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House of Anubis & the Cullen clan

Novel By: Claudia1516
Fan fiction

This part of the stOry is alog with the other house of Anubis episode that I wrote View table of contents...



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I was upstairs I'n my room with Fabian. Amber and Alfie were I'n Alfies room and Patricia and Ed were I'n her room. It was very quiet I'n the house today. Mara Jerome and joy all went shopping so it was just us. Today would be the last day we get alone, the new house mother would be arriving. As I looked around my room. It all looked very dull so I closed my eyes and pictured a leaf at the side on the wall working it's way up. When I opened my eyes it all went wrong , it didn't look very pretty . 'no not like that the other way' I said and shifted the flower stems the other side . 'there,just a bit more flowers and then.... Done!' I said a but too loudly and it woke Fabian up next to me. 'sorry Fabian .' I said kissing him on his head. 'it's ok' he said getting up. 'so what are you doing ?' 'look, a bit too much flower or to little' I said I'n my mind He looked around the room and at the plant that was creeping it's way around the wall. 'it's beautiful, but...' Oh right great, but.... 'it's not the most beautiful thing I'n the room' He said looking at me I smiled and kissed him . So what can your gift do exactly ? I asked 'well I can get into peoples head give them anything hallucinations, read there mind, learn everything about them, and I know everything everywhere oh and did I mention that I can hack into any sistem with my mind and order anything without actually paying? he said I laid on my bed amazed, It was 11:00 and we all decided to get breakfast , Jerome Mara and joy were still shopping and wouldn't be bak till 12:00 Half way though our breakfast there was a knock at the door an amber went to answer it. I heard mumbling and my name being mentioned amber came I'n shocked . 'Nina why didn't you tell us you had a brother and sister?' 'wait what?' Suddenly there was footsteps that made there was into the living room and opened the door, I started to back away. They can't be here they died I'n the car accident aswell. Who was she 'who are you, my brother and sister are dead!' 'Nina calm down' she said and seeped closer to me 'don't you dare tell m to calm down I don't even know you!' She looked around the room 'are these your friends little sis. She said walking up to them 'stay away from them' I said fury 'Nina?' Fabian asked and stood up, 'Fabian I'm sorry but sit down 'oh this is just too good' she said 'Sophie?' I asked my sister 'I already saw what happened when you tried to kill me an gale . You just can't get over it can you?' Sophie said 'you didn't stop him ! You jut watched !' I screamed and came at her with a knife that was on the dining room table and held it up to her throught. Everyone stood up from tge table. 'Nina whats going on?' amber asked worriedly 'aww didn't she tell you , my little sister is a murderer , killed her own parents and me an gale ' she said laughing 'stop just stop, where's gale?! ' I screamed at her 'In the hallway GALE!,' she called him smiling Gale then entered the room with the same scar on his eye I left him 4 years ago. 'what's up little sis , oh I see we have company,' 'outside now!' I screamed at them 'whatever you say ' Sophie said and walked out the back door along with gale. When I stepped out side they pinned me on the floor choking me . 'thought you could get away from us?' gale spat at my face and I let out a scream, Ed came out first then Fabian and the rest . 'Stay out of this ,' I used my last breath. What was I doing just letting them kill me? I saw the tree on my left and commanded it to grab both gale and Sophie , They both laughed 'shut up !' I said and the branch that was covered I'n leaves tightened around there mouth so they couldnt speak any more 'nina what the hell I'd going on?' Ed said I started crying ,' what they said is true, I killed my parents and also wanted them dead ,' 'why ?' Patricia asked nervously 'because they tried to kill me, my dad, I was young and I learned to deal but that was the last time , I could t take it. And my mother aophie and gale used to laugh about it , that's why' I said Everyone stood silent Alfie started swinging curses at them 'I'll kill them myself' 'you can't Alfie, there like us , they have been through it too ,' We all turned and they were out of the tree. 'you didn't really think that we would be at loss with gifts did you?'Gale said 'Alfie!' Fabian screamed at him an then there was spears and knife I'n our hand, 'this is my fight, not yours !' i told them. They crept forward behind me . 'i said get back.! ' and a gust of wind blew them back towards the house . 'two against one, very brave ' I said to them , 'oh well ok, gale you stay here and I'll take care of the others ?' Gale nodded and faced me ,'aww how sweet , metal , won't get far, 'fine I take it back, dont kill them just me , I am the person who killed our family after all,' I said, She ignored me and I swung a knife at her back She started laughing , 'is that the best you can do?' she said pulling the knife from her back and chucking it on the floor Gale grabbed my arms and pulled them Sophie then came over and stuck tge knife In me , an I screamed there was blood flowing from the knife 'looks like sh only just started wouldn't you say gale she said and pulled the knife out , 'Nina!' Fabian screamed but couldn't get past 'what's going on,?' 