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*New* after breaking dawn...group effort

Novel By: cieciemarie
Fan fiction

An application on myspace does this and I figured that since everyone who made it deserves their props!!
So here's their props!!
PROPS TO THOSE WHO DESERVE! View table of contents...


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Ü(thats a smiley face)


Its been 5 years since the incident with the Volturi, Edward and I are still mad about each other and I still believe that Rose and Emm have nothing on us, 10 years, easy. It was only when I heard a low velvety chuckle that i realized i had my shield down, " i know they don't have anything on us love," Edward said as i pulled my shield back up defensively, another chuckle. I snuggled closer to him and whispered, "do you wanna show me some proof?" That was the end of that conversation for the night.

The sound of Nessie waking up brought me back down to earth, with a groan, i reluctantly pulled myself out of his perfect arms and walked to my all-to-big closet, i sniffed out some jeans and a tank top. that took me all of 3 seconds and Ness was still in bed when i walked in. "Morning mum," she said pulling off her doona. My mouth dropped when she stood, "whats wrong," she asked nervously, "did i get a pimple or something?", she added jokingly. Nessie looked like she turned 15 over night. "Nessie, you have breasts," i said once i remembered how to close my mouth. A cheeky 3 dimple smile spread over her face, "really."
She ran to the mirror and squealed in joy. I smiled with her, until Edward appeared at the door, with a unbelieving look on his face. I pulled my shield down "our little girl is growing up, i wonder what Jake will think" i thought to him. He just growled under his breath " I'll let you know.".
"Can we go to the house now, Alice will be so happy that I'll fit into adult clothes now, ooooh maybe she'll take me shopping," Ness said.
The main difference between Nessie and me is that she loves fashion and shopping. "Don't expect me to come," i said Dryly as she ran out the door. I grabbed Edwards hand and off we went.


"Alice, Rosalie, Alice, Rose, guess what, I got boobs," I yelled as I prepared to jump the river. I hear my dad mumble something unintelligible behind me but I wouldn't let him ruin my fun. I was about a yard from the house when suddenly, Alice was there, grabbing my hands and pulling me into a hug, I squeezed her tightly back and then Rose was there to. We jumped around in a circle like 5 year olds, squealing for joy. I glimpsed the rest of my family, watching us out of the big glass window/wall, some happily, some disapprovingly.

Once we had calmed down, I pulled Alice over to the white couch and asked, "so, where are we going to celebrate?" "Hmm," she thought, "well we could start in New York or maybe LA, then if your parents have no objections with you leaving USA," she glanced hopefully up at my parents, "we could go to France, ooh, and Japan, oh and Greece, they have the cutest outfits in their street markets." We put on our pleading faces and looked up at mum and dad. " I don't see any problems with that," mum agreed quickly with a look of excitement and cheekiness, it was almost like she wanted me gone, "as long as your not gone too long." "Thanks mum, Dad," I said turning my gaze onto him, "please." "I don't know if that would be the be-" he started to say but stopped abruptly. After a few seconds that same look of mums went into his eyes. Alice giggled as she saw what mum was planning, I guessed it wasn't something I wanted to know, I looked down at a pinkish spot on the couch, and was about to ask what it was from when dad answered my question, "As long as Alice never lets you out of her sight, that should be fine," he said, "Jacobs coming." Surely enough after a minute or so, knock, knock, knock. "Come in Jake," I called as I ran to meet him. "Woah," he exclaimed looking at my chest, suddenly my dad was between us "Outside now Jacob Black."

"How dare you think that about my daughter," Edward growled in my face, "She's only 15." "And I'm only 16, c'mon man wh-" I started to say. "Don't you c'mon man me Jacob Black," Edward interrupted me. "What have we told you Jake," Bella said in a stern but kinder voice than her husband, "once she's fully grown then we can all sit down and tell her about your imprinting, then she can make up her mind as to how she feels about you." "What if she feels that way about me before she grown?" i asked. "We'll talk about that IF it happens, just don't mention anything to her about anything, let her enjoy her trip," Bella said. "Trip?" I asked in a strangled voice which soon turned to pleading, "can I please go, I haven't gone a day since she was born without seeing her, I don't think I could last." "No" Edward said fimly. "Its not like I'm gonna try anything," I retorted back. "Alice is going, she won't let anything happen," Bella said to her Edward. "Fine, but you two never leave Alice's sight," he said in a defeated voice.

"Jake, Jake, JACOB," Nessie said as she tried to wake me. "5 more minutes," I said back, she shoved me a few more times, then gave up, "Alice, he won't get up," I heard her say quietly. Suddenly my nose was burning, an icy, sickly sweet kind of burn. I opened my eyes to find Alice breathing on my face, I jumped up scowling, and went to get changed. This would have to be one of the best trips that I've ever been on, well it's the only time I've left America, so, besides the 24/7 shopping trips this is number one. I spent most of the day with my favorite person, Alice, only joking its Nessie. Alice couldn't let me go home with at least one suitcase full of new close, which wasn't very much compared to the girls, well, women's items 5 suitcases, 5 not even counting the boxes of accessories and shoes.

-We were due to head home in 1 week, our last stop was France, Alice had bought another 3 suitcases EACH for her and Nessie cause according to her Paris has the best shopping "Dogge and Cabana" or something. We were out walking, well me and Ness cause it was still light, when Nessie saw the "cutest little café" so of course we had to stop and get a couple of pictures. She asked one of the locals to take one of her and me "so are you two together?" he asked casually. I wish, I thought to myself, well at least I thought I thought it too myself, "what?" Nessie asked. Crap, double crap, "Uhh, umm, I wish, I wish…we could climb the Eiffel Tower," I said. "Lets Go," she said but gave me a funny look, like she was trying to figure out what I was hiding from her. "Race yah," I said and took off, "Hey no fair," she called out. She grabbed my hand when she caught up and was still feeling confused.

We walked in silence till we reached the top, she looked deep in thought, "I want to be more than friends Jacob Black," she said and then looked down shyly, waiting for my answer. I put my finger under her chin and said, "I want that too Ness," and kissed her tenderly, until she put more enthusiasm into it and I followed suit. We embraced like that, only braking away for breath, till we heard a little, cough from behind us. We pulled apart and Alice was standing their, with her little arms folded, Glaring at me "The Death Stare" some may put it, I looked around and it was dark. "Hey Aunty Alice," Nessie said casually, taking a step closer. Alice just pulled out her phone, making flight arrangements, "Renesme, Jacob, lets go pack, we're leaving tonight," she said stiffly when she hung up, "Why," Ness asked. "Apparently there are some things you and Jacob need to discuss with your parents," she replied and jumped off the side of the Eiffle Tower. Nessie and I ran back down to find Alice waiting impatiently at the bottom, with our bags, that's right 17 bags with one little Alice. "Let's go," she said and called down 3 taxis, one for us and 2 for the clothes.
When we got on the plane Alice sat in between us knocking me out of the way in the process, and then when we got back to Washington, Ness was asleep so when I went to pick her up to carry her off the plane Alice knocked my hand away braking a few fingers with her strength, "Like brother like sister," I mumbled as I walked away flexing my fingers.


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