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I need a man who will wake a chance .. (Twilight Fanfic, 5 years after breaking dawn)

Novel By: dclovesfd
Fan fiction

Renesmee Cullen is now 5 almost 6, but looks and has the muteridy of a 15 16 year old girl. Trying to figure out her already crazy life, she is faced with the fact that.. She needs a man who will take a chance on a love that burns hot enough to last..... View table of contents...



Submitted:Nov 15, 2010    Reads: 94    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Renesmee's point of view...

As I walked along the beach in Lapush hoping Jacob might show up, having not seen him in a week, I was pretty annoyed. Sam was always putting him on the night shifts, them going along and doing the day shifts to. Now any normal girl, would just be mad at Sam, for being such a -Alpha-, but I was not only mad at Sam but at Jacob. Having known Jacob since I was born, he always spoke up and said whats best, or true. But he wasnt standing up to Sam, I know he HAS to listen to him, but it still pissed me off. I took a deep breath in, just hoping, not really knowing what I would say, probably going to yell at him, or something. I was suppost to be on a date, but when I got there at 8 oclock, the boy never came, when I texted him, all he said was, - So sorry, but a baseball games on!- Like thats more improtant then me!

It was around 11 oclock at night, I still had not gone home, mom was probably worried. Oh well. I had texted Jacob over 600 times, but since he probably was in wolf form, theres no way he got them, unless theres a way to carry his phone, but I dont even want to know o.0 I felt angry, because Jacob is the only person I can tell my problems to but he is never here anymore. I ran a hand threw my long bronze hair that was messy and windblown all around my face. I desided im going to look for him, if the wolf doesnt come to you, you go to him. I started off walking into the forest to the left of me. Dodging branches and thorns. Not even thinking about the possibilty of getting lost.

After about 20 minutes of walking farther and farther with no luck. I started yelling. " Jacob!. Jacob!" I could hear howling in the distance so I took off runnning at vampire speed. I was looking around at the green tree spinning by, when. CRUNCH... " Huh.." BOMB........I screamed as I fell downward crunching and crushing on rocks. my head bashing against the hard points. When I hit the bottem of the hole, I could hear the rocks filling the whole back in. I was no longer just angry, sad, mad, annoyed. I was in feary, so completely mad, and overly doomed with fear. " Jacob!" I screamed threw my tears. And sobbs.

No I was not angry I fell into a huge rock filled whole, that was now crumbiling in on me. I was mad because I fell into looking for Jacob, who if would have just came over, I would not be in this hole, with probably something broken and bleeding... " Jacob....!" I screamed. But then my lungs started the cut off. And I could only sob hard weak sobbs. Threw the loud sound of crumbling rocks I heard hard, fast paws hiting the ground. 8 of them. " J...acob.." I sobbed trying to breath. I heard pawws pushing rocks out of the way. 8, then only 4, Then a heard swishing of cloth, and I heard jakes voice. " Ness. hold on!" Jakes voice was paniced. " Jared keep digging!" He ordered. I saw Jakes face and Jared wolf one. Jake shoved rocks away. Pulling me upward. I felt my self being put on the soft ground. My breathing low and shallow...

" Ness, breath...come on.." He pleaded, his hands trying to pushing more air in and out of me. But I was seeing dark spots of gray. If I didnt get real air into me now. I heard Jared change. " You have to breath into her!" He said. " I cant..." Jake whispered. What does he mean he cant! Oh... Jake.. really... you really thinking about how I will feel about you half kissing me... when im dying!!!! For crying out loud.... ..and then it is kind of sweet... " J..a..j..p..please.." I whispered my eyes slowly closing. I heard his intake of breath, then his warm mouth was on mine, air being pushed into me, and out in and out, my

heart slowly speeding up. His mouth moved from mine. And He helped me sit up. " Go tell edward and them..." He ordered and Jared ran off. " Are you alright..." He asked looking at me. His long hair messy, his eyes tired. " I ..th.." I was about to say I think so.. But then I was looking into this brown eyes. And what I did next I didnt even think about.. My head got closer. And my lips touched his lightly, them I backed away. " The question is are you ok..." I whispered looking into his shocked tired eyes worriedly.....

Renesmee, 16 years old...


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