'its called a force field my dear' Sophie replied. ' oh and guess who also survived?' gale whispered I'n my ear. 'daddy' Sophie said 'daddy's coming home isn't that great,' said gale 'NO!' I gasped 'leave her to bleed well come back when she ready to get a better fight she said and then stabbed me again with the same knife , 'don't you think it's better if we call our old friends again I'n Italy ? It will be nice to show her how it feels to loose a relative or two.' Sophie said 'you bit-' she covered my moth g the last word 'now now sis no such language ,' I spat I'n her face and she punched me , 'let's go' gale said and they disappeared, The force feild was gone and they ran over to me I spat out the blood from my mouth 'stay back ' said Eddie Okbenhatin kalah behn he said And my cuts were healed, and I screamed when my jaw was set back I'n place 'thank you ' I said through my teeth.and stood up And headed I'n the living room, They all came busting through the door , 'they will come at me with an army. If you want to help we can't do this alone. ' 'then tell us what to do' amber said I looked at her an smiled How about a trip to America ? 'what good will that do?' amber said 'we have school next week ' Patricia replied 'not if someone tells mr sweet to let the student I'n order to settle down and revise for a test that's never going to come for a month,' I said We all looked at amber 'what?' she said 'were talking about you' 'oh' We were waiting for amber return when there was a knock at the door and amber came running I'n laughing 'he gave me 1 month and 2 weeks. He was so I'n love with me it was so funny!' 'thank to amber' 'oh did I mention that we are allowed a trip to America for 4 weeks but after that we have to come back straight away, we leave tomorrow and there was a really rich man across the street who gave us £10,000 to buy the to tickets and spending money ' She smiled We all was stunned 'oh my god Amber your brilliant!' I screamed and hugged her 'thanks, so what exactly are we doing I'n America ?'amber asked 'were building an army of our own, there are some vampire and werewolf clans I'n America who I helped a while back , I want to see if they can help us also ,' ' a vampire and werewolf clan ? Ate you ok Nina?' Fabian said 'they hated my dad and family as much as I do, they will help' 'ok then let's go!' Eddie said 'we better start packing now, fabian can you get us some tickets ? ' 'yeah hold on ...'Fabian closed his eyes and concentrated. 'done' h opened his eyes 'first class I hope would do ?' I smiled and nodded 'if were going to do this you need to tell us everything' Patricia said 'fine' I said and sat I'n the couch . 'when I was thirteen I tried to kill my family because of what they did , after that I sold the house I was living I'n and ran away with the money, I knew I was special along with my other half of family. I ran to a town called forks and I was running for more than a year. I got into a lot of trouble on my way and I stopped of at this house. I told them what happened and I'n the end they adopted me. I had a new family and a mum and dad , my mum was Rosalie and my dad was emmet, I have 4 brothers and sisters and 2 nan and grandad, and 1 cousin. When I was I'n there family they told me what they were and I accepted them, tht wernt like any other clan before. They told me that I was speacial too but they didn't tell me. To cover up my tacks they gave me a fake nan and moved me over here when I was 16 there were people who were coming and that's who my other brother and sister has I'n her army. My real family tried to protected from them, that's my story ' I said a tear coming down my eye. 'lm sorry babie' said Fabian hugging me then all left to pack Knock knock ! I answered the door cautiously. When i opened the door to find Jerome with a thousand bags I'n his hands, he looked like he was about to pass out. I giggled ' you ok there jerome' I said 'help me!' 'oh no I thinkypur doing fine on your own ' I giggled Mara and joy then came I'n with more bags, 'ready!' amber shouted Ready for what? Asked joy 'my gran gave us some tickets for America, she's I'll but wanted some of us to see her before she umm leaves us.. The doctor said it won't take more than 3 weeks.' I replied, I was really good at lying 'oh ok, so is it you Fabian and amber going? ' she aske again 'ugh no, she wanted to see as many who she knew from her last visit , she has some things for them ,' I replied 'oh ok , I'm really sorry Nina ' joy said hugging me, 'when are you leaving?' 'tonight , she's already paid for the tickets' 'have a safe journey , do you want help with packing?' 'no I'm fine I'll see you later.' Fabian! I called out , an ran to the stairs a min later he arrived aswell. 'yeah?' 'wht time do we leave and what time is it?' 