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Letting Go.... ( Twilight fanfiction, 4 yrs after breaking dawn)

Novel By: dclovesfd
Fan fiction

Renesmme soon finds life is not as easy as it was before, now that she looks 15, feels 15, and thinks like a 15 yr old girl, she has feelings she didnt have...and the ones about jacob... are getting harder to let go... View table of contents...



Submitted:Feb 2, 2011    Reads: 289    Comments: 5    Likes: 0   

Renesmee's pov...

" No... " I said rolling my eyes at Jake. " Come on its ur, 15th birthday..., wel 5th but you get it.." He smiled his stupid, smile that got me to do anything, even if it was uncalled for. " Oh well, You know my parents wont let me cliff dive.." I said for the 100th time. " Soooo.." She said leaning forward. " So... I dont want you to be dead tomorow.." I said leaning forward and tilting my head slightly, then falling backwards back on the couch. " Ha..." He laughed, shaking his long brown hair. Ive always wondered why he keeps it long. I mean I like it long, it makes him look... cute.. younger not so...hard. " Why do you keep your hair long..?" I asked, he smiled " I dont know i just do.." I could see in his eyes, he was lying but, I wasnt going to push it. " I think you look cute with your hair long.." I smiled, and chuckled when his dark face flushed slightly. " Just saying.." I said running a hand threw my long redish curls.

" Anyway, your having a party tonight?" He asked. " Yes, another reason we are not cliff diving.." I said pointing a finger at him. She shook his head rolling his brown eyes. I blushed, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear, looking downward. " I never noticed but.. when you blush you do this thing with you sholders, where they hunch up..." he smiled, knowing that would make it happen again. " Its cute.." He said after looking at me. " Thanks.." I answered back. " We should get going..." I said standing up. My parents would be waiting for us. " Yeah.." She stood, up, he was shirtless as always, not that I minded. He.. is very very good looking. drool. Haha. But I try not to think abuot it, I mean hes my bestie.

We got into his car, and started driving down the road. " So, are you happy about being 15 so to speak?" He asked. " Yeah I guess..I mean its tuff, every 3 months being a year older in looks and feelings.." I answered. " What do you mean feelings?" He asked. " Well, when I looked little, I didnt have as many feels as I do now, now my feelings have changed, I feel alot different, and see things different, feel feelings for people, ya know?" I asked. " Not really.." He answered truthfully, thats all that mattered. I sighed, and I felt him take one of my hands, and when eh did that, I didnt feel like i normallly feel, happy, glad, like hes the best friend ever...

I felt... somthing else, something new. It scared me, yet, it madde me feel like I wanted to close my eyes and just... run.. Jake was looking at me, since I was touching him, he coud hear everything I was thinking. But I did not mind, even though he was looking at me funny, his eyes filled with something.. emotion? Different though..... and that scared me, too....

Renesmee Cullen

Jacob black


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