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It Just gets weirder. ( Vampire Diaries, & twilight fanfic)

Novel By: dclovesfd
Fan fiction

Renesmee Cullen the daughter of Bella and Edward, has had a pretty good life, as a half vampire, with her werewolf bff Jacob, thats untill two vampire brothers Stephen and Damen wined up in forks washington...... View table of contents...



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Chapter one.

" Well thats a shame..." I said turning off the televison. To many killings, I felt so sad for the people. " Yes.." Carisle also agreed. " Hey, you guys want to go hunting?" Emmett asked walking in with Rose. " Sure, Im in" I said standing up. " I'll go to" Mom said, Dad standing up with her. Every one agreed. we headed out the door, and ran into the woods side by side. I stopped before they did. I whistled loudly two times. A big brown rusted color wolf came running at me and stopped a foot in front of me. " Hey Jake" I said luaghing rubbing his nose. He shook his big head playfully. Jake my bff for life. Hes 16, stuck there unless he stops phasing, Im 15, well 6...but looked 15, and stuff.

" Come on.." I montioned running farther into the woods with him running after me. I stopped smelling the air. " Do you smell that?" I asked confused. It was a new smell, not one of the pack, nore humans, nore my family. " ..Yeah..." I said again. He nodded his huge wolf head. I looked around. The smell alarmed me but also made me wondering. " Should we go check it out?" I smiled.He runn ahead of me then stopped. I started running to, I was looking side to side while running, instead of forword, Jake was still a lil behind me.

The smell was slightly stronger. Suddenly, I hit, something rock hard and fell to the ground, everything went black.

Stephens pov.

" Damen! now look at what youve done...were goning to have to earse the humans memory now!" I said annoyed by my un caring brother. " Dont worrie, we can always use her as a slave if that doesnt work" He grinned at me. I shook my head. " She is the one who ran into me!" He said again. " Because you brought attention to your self!" I said sighing. " Well I cant really help it.." I grinned again lifting an eye brow. I growled at him. " Oh my! what happend!" I female voice rang. There was 8 other vampires surrounding us now. " Ness!" a boy with bronze hair said quickly. " You know her?" Damen asked. " Yes..shes our daughter..." The brown haired one said lening over. " Well, she should be more careful...she ran into my brother...knocked her out cold.." I said hoping my brother wouldnt make any stupid remarks.

Damen grinned. I shook my head again. " Whats your name fellas?"
A blonde one, that looked more older said. " Stephen. and this is my brother Damen" I answered quickly. " Nice to meet you.." He said, they all introduced them selfs. " Where you guys from?" Edward asked. "England.. Turned into damn vamps trying to save my bros crush from being vamped...but he...didnt think the plan threw..like always.." Damen asnwered. " It was your fault mostly...." I said slightly agrivated. " Oh may I remind you.. your the one whos always complaing about being immortal and vampire, I on the other hand enjoy being alive undead...." Damen grinned. Emmet was smiling.

" So your new? are you going to the school here?" Alice asked. " Yeah. Damen would rather rondia voo with Isobell, but since shes dead, and real dead, he'll have to " I said getting back at mybrother. " I'm still not going to forgive you for that... you didnt have to kill her, she wasnt going to hurt Elina...." Damen said coldly. " Thats right....now she cant...only one that can is you....so stay away from Elina.." I said looking at him harshly. " Dont worrie.... theonly prob;e, you have is keeping her from getting to me.." Damen said grinning again. " Im sorry I have to go, I dont know about Damen here but...bye" I said qucikly running off.

Damens pov.

I was sitting down at the new friendly vamps house. "So whos Elina...?" Edward asked. " Stephens lil human girlfriend..." I said rolling my eyes. " oh, and how did they meet?" Esmee asked. " School. were sitting in class, its our first day at the school, Im trying hard not to go on a killing spree stephen as always completly in controll. The girl walks in says she sorry for being late to the teacher, I look over at stephen, hes got the crazy look on his face. First im thinking, score, I win. then Im worried, cause she goes and sits by him. After that, he had to sit next to her for an enter week. He was getting better, till a vampire killed one of Elinas freinds, and Elina was riding with Stpehen, alot had happened and when Elina saw all the damn bbite marks on that girl, she went crazy, Stphen couldnnt caolm her down. He fianlly yelled at her, and when we get mad, or yell, our eyes get this huge scratch marks all around them, and our pupils get huge. Finally she asked what he was, he told her, she was scared at first, but then she for some reason desided it was a good idea to make out with hium, I know stpehen and she had to do something crazy, for him to do that, didnt go to far, because he almost bit her, and that was the end of that....." I said grinning at there faces.... " Got any vodka?"..


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