'our flight it at 6 and it 4, we better get going now.' Fabian replied 'is everyone set downstairs?' I asked 'yeah were just waiting for you and amber then we can go!' 'ok I think were ready!' Me and amber made our way downstairs and I pulled out my phone, 'we better let them know were coming' I said and dialed nessies number He answered on the first ring like always 'hello?' 'hey ness' 'Nina! Hey you ok?' 'no not really' 'why what's wrong?' I could her silence on the phone and the. People arguing over the phone to let them talk to me, 'ness , is uncle Ed grandpa there?' 'um no grandpas gone out hunting I'm at the cottage with Edward and Bella' 'can I talk to him please' 'yh yea.' 'Nina ?' 'somethings happened' 'what is it, are you hurt ?' he asked urgently 'no, but I'm going to be, Ive booked a flight tonight to take mr straight to America, I'll be there I'n the morning and tell you,' 'Nina I can't wait that long, if aimethings happened we need to be prepared' 'my other dad and brother and sister are back' ' I thought you said you killed them' 'I did that's the weirdest part about it, there back and there well like me as I'n me me ...' 'how do you know' 'they stoppe off at my house today and almost killed me' I could hear uncle edward growl under the phone. 'that's not the worst part.' 'what?' he said urgently 'he's gathering the army.' 'what army ,' 'the volturi army' I said I'n a gulp . Everything went quiet over the phone ' we will tell tge family to be prepared' ' ok' 'hurry!' he said and the phone went silent Tears came out of my eyes I'n a water fall, 'Nina?' Fabian asked. 'Fabian you said to me this morning that you know everything about everyone with a blink of an eye right' I asked He nodded 'how did my brother and sister get away so fast?' He held up a figure asking me to wait 'it's a old word the egytian used to make a quick exit' 'what is it' 'I can't say it' 'why not?' 'because if you say it it will take you somewhere that you think of,' 'write it down,' He wrote o a piece of paper Nocturnam theorik I'n bold letters, ' ok everyone say this and grab your bags when you do, but where you want to go is here, I wrote also on the piece of paper, WA forks, America , forks high school parking lot. Everyone nodded and grabbed there bags, Fabian went first then me then Patricia then amber then Alfie and last Eddie. We were here, it was the middle of the night and we were directly I'n the middle of the school parking Lott Everyone looked around curiously, 'Nina were are we?' amber asked 'Fabian cancel the flight , were here,' When we was almost halfway to the house, a car drove past and stopped infront I knew that car. 'Jake?' I asked Then a dark figure got out of the car 'Nina?' 'hey!' I said and ran up to him to give him a bear hug. 'I missed you ' 'I missed you too even though you have been gone for 3 days ' I laughed 'who this?' he whispered in my ear ' oh sorry , Jake this is Fabian, amber Alfie Eddie and Patricia, guys this is Jake my cousins husband ' 'hey, need a ride home?' Sure they all said 'I'm afraid you going to have to make do with the truck. My other cars gone I'n for repair' 'your so lazy what did you do to it?' 'you mean what did your dad do to ' I giggled 'what was it this time?' 'a game of arm wrestling, I swear he is still tryin to beat Bella and when he looses he breaks my baby.' They all laughed and jumped I'n the back truck and I got shot gun. 'i only saw you a couple of days ago? Why are you back so early ?'Jake asked 'they didn't tell you ?' 'no' jakes face was worried now , ' it's all my fault ' I whisper 'you didn't get kicked out of school did you?' Jake asked 'no, remember the story about me killing my parents and others before I found you? ' I asked 'yea, what's wrong Nina?' We were almost at the house now. 'there alive,' He was shocked and I could see him about to ask how 'I don't know how , but there like me and there creating an army,' 'how do you know there alive?' 'because they tried to kill me today,' 'what! Are you ok?' Jake growled 'I'm fine Eddie healed me but, his army is the volturi.' Jacob stopped the car. And all the luggage went flying foward 'what!' 'it's my fault the volturi must of seen that I was coming to all of you and changed them ,' 'Jane!' Jacob started the car again and drove 100 mph home. It was silent the whole way and 3 mins later we was there, I got my bags out of the car and went into the house I could feel Jacobs eyes on me It was the first time hes seen me I'n the day light after my transformation, 'nina what the he'll happened?' Then he looked at the others as they got out of the car We all set our luggage on the floor and ran into the house with Jake 'Carlisle, Nessie!' Jacob said The whole family came running I'n vampire speed to the front door. They all stared at us, I then Realized we looke more like a vampire then we thought, 'Nina?' mum asked 'hey mom ' She sighed and ran up to me , And dad came aswell, 'who's this?' auntie Bella asked ' um this is fabian amber Patricia Eddie and Alfie, Bella there like me , I don't know how and I need your help' We had a discussion for a few hours but the last part that we forgot to mention was our gifts 'wait so you are like a new version of vampires?' 