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The Three Witches And The Cullens?

Novel By: Claudia1516
Fan fiction

Three witches claudia katherine and bella cometo forks to look for vampire to gain power.. but what if there mission goes terribly wrong ? View table of contents...


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I have been a witch for as long as I can remember, my two sisters Claudia and Katherine are witches too, the century has been hard for us all. We have been tracking down these monsters that killed our family years ago. There called 'the volturi' it's a bit sketchy if you ask me but oh well. They have a special name for what they are and its vampires. We have crossed over many vampire clans in our time. And we know where the volturi are we just have to gain enough power. I'm just a starter at the moment, we have lived for more than 30 years and we still look 17.thats the beauty of spells. My mother had cast one on me Katherine and Claudia so we could protect the gene of witches and save people like some kind of super hero. Witches and vampires are almost alike, both witches and vampires are pale and beautiful, run at an incredible speed and not age.

I and Claudia have been studying this vampire clan that lives in Forks Washington. Only drinks animal blood. Carlisle Cullen head of the clan and Former Doctor.

This clan is what we need; we have been searching for the right one to gain our power. We need one that doesn't drink human blood which takes you forever to find and one that has not killed someone before in their entire existence.

Witches gain power with a vampire who has a pure soul. Weird right? I know...


My Last box to unload. Aaaannnd done.

"Bella, Katherine Come on we have to get to school!" Claudia yelled

"Coming!" me and Katherine both shouted and ran down the stairs.

"Ready? Now if we see them remember don't kill them, got it?" Claudia Said looking at me.

"What!? The other time was an accident; I was practising for when we go against the volturi." I said stubbornly

"Well were not training at this school ok" Claudia and Katherine both laughed at my sudden change of tone.

"Come on." I said storming out the front door into the car.


"Were here. Now remember not too conspicuous. Got it?" said Katherine

"Got it "I and Claudia said at the same time.

We was probably at the front desk for hours trying to find our papers the lady just kept on disappearing to do another job for another person. And it was getting annoying

"Ahh here we are dears." Mrs Cooper said to us handing our schedules' to I Claudia and Katherine. "Thanks." I said

"History room 23" said Katherine.

"Art room 4" said Claudia

They both turned to look at me then.

"Music room 17." I said smiling. Music was my favourite lesson I loved it so so soooo much enough that I said so 5 times hehehe, a couple of years ago I enrolled myself into music school and there I learned piano guitar and how to sing.

"I'll see you later then meet me outside room 10 got it." I said to my sisters

They shook their heads in agreement

2 periods of music and then lunch. That's all the time I need. I said to myself walking down the corridor.

The lesson was about to start as I could see and knocked on the door.

Tap Tap

"Come in" the teacher inside said

I walked in the classroom to find that this room had to be bigger than any other schools I've been too.

This class seemed to have many grand pianos with 1 or 2 people sitting next to them and an amazing range of guitars and other instruments.

"Hi, I'm Bella swan, I start today "

"Oh yes of course I'm Mrs. Brandy." Mrs Brandy said and held out her hand for me to shake. Once I shook her hand she turned to the class and made me tell everyone who I was. It was extreamly embarrassing.

" Bella now if you dont mind you can work with Leon Thomas This year" I nodded and hurried to my seat

"Hi I'm Leon."

"I'm Bella. So what are we going to be doing today?"

"well were ment to start composing a song for the show, its a show where everyone shows there talents and they get graded on it. You a good singer?" he said smiling

"Yeah, well ive been told I am a good singer. What about you?"

"I can sing but im not that into it, im more of a piano player and guitar, technacly im good at playing a lot of instruments."

"Wow, Cool so ya wanna get started " I smiled

"yeah sure , I was thinking we could do something like this"

Leon played a melody on the piano and turned to me once he was done.

"Thats great! Got any lyrics?"

" yeah not much but it will do"

"lets see it please."

" ok 1 sec"

He reached into his bag and grabbed a sheet of paper and handed it to me.

"its called tell me that you love me, its something like this" he said singing in a whisper. I giggled and nodded.

"you ready?"

"ready" I agreed.

Everyone was silent in the class while he played the introduction, waiting for my mystery voice. When my part came up.

I examined the lyrics on the sheet to memorise them and began singing with leon.

Ohh yeah yeah.

The situation turns around enough to figure out.

That someone else has let you down so many times I don't know why.

