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The Justice League Reborn

Novel By: codered305
Fan fiction

"A REVISION ON JUSTICE LEAGUE UNIVERSE" Darrius and Thomas seek money doing a secret genetic test. But something goes horribly wrong. Inferno arises and the mist of the accident and his only obligation is to conquer and destroy. Fate and destiny await Darrius and Thomas. Will they help The Justice League save the world or will they just forfeit the gift and responsibility given to them? {FEEDBACK PLEASE}
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~I have no idea why this chapter is cramped into one paragraph! I tried deleting and reposting but that doesn't do anything. My apologies, hope you can still enjoy. My other chapters aren't like this.~
Note from Writer
The Justice League Reborn
Chapter 1: Rebirth
Metram City - A small city very far north but in between Metropolis and Gotham
There was a top secret genetic testing site being held only for hand picked individuals. But it was far from a secret. Two male adults that werent invited; somehow convinced two other guys not to go and that they heard it was a bad idea. Cleverly they swapped places and made it past the first screening. This warehouse was really secured. The guards there didnt wear uniforms and didnt look fully american either. They look mixed with a middle eastern look. The two unwelcomed men were Darrius Thompson and Thomas Jones. These men dont want any type of trouble; just better living situations. They're very rough around the edges though. Im sure, for the greater good of things they would give their heart and maybe more.
Thomas Jones stood 6'5" 250 pounds; ripped to the core. He has a short low cut, light brown skin and his only weakness is women. Thomas is a ladies man and would put a woman before anything. Although hes great with women, hes very aggressive. At times he can be a considered to be a loose cannon. Always losing his temper. Thomas wants the money that will be given by the people doing the test to get another car and this necklace he seen for a woman he desperately desires.
Darrius Thompson stands 6'3" 220, dark brown skin, black low cut and well toned. A man forced to do whatever he can for the survival of his family. He has deep financial problems. At times its even hard to buy formula for his daughter. He loves her infinitely. His only reason for not throwing in the towel. And im not even going to speak on his dull and decaying marriage. Hes not aggressive but more conservative and laid back. And of course he has major plans for the check hes going to receieve after testing.
What is this testing you ask? Well no one knows for sure but making you a better person is whats going around and they are willing to pay 50,000 to each of the five individuals. Im sure we will find out more info inside. Now inside this warehouse filled with machines and all sorts of lab technology. The five individuals were scattered across the warehouse. It seems they are genetically trying to produce a serum that makes the human body super. Stronger, faster, more agility, longer endurance and cell regeneration. This is the very first test of the serum. They didnt even test it on an animal; So the side effects are unknown and can be life threatening. The serum may bond different with each person. Theres alot at stake.
By now all test subjects have been dosed with the unknown serum. All they're bodies begin to tremble as foam overflow from they're mouths while the serum interacts with the DNA. As I stated earlier this little secret was known by many. Suddenly (BLOOOOOMMM) a huge explosion blows a hole through the wall near Thomas; blowing him completely across the room and through the warehouses wooden walls. Leaving Thomas on the ground outside.
That one explosion rocks the warehouse and sends debris flying everywhere. Darrius is knocked off his stretcher by an aluminum desk and rolls near a livewire. Hes not aware of it due to his grogginess and touches it with the back of his hand. A shockwave surges through his body and causes him to pass out.
While the three other test subjects were thrown around the room as well. The first guy flew into a blaze of burning debris, the second guy was thrown through a glass tank that bursted on impact and the last guy didnt get thrown as far. He slid and rolled along the floor coming to a halt when; a wooden beam falls from the ceiling and crushes him.
Most of the scientist were dead as several masked men breached the exploded hole in the wall and executed the ones that remained alive.
One of the men said "Find the money and the Death Probe. And someone find the boss and the others...If their still alive".
Out of the flaming debris arose a man burning like ember but very alive and not harmed said "If i were dead, what would you have done? Take my plan and my rightful spot as your own. Would you have just left me to die and burn to ash? HUH!" says the boss as he is so angry and full of rage.
The serums side effect didnt all the way bond; causing so much rage and hate inside him. His sanity has decreased and seems hard to bare. It also seems that the serum aided his body to be immune to the fire. The fire particles and atoms bonded with his DNA and worked faster with his system.
"ANSWER ME DAMMIT!" yells the boss.
The masked henchman was frightened and kept silent; thinking that was the best thing to do. The boss screams as if hes powering up and then(FLOOOOOM) a blaze of fire comes from his mouth and burns the masked man to death. Burnt like paper.
"Sir we got the money and Death Probe" says a henchman.
"Gooood. Grab Matthias and Trent and lets go. Hurry we must go now" said the boss.
The fiery boss and his crew rushed to leave the scene with the money but most importantly the Death Probe.
A few minutes later, Darrius and Thomas woke up. Feeling like they've never felt before. Amazing! They're energy levels were high and they didnt have one cut or bruise from the blast.
"AWW what happened here? DARRIUS are you okay" yells Thomas from outside on the ground.
"Yeah I actually feel great, minus the headache. Where are you?" as he stands up to go outside where Thomas is.
His hand bumps a piece of metal and little electric sparks fizz out of his hand. He didnt see it but felt it. Darrius reaches Thomas.
"Man I think you should stay right there. I dont know whats wrong with me" says Thomas as his whole body pulses. His body glowed as the light inside wanted to escape.
"Thomas you dont look so good" says Darrius.
"Really you think. You wouldnt look good either, if you felt like exploding" answers Thomas.
Darrius walks over and attempts to rest his hand on Thomas's shoulder but sparks shot from his hand and triggered Thomas to let out a huge beam of energy from his chest. Leveling the rest of the warehouse. They both watch in awe until a small aircraft hovers down and lands 20 yards away. The jet opens up and to Darrius and Thomas's astonishment; Its non other than the Justice League....


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