'I guess, I mean we can only eat animal we don't run so fast well we don't know how to yet and we are beautiful But were not as pail and we have gifts like you uncle jasper and edward ' I told aunt alice 'hold On , you forgot to mention that part, what do you mean gifts?' Uncl Ed asked 'can to show us them?' Nessie looke at us curiously 'yea we each have different ones though' 'is that even possible Carlisle ?' Bella asked 'very much so... Yes' 'um amber u want to go first?' 'o ok .' she replied and stood up. 'amber can influence people, she can make them do whatever she wants them to do and when she wants but when she frees them, they forget what ever happened,like today she influenced a man and he gave he £10,000 '. Said laughing the others laughed aswell My family all looked shocked 'can you do it to one of us?' Jasper asked 'I'm not sure, I haven't tried it with vampires before.' she smiled 'have a go ' Jasper said and stood up It took a few minuits but she finally had him at her command. 'Jasper wave your hand,' he waved 'Jasper run over there' he ran She freed him and he suddenly was confused why he was over the other side of the room, they all laughed as he say down 'fascinating' Carlisle Said astonished 'that's not the best part.' I looked at Fabian' Fabian can do what uncle ed can do except he's like a computer , he take one look at someone e he knows what there thinking where there going there past is and there future and what there greatest fears are, he can even book a flight with his mind.' 'what's my past?' asked Bella jumping up and down excitedly He looked at her and then answered 'your name used to be isabella swan your dad is Charlie swan and mum Renee swan, you used to live I'n Arizona but moved to forks which then you lived with charlie swan, once at forks you graduated at forks high school where you met Edward Cullen, that year you found out what he was by also met others like him Called Laurent Victoria and James, and his family Victoria and Laurent ran but James stayed to kill you Edward killed him instead leaving you I'n th hospital or 4 weeks The next year Edward left and laurant came back then to find out Jacob was a werewolf aswell , you tried tried to save Edward from the volturi and won. The next year , Edward proposed but you said no the 3rd time then you Said yes. Victoria came back with vengeance over the loss of James and created a newborn army to kill you. You won at that too with Victoria dead but the volturi arrived again to also make sure you were dead by the newborn army or you were changed . But neither of that happened. The next year was the wedding you got married to Edward and had your honeymoon at isle Esme where you became pregnant with Nessie, by that time you were too weak because Nessie was growing at a large amount, shortly after you had reneamee and was legally dead for 10 mins up until Edward put his venom I'n your heart . You went huntin for the first time and almost killed someone but resisted temptation, so you ran. They thought that was your gift until Irina saw your daughter and told te volturi , Alice ran along with Jasper to find the hybrid and then the volturi came and you survived' Fabian said We were all sitting there astonished until h cane out with 'oh and your greatly fears are loosing a relative or someone you love in your family and the volturi. I'm guessing'. 'wow your good.' Bella said laughing ' Patricia never looses at anything , her main gift is war, dad ? He stood up and said'arm wrestle' She laughed nodded and they both headed to a tree log outside the house. Patricia won against a vampire which made everyone shocked except for Jacob who's car got ruined again ' what about Alfie Eddie and you ?' Nessie asked 'Eddie is exteamly fast and strong ' I said 'hmmm I know' Nessie ran out of the room and then held a tea towel on the other side of theroom 'on the count of the , one , two, three , I'n the space of 1 1/2 seconds he had the shirt back and handed it to her , 'extrordanary' uncle jaz said 'Alfie can make anything appear name anything and it will be infront of you' I said 'a dimond necklace like this one' Alice said holding up the magazine 2 seconds later and I appeared on the table. 'yay! This is so cool I've waited for one of these. There an original thank you ' Alice said putting it on. 'my pleasure' aflie said sitting Down 'what's yours then honey?' Esme said 'Alfie could you ?' I asked A couple seconds later there was a glass of water a plant pot and a candle. 'thanks' 'I can do various amount of things, like take water for example.' I said and a drop of water was floating I'n the air.'I can do anything with it, a plant' I grew a rose I'n it. ' but the worst of all... fire' and Lite the candle. 'I don't think we need a full blown army this time maybe just tge Denali clan and Stephan and the others . Jacob would the wolves be able to help?' Carlisle said 'reneamee and Nina are family Also, will do whatever it take to protect all of you.' Jacob replied 'theres two things we havent told you yet. One is that were gods not vampires and we are um... Technacly married I'n there world. The whole room was silent. Then mum started smiling and crying well almost crying. It was more like dry happy sobs. 