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It was so surreal it literally woke me up at 1 in the morning. View table of contents...


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I pull out my phone as I sit down on the bench and just stare at it, I know there are no messages on it.

I look up and see a small crowd of girls, but that's not unusual; they tend to travel in packs. I look back down at my phone's scratched cover that I painted to look like a Super Nintendo controller last year. I hear a familiar obnoxious laugh and look up; Suddenly a hand grabs my phone from behind and another makes contact with my eye. Kendall and Maria.

"Can I have my phone back?" I ask after blinking a few times and making sure I wasn't bleeding. They both let out the same sarcastic laugh.

"Why? No one texts you, waiting for a call from mommy, baby Breanna?" Kendall asks sarcastically.

"I bet her mom doesn't even call her, she's so lame!" Maria laughs. They start playing monkey in the middle with my phone, but I just stand there and stare at them in turn; I know if I try to go for it they'll knock me over or punch me.

Maria winds up and I know it's coming for my face. I close my eyes as it releases and turn my head to wait for it, there is no dodging with these two. I hear a soft thud near my ear, but I'm still waiting when I hear a masculine voice, around 18 if I had to guess.

"I tink it's time you lasses take foot." He says. There is a small silence and I hear two pairs of footsteps quickly walking away from my general area. I wait to speak until I can't hear them anymore.

"Why did you do that?" I open my eyes and start to turn around, "they are just going to come back later and -" I stop as I stare up into eyes the color of iced blueberries.

"Well den I guess I'll need ta stay around fur a while." He says with a laugh, his accent is clearly Irish. Something about him is familiar, but I can't place it, "You alright?"

"Yeah, that happens all the time, I'm perfectly fine." I pause for a moment to try to figure out why he seems so familiar, "Why did you stop them?"

He ponders this for a moment. His heavy eyelashes bat and his half blonde, half brunette hair sways a little in the breeze. He suddenly gives me a serious look, takes a deep breath, and states "I stopped dem because no un as pretty as you deserves dat."

I look down; I can't seem to meet his eyes. "I s'pose you'll be needin' yur phone den?" he laughs and holds it out to me. I reach for it, but he grabs my hand before I can take my phone and waits for me to look at him, "Would you like ta have sum lunch?"

I nod and follow him into Luna Rossa, the restaurant closest to us. As I'm walking in something I hadn't noticed before catches my eye and everything clicks. "What did you say your name was again?" I asked.

He stops to looks at me, then at the crowd of girls standing a couple yards away, and smiles, "My name is Niall."


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