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Dead Silence. What could have happend the Jacob Black after he ran away at the end of Eclipse.

Novel By: dclovesfd
Fan fiction

What could have happend the Jacob Black after he ran away at the end of Eclipse. so its like Breaking dawn but totally different! haha! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 20, 2010    Reads: 139    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Heres the last page of Eclipse, so u understand more about this book.

A new voice sounded in my head. - let him go- Sams voice was soft but still an order. Embry and Quil slowed to a walk. IIf I could only stop haring, stop seeing what the saw. My head was so crowed. But the only way to be alone again was to be human. and I could not stand the pain. - Phase back- Sam directed. -I'll pick you up first Embry- First one then another awareness faded into the silence. Only Sam was left. -Thank you- I managed to think. -Come home when you can- The words were fading. And I was alone. SKIPS TO LAST SENTENCE. I pushed my legs forward and let Jacob Black disapear behind me.

CHAPTER ONE. Dead Silence.

Two hours and forty minutes I had been running. Not caring where I was nore what time it was. Though I could tell it was around noon or one in the afternoon from where the sun was placed in the slightly graying sky above me as I sat in my spot some where outside of the canadian border. Time was just a number. It counted how long I had been in pain, though it did not count how long I was going to be in pain. I sighed. Even though I had not been away from humanity for more then three hours, I felt completely alienated by my animal form at the moment. The bare thought of phasing back hurt. It did not hurt as much in wolf form. It was easyer to think about Bella, though I knew I should not be thinking about her. With my eyes closed I listened to the leaves and wind, but that did not help me calm and not feel my pain. I grumbled at the noise of a woodpecker above me. Trying to damn sleep here!

Knowing I could not do anything I looked above me as the sky filled with gray clouds in it, as if it was sensing my pain threw my soul connection with nature in this form. All I had really been doing was sleeping. After attaking a deer for my food, I gave up when I lost the second deer against a grizzly bear. I was tired, and will admit slightly depressed by all the activities that had gone on the week before me and only two days ago.Kissing you best friend after admiting you love her more then anything in the world. She hits you, which breaks her hand not to mention. Find you shes marrying a blood sucker. Trick her into kissing you, which ends up to be awesome but only causes trouble but also gets her to realise she loves you also. Then after you save leah and almost die....She choses the god damn vampire!!! I growned trying to calm my self.

I set my head back on the cold, well cold to me forest floor. Listening to the sounds once again. I got annoyedd more by the bird so I stood up and besided to walk around and look for another place to rest. Wishing I could have changed something. I realised. I can not. She chose him, shes happy. I hope. If he hurts her I swear I'll... I laid back down trying to get the truth in my stupid big head. I can't do anything..... I tried to fall back asleep before I went nuts, but maybe to late for that....


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