'my little girl married.' 'mum were not really married well I guess we are but not I'n this world.' 'who's your 'husband/boyfriend then' Alice said 'fabian' I said turnig towards him holding my hand out and he took it. 'welcome to the family Fabian .' Bella said and Nessie hugged us both . Nessie then put her hand up against mums and Alice. They both looked happy . 'and Nina, would you like to tell us who else I'n our family is married to ?' mum said I ran up to her smiling And grabbed them both in a huge hug 'thank you.' I said crying I turned around and they were all smiling Ed was holding patricias hand and amber was holding Alfies 'Ed and Patricia . Alfie and amber ' 'welcome to the family' Esme said Both patricia and amber hugged Esme and Ed and Alfie stood next to them mouthing thank you Everyone was silent with happiness. Up until alice had a vision. 2 minutes later Ed Alice and fabian growled and looke at each other then turned to Carlisle 'they are there I'n Italy, we have 3 weeks before they attack we need to be ready.' alice said ',I'm al up for a new fight, time to bring these guys down to there own fate' daddy said and kissed my head 'I'll show you to your rooms.' Esme said 'wait didnt you say you had gifts too? What are they if you don't mind me asking?' amber said 'we don't mind, Edward is like Fabian he can read others thoughts, Jasper can feel and change moods Bella is a shield Nessie can show people her thoughts and I can see the future, the others have there own talents like Rosalie is Beauty Emmett is strength Carlisle is control and Esme is love but we are all equally fast and strong. We only eat animals like you.but we can eat humans if we wanted but were vegetarians' Alice said to her winking at the last part Whig made everyone laugh 'wow! That's so cool' amber smiled. 'come on I'll help to with your bags,' 'your going to have to have one bedroom each, I wasnt expecting a visit so soon we only have 3 bedrooms. So Patricia and Eddie you don't mind staying I'n a room together and amber and Alfie?' They both nodded and amber said 'we don't mind' While Patricia and amber was shown to there rooms. It wa me and fabian that was left. 'just for you two you get the biggest I'n the house and opened the door. The room was big, it used to belong to my auntie and uncle Ed but they had a cottage now. The room was huge I could see tht they done some decorating this year. I turned round and hugged Esme. 'thank you, love you grandma Esme.' I whispered I'n her ear ' it's my pleasure' She said back and closed the door. The last hour me and Fabian was finishing of unpacking. 'its all my fault isn't it?' I sighed 'what ?' Fabian said The volturi and my old family' 'n it isn't don't you dre think like that, they are going to be destroye d it's not just for you but for this whole family too.' I leaned my head against hi chest 'Nina I finally found somewhere that I belong ' he said and kissed me, this kiss lasted on what seemed like forever until someone knocked on the door 'come I'n ' 'hey were going out for dinner now, you coming? ' Alice said 'sure but isn't it dangerous if we don't know how to run fast?' I asked Alice 'apparently not, Eddie found a way I'n which you all can travel as fast as we do, but we need to feed now, training starts tomorrow. Oh what fun' Alice giggled 'uh ok then, we will just get changed be down I'n 5 ok?' 'kk see you I'n a bit' she said and closed the door 'so where are we going out tonight that serves raw animal?' Fabian asked 'the woods' I said and Fabian gulped 'come on I promised we will be down I'n five .' 'ok, wait a second Nina?' Fabian asked I turned around to see what was wrong but fabian was staring at me and as I looked more and more into his purple eyes they were getting darker and darker to the shade of red 'your eyes' we both said at the same time. 'the others.' we were just wearing shorts at the moment so we quickly changed into our sweat pants and ran to there rooms but before we got there all four of them was running to our room. They were all dressed but they had the same problem, there eyes were red. 'we have to tell Carlisle.' I said and we all ran down stairs , everyone was waiting but they could hear that we was running 'Carlisle what's happening?' I asked him and he stepped forward Then sighed 'it seems they are in fact very similar to us than I thought , instead of there eyes turning black they go red . There hungry' he said to the family 'Carlisle.' mum said 'im afraid they have to , its the only way that thy can eat rose.' Carlisle said back 'I'll look after them auntie rose , show them what to do ok?' Nessie said and turned to us After mum gave her a kiss on the cheek . Everyone made a leap over the forest but after that we didn't know how to get across 'I've got it.' Alfie said and with his mind made a bridge. When we crossed it I asked Eddie how we would be able to run . 'it's all I'n instinct againall you have to do is breath clear your mind and then you can do it. Fabian you try.' 'ok,' he replied took a deap breath and sprinted . After the first step I couldn't see him , he dissappeared . 