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Cold soul Renesmee

Novel By: dclovesfd
Fan fiction

Renesmee, doesn't know or remember her family, nore what her whole name is, when she was 14, and was found by Mr. and Mrs Motting it started....what will happen three years later..when she moves...back to forks in a battle to try and remember what her parents look like...and who she really is.. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 8, 2010    Reads: 251    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   


" Dad! Its my life , I am forteen years old I think I can do things for my self!" I yelled at my dad. My mother Bella blocking glaring at him and me, she stomped out, her eyes filled with unavaliable tears. "Your only four years old! and you will do as I say, you are not aloud to date anyone!" He yelled back his eyes filled with madness. Mine filled with tears, but that didn't stop me from fighting for whats right. " Do I look four? NO! I am sick adn tired of you acting like I am a little child, mom and you got married when she was fucking 18!!! I just want some one to be with for a change!!!!!!!!" I screamed even louder not caring about my use of words. " Don't you cuss Renesmee Carlie Cullen! I said no! and I mean it!!" He said walking over, Emmett wasn't here. I was scared, my dad had gotten mad at me before, but he never hurt me and was never this mad before. Emmett would stop him before he hurt me if he was here. Because my dad would regret it and sorrow over it if he ever hurt me. "But why! why can't I be happy for a change!" I yelled, Alice was standing wide eyes to the side of us, Jaspers face in a frown, I could tell he was trying hard to calm us down, but it was not working.

" Because you are happy!! we take care of you! we love you! how are you not happy!" He yelled, running over and grabbing my wrist. I felt it cracking slightly. I started crying. "Edward stop, your hurting her!" Alice yelled. "NO!" He yelled even more mad holding it tighter. He looked me in the eyes. "Tell me! why do you need to go out with some one!" He said his voice still loud, but no longer yelling. Jake was shaking in the corner, but I knew he wouldn't move, if he hurt dad, mom would kill all of us. "I just want to be loved..." I said crying. He let go fo my wrist and I fell silently to the floor. The room was silent as a grave. I sobbed into the floor. It was true, I felt unloved alot, only person that ever showed me they loved me in other ways than, taking care of me, feeding me and berig my family was Jacob. I felt a small cold hand on my back. " We do love you.." Alice said softly. I flung the good hand at her. " Leave me alone!" I yelled running up teh stairs, carring my half broken wrist.

No one followed, I fell onto my bed, weeping for hours, the last thing I remembered before falling asleep was, my fathers pained eyes as I said I wanted to be loved....


My eyes fluttered open, my hand no longe rhurt, I blinked a couple times and looked at it, it was in a small brace. I sighed, it had a note taped on it. It said. - Renesmee, I am so sorry, please forgive me, love you...dad...- I read over it and cruppled it, -Love you to dad- I whispered. I knew what I had to do, I had to leave. I could find a better life some where else. I would hurt many but I needed this, I carefully and silently got out of bed, and started packing. Seven shirts, five pants, three skirts. Socks, and under clothes. My brush, and some other things. I opened the window. I set the note I left on my bed it read.

-I am sorry, but I had to leave, its whats best for all of us. I love you, never for get that, do not look for me. Keep me in your hearts, I am always with you, and some dday I might come back. but please , I love you and be safe...Renesmee..- I felt tears roll down my face as I read it over once more before sliding my legs out the window. I sliped my bag down the ceiling, it fell with a slight noise, though it would not worie the others. Alice would not have seen this, I am like Jake, she can not she me. I started running, till I was at least a mile from the house. " I love you" I whispered behind me, I heard it echo threw the woods as it faded, I run again....heart soul...my soul cold...searching for warmth..

Renesmee age forteen...


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