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Other Half (Tobuscus Fan Fiction)

Novel By: DaniBuscus
Fan fiction

From fans to friends to falling in love, Danielle is getting to marry her all time idol, Toby Turner. Her relationship with the well known YouTuber seems perfect until an old friend falls into the picture View table of contents...



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"Toby, Let's go!" I yelled up the stairs for him. This was my first time going to a youtube convention since we met. "I'm coming!" He shouted as he bounded down the stairs. Of course, Gryphon ran down with him, his little legs trying to keep up. Toby stopped at the foot of the stairs, kissing me before picking up Gryphon. Of course, he is wearing his own logo 'Tobuscus' on his shirt. "Gryphon wants a kiss." He said in one of his weird voices. He held Gryphon to my face so he could lick me. "Ew, dog breath." Toby put him down and looked at me, snaking his arms around my waist and pulling my body closer to his. "I can't wait to get there. That's where I met you, and knew I loved you." He gently tilted my face up and kissed me softly. "Toby, you're so cheesy. I love you." "I know." He laughed and kissed me again. "I love you too." Come on," I tugged away. "We're gonna be late." I threw on my converse and we went out the door, into his car. He started to put his phone on his stand in his car. "Oh please don't start vlogging..." "Too bad." He smiled and leaned in to start the video with him kissing me. "Audience? What are you doing looking at me kissing Danielle, audience?" I laughed and looked out the window as he started talking about where we were going. I got so focused on the trees that I didn't notice that he was trying to get my attention. "Did you finish vlogging?" I asked. "Yupp." He looked back at the road. "I just was wondering what you were thinking. It looked like you were in deep thought." I sighed. "I was. Can I ask you a question and confess some few things?" "Sure. You haven't been watching anyone else's videos have you?" I laughed, I love Toby. "Of course not. I was just wondering, at the convention, why did you talk to me? I was just another huge fan and I am so much younger than you are." "You were 15. Age is just a number. Love, is love." "Ahhww. And you were 25. Now I'm 18, and your 28. Enough math. So, why did you decide to talk to me?" "Because I knew you were different. You know everything about me, and it wasn't in a creepy way like all the other fans. Haven't you ever heard of love at first sight?" He was so effing adorable when he smiled. He stopped the car and we got out and started walking. "Of course, that's how I felt with the first video I watched that had you in it." "I can't believe I found a girl like you." He took my hand in his. We got to the convention and he held open the door, like a gentleman. I walked in and took his hand again. "And I can't believe I have you as a boyfriend. It's been my dream forever." "Speaking of that..." He walked to the center of the convention and I followed. He yelled "Attention youtubers! I need to make an announcement." He looks at me and smiles. I was so confused. He took both of my hands and said, "Danielle, I loved you the second that I met you, and our age difference will not disrupt our love. You started as a fan of mine, but now I am a fan of yours. I want to spend the rest of my life with you." He got down on one knee and my jaw dropped. ''Danielle Tucker... Will you marry me?" ~Flashback~ I was walking through the crowd of people, trying to get to the Tobuscus fan thing where you could meet him. I was so excited that I would be able to see my idol somewhere other than my computer. I was there by myself, because I really didn't have friends and I got called a nerd a lot for liking him... I considered him my friend, which is kind of creepy. When I was sad, I would watch one of his funny videos. I watched him everyday, becasue I just loved him so much. Another thing that was creepy. I stood there while his fans all crazily ran up to him. He scanned the fans and his eyes stopped on me. I smiled, and he smiled. It felt as If time stops and it was just me and him. But then his fans were asking him for signatures, so I got in line and was going to ask him to sign my Tobuscus shirt. I was wearing a green one, him wearing a blue. When I got to him, he smiled and signed my shirt. I asked "Can I use that pen for a second?" He smiles and said yes. I take his hand and write my number on it. He smiles and takes my hand writing his number down. "Call me." I wink and walk away. I got to see some of my other favorite youtubers like Jack from jacksfilms, or Sean Klitzner. As I was heading to meet another youtuber, Toby ran up behind me. He tapped me on the shoulder and said, "I forgot to get your name." "Danielle." I smiled and looked away, I was so nervous. "I'm Toby." We were both standing there smiling like idiots, in the middle of VidCon. "Duh, I know that... I've loved you- uhh your videos- for a long time." "Thanks. Uhmm, do you want to go get some coffee or something?" He looked away nervously. "Yes. Starbucks sounds great." He smiled and we walked out the door, gaining a few stares form people. I couldn't help but grin like Jeff The Killer. I couldn't believe what was happening. "Do you mind if I vlog? I always do that when I'm walking..." He trailed off. "I don't mind at all. I'm a huge fan, go ahead." He pointed the phone at me. "Audience? What are you doing looking at my new friend, audience?" When he said friend, I blushed a deep shade of red. He talked about VidCon, and coffee and free styled a little bit, like always. H ekept getting really close to me. I'm not denying anything, I loved it. When we got to the Starbucks, I ordered an iced coffee and he did the same. I started to pay for mine when he insisted that he payed for it. I tried arguing but he just smiled, ignoring me, and payed. We sat down and he started the conversation. "Tell me about yourself." I think he actually wanted to know. ''Uhmm... I'm Danielle Tucker. I like food, dogs, and you." He smiled and I got a girl boner. "How old are you?" I got nervous because maybe I was too young for him... "15." I was nervous and he looked really surprised. "15?!" I nodded. "Wow, I thought you were at least 20." "Why thank you. So, tell me about you Toby. Even though, I probably know most things. I did mention I was a huge fan, right?" "Haha. Well, let me think of things I'm interested in.... Youtube, Gryphon, and... You." ''Well, you do know how to tell a girl what she wants to hear." ''And your good at being exactly what a guy needs." This. Guy. Is. Perfect. "You know, you're a lot cuter in person." I smiled. "Oh, you haven't seen nothing yet." His sexiness over came me and my cheeks felt hot. We talked about our lives, our family, our pets. I have a dog too, he's just real lazy and sleeps all day. Rico hates exercise. "Well, I'll let you get back to VidCon." I didn't want it to end, but I was afraid I was going to slip up soon and ruin what we had just started. "Will you come back with me?" He looked hopeful. ''Sorry, I have to get home to my dog. Hope to see you again." "Oh you will." He winked. "Call me."


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