'FABIAN!' I screamed looking for him 'i can smell everything , you try it, I'm behind the trees. ' I could hear him faintly 'you heard him let's try it ' patritia said and ran along side with Eddie a minute later then amber and Alfie, How do I do it? 'Nina you ok?' I gasped when Fabian stood beside me so quickly. Suddenly nessie came running outof the trees 'hey are you coming?' Nessie called over to me 'yup one sec' I called back 'remember deep breath and run.' Fabian said I grabbed his hand took a deep breath and ran , Everything was like a fairytale I could see every detail I'n the trees and the grass on the floor . When I turned around I saw the others running behind me. I smiled and everyone laughed I looked beside me and I saw Nessie. 'woo!' I screamed this felt so nice . I felt free . I could feel how far the others were, a few more seconds and we arrived I'n a clearing, 'sorry it took me so long, it was my first time running like that.' I said hugging mum 'nessie and the others appeared next to me I'n the last 10 seconds 'wow, Nina your really fast ' Nessie said and went to stand next to uncle Edward and auntie Bella. 'so how do we hunt then , do we eat them I'n cold blood?' I asked anyone who was willing to reply who knew the answer 'yes, the gods used to do that but they don't have to be I'n cold blood we can eat meat when it's cooked, but it doesn't go down so well.' Fabian said . I nodded. 'where are we?' amber questioned 'were 10 miles from the house. There's a Hurd of deer behind those trees. ' Alice pointed. 'thanks, I think I know how to do this, I'm really hungry' I said and my head suddenly felt really heavy and I was dizzy, Fabian Cought me and said 'woah! Better get you fed first' 'let's go'alice sai and headed for the woods. I knocked out the dizzy feeling and ran with Extrem speed and got a deer on the floor and ripped its throught out before it could be I'n shock or pain. I drained the deer and attempted to eat the raw meat inside but failed. 'Alfie, give me a knife please.' I asked him and he looke at me I'n wonder but handed me a knife anyway. I picked up the knife from the floor and shead the coat of the deer then I imagined fire it burning the inside if the meat slowly so it would slightly burn the outside aswell. The meat was still red but I eat it anyway, once I finished I turned round to face the sun. I already knew that vampires would glow like diamonds I'n the sun I just didn't know that gods would look like they were on fire. We had a red and blue sheet that covered all of us. But when the sun was gone so was the sparkles and the red and blue velvet. When I looked at my shirt it was covered I'n blood and so was everyone elses except the vampire part of the family. I giggled at the thought. How did the do it so easily? 'where do we put the animals?' I asked mum 'you can finish them off it you want, your gonna need it.' she replied. They backed away and me Fabian Alfie amber Patricia and Eddie made our way to the next deer and eat it. I could her from a distance the sound of thumping I braced myself for the worst and hissed I'n protection and so did the others except that Carlisle then pointed out that it was some of the wolves . ' they don't know your new sent, they have come to see what it is and well um... Were going to have to explain that to sam.' Carlisle said and stood infront of us. Suddenly there was a huge black wolf standing infront of us. It was Sam. Sam turned and walke back to the forest a minute later he came back I'n human form 'there's a new scent, I wanted to see what it was and it lead me here, looks like you already got rid of it.' Sam asked. I giggled and peaked round my mums shoulder 'hey Sam!' 'hey kid. What are you doing out here... What? What's going on?' Sam asked furiously 'the volturi are back and so are ninas father and siblings. They were thought to be dead but looks like caius or Jane got to them soone than we think. Nina has untreated along with our new family. A special transformation of a egytian god of the past.'Carlisle said 'they only got here yeturday night and we wanted to feed them first.' 'they look just like vampires why is that?' Sam asked. ' the egytian gods cursed my kind and yours they will be exactly the same .' Edward said I'n reply A few more rustling I'n the trees and Seth came out, Seth is one of my beat friends I'n the whole world, I know what imprinting is and he hasn't done that on me that a good sign but he has been there since the day I moved I'n with the cullens. When I saw him I ran I'n god speed and hugged him. He didn't know that the hug was coming and fell to the floor. I laughed and got up . 'wow! Wait nina?' Seth asked 'I'll explain later.' He nodded 'you better, oh yeah you still owe me a pizza from dominos remember' he sai and I laughed 'i was hoping you would forget that by now ' I asked 'I would never give up an opportunity on giving up free pizza' 'well you can eat it I kinda can't 'why?' 'my kind can only eat raw meat. Like you I'n a way.' 'and what exactly are you?' 'an egyptian god.' 'wait what?' 