly, "So you were jealous!" I accused, but sounded more amused, which is true.

She hid her face in Renesmee's hair, I swear, if she were human, she would blush red. I laughed.

The hostess went our way, "Hi, how may I help you?" she said, sounding more happy than necessary.

"A friend is waiting for us here" I told her.

Renesmee was touching Bella's cheek, she was showing her how she likes the place, that it wasn't too green, not too hot, just a nice weather.

"May I have your friend's name then?" she asked but what she really wanted to say, Then can you give your name? or your phone won't be bad to have, would it?

I smiled seductively, playing with her for a little bit, she gasped, and Bella scolded me with a "Quit that", just a small whisper so that the hostess can't hear.

"Our friend's name is J, we are Mr. and Mrs. Cullen" I informed her with a proud and smug grin right across my face.

Her smile broke into a thousand pieces, luckily, Bella hadn't notice, and she was too busy with Renesmee's pictures.

Mr. and Mrs., his freakin' married!? His too darn young!

She stole a glimpse towards Bella, only to be disappointed greatly, Dang it! She's hot!

"May you escort me and my wife please?" I asked the hostess again, her face broke, she was fighting her cries. I truly dislike taunting people, but she was getting on my nerves, even from the first time I heard her mind. And just to make things better, Renesmee said, "Daddy! Daddy!" she called, demanding my attention, she then placed her palm on my face.

I really like the weather here! Can we please stay a while longer? She was pleading, I smiled and nodded. Renesmee smiled triumphantly at Bella.

"Err, right this way please." She said and led us to a private table, the farthest table from the crowd.

There sat a short balding middle aged man, he gripped his hand together, he sat in a tense position, he inclined his head towards us and smiled at Bella, then at me.

He rose from his tense sat and handed me his arm, "You must be Mr. Edward"

"And you must be J, please just call me Edward" I said as I shook his hand.

"How are you both?" he asked us. Renesmee moved up to touch Bella's face she was curios to know who this man was. J's eye bugged wide as he saw Renesmee, she was a beautiful child, and there was no doubt about that.

"Is this…?" he questioned us with great astonishment.

"Ah yes" Bella said after her giggles that Renesmee caused, "J, this is Nessie"

J smiled brightly at her. "Hello there Nessie"

Bella use the name Vanessa Wolfe as Renesmee's name when we were unsure of our safety, the name Nessie is quite a nice nickname for Vanessa, he didn't doubted it at all.

"So what are we talking here then?" we knew what he mean by that, it was business time.

"Well" I started with low voice so that no one could hear me, "we need passports for each one of us, for Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper" he flinched at Jasper's name, a memory entered his, he was more relieved that Bella and I shall be the ones doing the business now, if it were Jasper, the man couldn't handle it anymore, he didn't dare to remember, I wasn't able to know what Jasper had done to him - "Rosalie, Emmett, Bella, Nessie, and myself, and also a few documents and birth certificates."

"Of course, I believe I can give everything two weeks from today." He took a piece of paper and written down the exact amount of money to pay.

"And can you please write this as Nessie's name?" Bella handed a sheet of paper toward J showing Renesmee's full name.

J nodded at once, "Of course Bella, you were right, your daughter does look at lot like her father" J complimented.

I nodded thankfully, he rose up from his chair, "I believe I need to get going, it was nice meeting you Edward" he shook my hand then Bella's "And it was nice seeing you again Bella" he gazed adoringly towards Renesmee, "such a beautiful child, well, I'm off now." He left ten dollars at the check before he left. He was showing gratitude since Bella was used to paying the check when they met. He wanted to return the favor now.

"We need to get going as well" I told Bella.

"Are we going shopping, Daddy?" Renesmee asked enthusiastically, Alice has shared her shoppaholic DNA with my daughter.

"Yes we are, Momma and I need some new clothes for college and Alice has been waiting in the mall for us" I told Renesmee.

She smiled her dazzling smile. "Can I go to college with Momma and Daddy?"

I frowned at her, "I'm so sorry, sweetheart, you can't you'll be going to school as well."

She looked at me confused. I looked up at Bella. "Tell her Edward, tell her Carlisle's decision" Bella urged.

"Nessie honey, Momma and I will be studying at a college, but you will be studying in a Nursery" I informed her, what Carlisle and everyone decided, I couldn't make a choice at that moment, I was busy with a few things of my own, Carlisle said - according to his exact calculations - Renesmee will grow a size of a two or three years old child with a month, "that's why we need the passports, we're going away from Forks for a while"

Her face turned sad, she understood what I meant. "I'm going to be away from my Jacob? From Grandpa Charlie? From everybody?"

I hadn't realize, Renesmee has been so caught up with a very strong bond with everybody at Forks, and just like my family, Charlie, Renee, Phil, My Family, even Sue and the wolves and all our vampire friends adored her, and that adoration made them very close to her heart, I knew this was going to be hard for her, but she has grown quite maturely in her intellect for her very young age.

I nodded. "Don't worry honey, you'll visit them once in a while" Bella assured her. That lightened up her mood.

"But, why can't Jacob come? And is everybody else coming as well or not?" she was thinking of our family.

"Grandpa Carlisle and Grandma Esme will be staying here for a while, dear, but everyone else will be going with us. Someone needs to look after you while we are gone. And Jake needs to finish his school here at the Reservation, but he'll visit every time he has the chance, you'll know that." I winked at her.

"But then why would Carlisle and Esme forge a passport? You said that they aren't going with us." Bella asked curiously.

"To visit us from time to time, but we'll be mostly be the one who will be visiting" I prompted.

Renesmee nodded simply, "I understand, Daddy" she sighed a heavy sigh.

"Don't worry, Auntie Alice will be buying you a lot of clothes today, so cheer up!" I took her easily from Bella's arms and lightly embraced her.

"Thank you Daddy" she said. And we were off to the mall, where Alice was waiting for us.


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