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Crossing Lines. 6 Years after breaking dawn

Novel By: dclovesfd
Fan fiction

Stuck between two people she loves one, a horrible killer, who her parents are trying to tear her away from, and her best friend, whom she feels is slipping away, renesmee must choose carefully before crossing a line View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 14, 2011    Reads: 116    Comments: 4    Likes: 0   

Renesmee cullen




Chapter one.

I sighed as I took another bite of my cookie, staring off into the gray, onmiprensent sky. The almost silent footsteps of alice dancing in the dining room around the table, mixed with the muffled swears coming from the den, where Emmet was watching football, the giggles and whispers from the kitchen of Carlisle and Esmee, The laughter of my dad and mom from the basement, Rose's shallow breaths, from her place standing looking into the mirror by the front door, and last of all, the sound of my small breaths, vast heartbeat, and my foot tapping on the wooden polished floor...

Saterdays, my least favorite day of the week, why? Because I am always alone, it used to be my favorite day of the week. Now Jacob never has anytime to do anything. When he does, he needs to sleep, he is always working, or fast sleep, working his ass off for someone who does not even let hyim do something for himself. It aggrivated me more then anything. My eyes dropped from the glass sliding door, and moved downward scanning over my bare small feet, my toenails red and yellow... I wiggled my toas for a second then moved them underneath the blanket on the end of the blue couch, I was lounged on. Running a hand threw my long blonde and brown hair, feeling lonely and wishing someone was here to at least talk to me...

I picked up my phone, looking at the time, wishing hopefully more time had passed then I thought, but no such luck came to me, when I saw it had only been 20 minutes since I woke up at 8 oclock. I wrapped my arms around my knees sighing. Blinking my eyes at the sunlight that had just risen and started warming the earth. My earth, your earth... Our earth. A new sound mixed with the others as I closed my eyes listening. The sound of zooming cars on the high way, rap music playing to loud, the bass bouncing the cars. A couple times I heard softer country music, then the cars stopped and only a few I could hear once and a while. For a couple minutes it was like the streets where empty, but then a car zommed down the highway, windows open, screamo music playing at a perfect volume.

The sound was getting closer, getting on the highway, onto a road about a mile away from the house. I listened harder, sqeezing my eyes shut, drowning everyother sound out. I could hear breathing, lips moving to the music, mummling the words, the voice deep, male, teenage , but somehow full of history... I lamost feel asleep listening to the voice, until I could no longer hear it, I opened my eyes, rubbing them, and sitting up. I looked at the clock on my phone again. Somehow it had been three hours, I must have fallen sleep then. I kicked the blanket off, standing up, stretching. I made my way threw the rooms, blue, yellow, green, while and golden, untill I started walking down the stairs to the basement.

" Mom..." I said as I rounded the corner to see mom and dad sitting peacfully holding hands on the brown couch. They turned their heads.

" Is Jacob home?" I asked standing a few feet infront of them my arms crossed. The eyes my outfit of yellow pj shorts, and a blue tanktop, my hair messy around my face.

" He's on the day round today honey..." Mom said her eye browns pulling together.

I sighed looking down slightly.

" I'm sorry.. You can sit with us if you want.." Dad said his eyes worried. I was about to say no and go up to my room and lay in bed but...

" Okay..." I sat down besides them curling my legs up. leaning into my dads sholder closing my eyes. My mom leaning into my rubbing my sholder as my dad wrapped an arm around my whispering, calming words saying he loves me, along with mom. I fell alseep somehow still feeling loney, not like before but loney in another way...


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