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18 Years After Breaking Dawn

Novel By: Claudia1516
Fan fiction

Everything was perfect and the Volturi had not interfered in 18 years up until one phone call...

this is my first ever book , please dont be affraid to tell me what you really think :')

i do not own twilight stephanie meyer does and bella, edward , nessie,jacob & the wolf pack View table of contents...


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It has been 18 years since we have left forks and we have come back last year after living in England, of course Jacob came along with Renesmee once he had put up a fight. Renesmee had stopped growing at the age of 17 and on her 17th birthday Jacob told her she was her imprint, Renesmee loved him anyway and they have never left each other's side.


"Jacob Renesmee hurry up we have to go to school, Come on! " I said opening the passenger door for them.

"Were Coming Mom!" Renesmee said cheerfully and they both slipped into the silver Volvo.

We have been in forks high school for almost a year now and from my blurry human memories I can still remember some parts of it, of course those parts was with Edward in the science lab where we first talked to each other after I thought he hated me, But I remember how much I loved him ever since I saw him.

We arrived at forks high in less than 5 minutes' and it seems as though Emmet, Rosalie, Alice and jasper had beaten us too it and were already climbing out of Rosalie's BMW.

I looked over at Renesmee in the back climbing out of the car with Jacob and I remembered that the Volturi had not interfered in 18 years, would they have forgot about Renesmee and decided that there was no need to kill her?

I glanced towards Edward and got out of the car and walked hand in hand into school,

"Do you think they have given up?" I asked Edward staring at remesmee and Jacob. Of course Edward knew what I ment it had been on our mind ever since they had attempted to kill our daughter in the clearing.

"I think so but I can't be sure about it, love. Alice can't see Aro making any decisions about coming to forks or even looking for us." I just nodded, normally I would agree with Edward because I trusted him always and his words but this time it didn't seem true.

"We have Biology next with Nessie and Jacob are you coming?" I asked Edward, me Edward Renesmee and Jacob all had the same classes together.

"Sure." We sat at our table quickly as the morning announcements were being said on the speaker. The equipment that was set at our table was a knife, 4 gloves, and a plastic box with a frog nailed by the arms and legs; I knew what we had to do today. Die- sect a frog. I looked over at Jacob at the other end of the classroom with Renesmee who apparently found this subject very amusing and was laughing hysterically with her.

I looked up at Edward with a disgusted look on my face and he gave me my favourite crooked smile.

Mr. Page gave us our instructions and as soon as we were about to cut the frog, Mrs. banister who worked at the front office came in and knocked on the classroom door,

Mr Page walked over to Mrs Banister to talk to her outside of the classroom, I could hear our names being mentioned in the conversation, all of my families too. " I need Bella Cullen , Edward Cullen, Renesmee Cullen and Jacob black to come with me right away, there has been an incident, a woman named Claudia is on the phone and wished to speak with them right away. I already have the rest of their family at the front desk already"

I looked at Edward and saw him looking at me confused.

Mr. Page came through the door after their rapid conversation and shouted our names out one by one,

"Edward Bella Renesmee and Jacob you need to go down to the front office immediately"

Everyone "Oohed" as we walked out of the classroom. All of us were confused and frightened. What could of happened and who was Claudia?

As we finally got to the front office I found my family sitting on the uncomfortable looking chairs and Mrs. banister called us all into the room and held out the phone to my ear and left immediately to give us some privacy,

"Hello?" I said curiously

"Hello is this Bella?" she said rushing the conversation.

"Yes it is who this is?"

" My Name is Claudia but there's no time for being acquaintances now, you have to get you and your family out of forks, go home grab whatever you can and leave!" she screamed into the phone

I turned to look at my family to see if they could hear her, apparently they did a variety of different emotion cross their faces. Worried. Sad. Curious. Angry and frightened

"What are you talking about?"

"The Volturi, there coming and if you don't move your buts you won't be alive soon"

I heard everyone catch their breath and whimpered.

"Hang on, what are you talking about? How do you know about them?" I shouted back but too low so Mrs. Banister won't hear.