'I'll explain later , right now all I really want to do is get dressed out of these bloody clothes' I said and he nooded 'can we go back to the house or is anyone still hungry?' I asked ' looks like were all finished.' Carlisle replied 'great , race you all' everyone smiled and lined up I'n a straight row and I counted down from 5 '4 3 2 1.. GO!' I screamed and we all ran. I passed everyone when I ran except from uncle Edward, auntie Bella and eddie they smiled at me like they knew I wasn't going to beat them, but I could feel I'n my body that I could go alot faster than them. So I pushed myself and so did Eddie, which was a bad mistake, the trail we left behind me was made out of fire, my feet kept on going, I noticed that we were almost at the river so I tried to get eddie to stop and wait for the others for 10 minutes until they arrived. By this time we had reached the river and I could hear some thumping coming from inside the house and a smash. Then the others arrived. 'I think someones inside your house, I heard a glass breaking. If it's a human they would see you jump the river , let me go.' I said 'no! You might get hurt' mum said 'relax, gods are immune to weapons like guns an knifes once we matured they can't even get past our skin' 'what if your not matured?' she questioned 'then Eddie knows a healing script. Mum I'll be fine.' 'ok, be carefull' 'I ran I'n god speed down the river and climbed the tree, I looked bak and I could see everyone looking at me I'n confusion. Then I stood up on the branch and made the branch thicker and longer as I was walking on it, It was looking like a plank by the time I passed the river, when I turned back I whispered to Alfie if he could make me a sword or a knife or gun. There was no time to get a gun because the style and make would take him a long time to choose for him so he gave me a sword. It looked firmiliar from a movie but I ignored that and opened the back door to the house. On my way I'n I saw the broken glass I'n the kitchen and heard someone calling my name, sounded firmiliar. But I didnt take any chances I knew it was coming from the living room. I ran I god speed up the stairs and placed the sword on the victims throught. She screamed and I could hear my family running I'n thinking it was me. What the he'll was joy doing here. 'joy what the hell' 'I could ask you the same thing, a sword Nina? Really, you almost gave me a heart attack,' joy said 'sorry'i lowered the sword and dropped it to the floor Then to make it all better my family appeared and joy didn't see them so she screamed. Again. 'it's ok, I know her.' I said to my family 'Nina I remember everything. Why didn't you tell me, sara gave me the fright of my life when I saw her. Then everything was black apparently I didn't wake up for about a day , and then to make it all better I get the worst imaginable pain. And don't wake up for 2 hours and I end up looking like this , Nina I don't have silver eyes do I ! Oh and to make it all better I eat a rabbit today I'n cold blood, how nice, ew what have you got down you' joy said so fast it was had to process 'its deer blood and how do you get I'n?' 'I told you, Sara came to me told me the house name number and town then I saw the piece of paper that you left on the table. Thought of what Sara said while saying it and here I am, sorry about the glass by the way I don't know why I landed on the kitchen table. The glass must of slipped.' 'it's ok' said Esme. ' it looks like the gods made the dicission after all, she has been changed, joy have you experienced something tht you cannot do lately, something that is humanly impossible?'I asked her 'no but Sara did tell me that I'm a shapeshifter i can picture anything I'n my mind I can change and apparently I'm like Alfie but I can only do it with humans or other creatures, do you have any idea what that means, coz I seriously dont.' 'yes I know what it means, since you have fed already that just leaves us to training. What time do we start Carlisle?' I asked 'well it's 6:00 now an the sun jus gone down so I suggest about 11:00 if that's ok?' 'no it's perfect. Where will joy be staying grandma?' 'she can sleep I'n my office, it's the only room we have left but I'm sure Alfie can make a bed I'n there?' Esme asked Alfie 'yup I'll go do it now where's your office ' Alfie asked 'top floor first door on the right..' Alfie nodded and I'n god speed ran upstairs 'how did he do that?' joy asked 'we will show you tomorrow. It's fairly easy, basic instinct. But I need to know one thing, will you fight with us, even if it comes to death.' Joy gasped but looked around the room and nodded 'yes, I'll fight.' she said smiling 'welcome to the family sweet heart.' Rosalie said and hugged her. Joy giggled 'thank you.' Alfie then came running down the stairs smiling'i think I have done a good job if I say so myself.' 