But I know we can make it as long as you say it
so tell me that you love me yeah.

And tell me that I take your breath away.

And maybe if you take one more than I would know for sure

There's nothing left to say

Tell me that you love me anyway

Tell me that you love me anyway

Waking up beside yourself and what you feel in side being shared with someone else

Nowhere to hide I don't know why

But I know we can make As long as you say it

So tell me that you love me yeah

And tell me that I take your breath away

And maybe if you take one more then I would know for sure

There's nothing left to say

Tell me that you love me anyway
Show me look what we found turn it around every day

I can hear what you say

Now I know why know we can make it
If you tell me that you love me yeah

And tell me that I take your breath away

And maybe if you take one more

So tell me that you love me yeah

And tell me that I take your breath away

Maybe if you take one more than I would know for sure

There's nothing left to say

Tell me that you love me anyway.

The last note that Leon was playing had suddenly stopped as the last part of the song that he made ended.

Everyone applauded and 'whood' some even looked at me in wonder while one boy just stared hard with annoyance in my direction,

He was pale, eyes gold and very good looking. I knew who he was by my research. Edward Cullen. Mind reader. And I knew why he was so angry, the annoyance from his face made me laugh. Witches have a special power to block out vampires from their mind or make sure that none of their gifts gives us physical pain or read us at all.
but our gift doesn't work sometimes with certain vampires and no one knows why.

When the bell for lunch went Edward got up from his chair and technically ran out of the class. Once I said goodbye to Leon I went to room 10 to meet my sisters.

"Hey, finally we have been waiting for ages." Katherine said

"Oh 5 minutes won't kill you" I said laughing and they both joined

As we sat at the round table in the cafeteria we saw them all five of them with 'food!'

Probably trying to act normal. Even I can tell it wasn't working they had water and chips next to them and wasn't even touching it.

I giggled.

"Yughhh I'm starving, any of you got any money?"

"Nope sorry Katherine" Claudia said turning towards me.

"Nada sorry "

"Urghhh, I'm gonna starve in a minute.

"Hey wait I have an Idea ." I said

"What is it now?" Katherine said

"Shouldn't we show the vampire who we are, and they have food and both you and I know that they won't eat it, why not borrow there food?"

"I'm not sure about that Bella "Claudia said

"YEAH! Come on Bella, you do know a spell though right?"Katherine said

"of course "I said

"fine go on then "Claudia said giving up.

"Yay" I exclaimed and said a travelling spell in my mind and turned towards there table. There was a light glow as I focused towards there food. They were looking at there table shocked but didn't scream when their food was gone they all shifted to make it look as if nothing ever happened but their scared shocked faces turned around franticly.

I let out a hysterical laugh. When I saw Katherine look at the chips in hunting mode.

I made another spell so that they themselves could hear me only in there minds. And it worked

Hey thanks for the food, hope you don't mind but we knew you wasn't really going to eat that.

They looked at each other asking if they could hear it too and they looked around the cafeteria to see who was talking.

Seriously don't get freaked I'm just a witch yeesh, anyway I just wanted to say sorry for scaring you and just to let you know that your secret is safe with me.

They still looked around the room as if I never said anything, gosh these vampires are so dim-witted.

Oh my god will you stop doing that people are starting to stare im over here by the bin on the left side of the room. My name is bella, bella swan.

Edwards eyes widened as they all turned round to look at me, I smiled and gave an apologetic face .

Ill give you the food back in a minuite once I figure out a spell, you live in a mansion in the forests right?

They all nodded and looked away trying not to be too conspicuous I guess.

Me and my sisters will see you there tonight.

Oh and heres your food

I said in my mind to them turning to look at Katherine and Claudia who seemed done with there food

Me Katherine and claudia said the rewind spell on the food so it could go back normally to the way it was when I transferred it over here from where the cullens where sitting.

Once we said the spell to shift it back to the cullens table I said in my mind to them

Foods coming make sure no one sees.

They all shuffled round so no one could get there eyes on the table where there food layd.

When the bell went for class.

I'll meet you tonight at your place.

They nodded and hurried to there lesson.


end of chapter 1

hey guys, comment if you like it or give me some tips- if you like it or comment then ill write another chapter :) p.s if you don't know the song leon and bella sang its call ( tell me that you love my by victoria justice and leon thomas the 3rd :D comment soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

some characters in the book does not belong to me they belong to stephanie meyer :) love her soo much.


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