"I just do ok! I'm at your house at the moment with Carlisle and esme there an old friend of mine but there's no time! Jacob needs to call the pack and get them over to the Cullen, tell them that whatever they are doing they have to drop it now! Get remesmee out of the school before it's too late! "

I Gasped out loud, they were really coming, alike never saw them come how would she know that they were coming after us?

"You have to hurry now! There less than 2 hours away for you to pack up and leave. There not just here to kill renesmee but the wolves too, Caius has declared that they should get rid of them but Aro is not coming they know you too well so it's just Marcus Caius Jane and the hole guard , get out of school now , I have already told them to let you go home straight away!"

With that I put the phone down and all my family ran at human speed out of school into their cars and speeded away to our mansion.

Jacob held Nessie's hand running into our car with Edward turning the car on and driving off to the house faster than we have ever drove before.

We reached our house and found a Honda DN10 motor bike outside the front door, with vampire speed we all went inside the house except Jake who was calling Sam to get everyone at the Cullen's immediately,

As we walked into the house we found everyone's suitcases packed and at the front door I scanned the room until I found Esme Carlisle and a stranger facing us.

She had long curly blond hair, her eyes were an ocean blue colour she was pale white almost exact match to our skin colour she wore skinny blue jeans with a leather jacket and was the same height as me, she was beautiful.

"Hello" she said "My Name Is Claudia."

"Claudia is a close and personal friend of mine and said that she will watch out for us after our last incident with the Volturi" Carlisle said putting his hand on Claudia's shoulder.

After 20 minutes of violent discussion about the volturi all of the wolves except Leigh and Seth who were coming shortly came in and snarled at Claudia.

Carlisle explained the situation and all of the wolves changed back into their human forms to speak with Carlisle.

"Well, if she's not a vampire then what is she?" Sam said questionly

"I'm half mermaid half human im like renesmee only that renesmee was born to a father who is a vampire and a mother who was human, renesmee is half human half vampire, I have also stopped aging ever since I was 18."

We were all amazed at by her words, could there actually be mermaids ? I mean I just thought that they were some mythical creatures in a story book after me finding out that there were actually vampires and were wolves in the world I gave up believing mythical creatures were not real.

We all started asking her questions about how she changed and how it happened and all she knew was that one day when she was swimming she found a island and inside was a cave , she said that it was beautiful and amazing she felt very attracted to it and sat there in the water staring up at the moon for hours until something happened. Finally Leigh and Seth came in, in human forms, as Leigh took a seat on the sofa Seth stood dead in the hallway looking at Claudia, all the family saw Seth stop and looked towards him. "after that I can't remember anyth- " Claudia Stopped and noticed that we were all looking at Seth's pause.

They were both staring up at each other, and by the looks on their faces we all knew what was happening.

"H-hey, my name is Seth" he held out a hand for her to shake.

"C-Claudia "she smiled brightly in return, blushing.

Once the hole conversation was finished Alice was looking for all of the guards and Caius Marcus and Jane to see if they were coming, apparently they knew we had been warned about their surprise attack and turned back.

"So if you are a mermaid where is your tail, you know the kind that replaces your legs ? " Emmet blurted out

Claudia Laughed "It only comes out if I touch water, do you want to see"

"YEAH oh my god that's awesome! " Emmet blurted out.

"Ok I need two towels and a glass of water"

After she said that Emmet ran out of the room to get 2 towels and a glass of water.

Claudia got up off the sofa from sitting next to Seth and placed herself on the floor.

"it may stink a bit just to warn you, I know I have that affect on vampires but for werewolves, well I think were gonna just have to see" she giggled winking at Seth

Emmet came storming in with the towels and water and handed it to her.

Everyone back away except Seth and Carlisle who seemed extremely fascinated.

She put the towels next to her and told everyone to move away from her feet. We did and she poured the water on her hand. After 10 seconds there was a shimmer and there was a huge stench worse than the werewolf's smell coming from Claudia,

Seth and the other werewolves' seemed very attracted to the smell and all of them started walking towards Claudia.

Seth Growled at them and sat next to her, Emmet seemed to find the tail very amusing and cool, Renesmee became instant best friends with Claudia and Claudia and Seth were in love , Claudia was Seth's official and first imprint...

Hey guys, if you like it or have some suggestions just comment below , if you comment i will write the next chapter for you :')


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