'good thank you Alfie, joy do you want me to show you to your room?' Alice said 'yeah sure but what about my clothes and stuff I have to tell the others where I have gone. ' joy said 'me and Fabian will sort that out, I'n the mean time you get some rest' I told joy as she headed upstairs with alice We was standing there thinking of what we should do about joy but then I realized that we was still covered I'n blood. ' first we get dresses then we worry about joy, I think I know what to do .' I told Fabian then he nodded and held out his hand I took it and walked upstairs with him. It looked like Alice or amber had already laid put ehat we was going to wear tonight and tomorrow. I slipped off my shirt and bra and put on new clean ones. When I turned around I saw Fabian staring at me . I have never seen Fabian without a shirt but I'n glad I did now, he had a clean six pack. I didn't even know a six-pack would look so good on him. We stared at each other for what seemed about 2 minutes until he whispered 'so beautiful' and kissed me 'we better get going Fabian, I know what to do.' 'ok babe one second ' fabian grabbed his t-shirt , grabbed my hand and ran downstairs. 'ready?' I asked him, fabian nodded and thought of the house back home 'house of anubis' I encountered the words from last time and there was a flash of light. We were here. The time was 1:00am here so noone should be up. I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and began writing an excuse for joy The letter read My dad picked me up this morning apparently my cousin is I'n hospital and hasn't got Long to live, I know I should have told you good bye but I'll see you I'n a couple if weeks. See you soon. JoY I nodded to Fabian and he read it ' that will be good enough.' 'now her clothes.' I said and made our way up the stairs 'looks like maras sleeping with Jerome tonight.' I told him an opened the door fully. 'by my calculations. All her clothes should be on the top.' I nodded and grabbed her suitcase and picked all her clothed from the top shelf including shoes and chucked it I'n her suit case. Then I grabbed the suites on the side and found out she hasn't unpacked that one yet. So we grabbed one each and recited the Word once more, 'great! Were going to have to memorize the house co-ordinates,' Fabian huffed with annoyance 'race you?' I asked 'your on!' '1,2...3!' I screamed and we ran from the school parking Lott to the Cullen mansion. It took us a minute to get there and I won. I yelled I'n victory and put down the suitcase. 'hello?' I yelled out 'hey babe, everyones I'n there room or back at the cottage. Those joys bags?' daddy said 'yeah dad um I'll just give them to her now .' Dad shook his head 'you need rest , I'll do it ill see you I'n tge morning ,' he kissed my head softly I made my way round the house kissing everyone goodnight then headed to my bedroom with Fabian . The night went smoothly and silent. Everyone was asleep, when me and Fabian got into bed I laid my head on his chest just when he whispered ' I love you ' to me and I could tell I'n his voice he really did mean it, like it wasn't the kind of things boys say to their girlfriend just so it would make them not think they was seeing someone else aswell as them. I smiled and said the words back. He kissed my he'd and I fell unconscious I'n sleep . I knew I was having a night mare. My father and sibling were gathering around me. I knew where I was. My old home, my father used to beat and abuse me here along with me brother who done the Sam and sister who just beat me. Each slap that landed on my face felt really when I tried to move My feet was locked firmly to the ground. All I could do was scream. And thats what I did. Fabian prov The sound of screaming made me jump up I'n my sleep. I realized where the screaming was coming from and it was my Nina . I shook her but she wouldn't wake up then I saw her nightmare through my mind and now I understood why she wasscreaming 'nine it's not real babe wake up !' screamed Then Carlisle was next to me along with everyone else 'Carlisle why won't she wake.' amber asked ' she had the same thing when she came here when she was a baby. She won't wake unless it's changed or finished.' he said and pulled out his phone 'bella, we need Nessie. She having a nightmare again.' I could hear muttering over the phone an then he hung up. 'she will be here as soon as she can Rose' calisle said to them. Emmett and Rosalie was standing on the edge of the bed holding both of ninas hands. Suddenly Renesmee came through the door and everyone backed away. Nessie touched ninas head and the screaming stopped and she woke up. I sighed with relief. ' hey cuz, feeling any better?' Nessie giggles and embraced Nina 'thank you' I could hear Nina whisper I'n her ear Nessie nodded and backed away. 'can I have some what water please ?' Nina asked and I passed over the full glass of water that was on the table just in case one of us gets thirsty during the night I kissed her on the cheek when she finished sipping. 'what did you see babe ?' Emmett asked 'this' Nina said put the water back onto the table and concentrated. 3 seconds later a bubble sportster and she closed her eyes. I could see through the bubble her dream. It was terrifying what she saw. No wonder when she was screaming. Then the bubble turned into flowers. That must of been when Nessie touched her. And the bubble fell when her dream was done. ' is that what they did to you Nina?' Nessie asked crying. Nina nodded, even I couldn't believe it. My girl was treated like that when she was only 4+, I will kill them.


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