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The Three Witches And The Cullens?

Novel By: Claudia1516
Fan fiction

Three witches claudia katherine and bella cometo forks to look for vampire to gain power.. but what if there mission goes terribly wrong ? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 25, 2012    Reads: 33    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Sorry this has been too long ill write sooner now :)

Bella Prov

My body felt numb I couldn't feel anything, it isn't painful just tingly like pins and needles. But I found my way back to reality and it seemed as though reality was actually beginning to feel like a fairytale, I looked around me my eyesight was a bit blurry at first then I noticed that someone was standing next to me and I jumped and like the baby that I am. Screamed,

"Sorry" the woman said to me.

I nodded.

She backed away but when my eyesight came back I saw my family and some others talking across from each other.

Edward moved over to my side immediately and took my hand so I could stand up. I didn't realize we were in a forest and I was lying in mud unlit I stood up.

I suddenly felt a pinch of anger sweep through me as I saw people in front of us, I didn't wasn't to be angry it just felt like protection. I knew one person in front of me that was it. I remember the person from my dreams and old memories. Akira. The leader.

"Akira." I said as a whisper.

I didn't know what they were doing here and what they wanted. But I didn't feel like myself I felt strong like nothing could kill me, beat me or hurt me. Suddenly the trees around Akira's clan set fire. I liked the feeling of it. I felt invincible.

"Bella, Bella stop now!"

"What? I can't I dont know how too." Suddenly a boy came out from everyone they all looked calm but the boy looked concerned, suddenly water from the clouds above came down altogether and put of the fire. He nodded and walked back to his place.

"Thank you Percy."


"It's fine just your power settling in. "

"WHAT! Ok new chapter what did I miss and why are you here?"

"Bella. There's good news and bad news." Edward said holding my waste. "

"What's the good news?"

"The volturi won't be able to touch us." He replied

I gulped "Bad news?"

"Im so so so sorry bella" Edward pleaded

"What Edward!"

"You're pregnant. And you have dark magic inside of you"

Suddenly I didn't feel the world around me anymore I felt like I was flying, when in fact, I fainted


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