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Love Scars and bleeding love

Novel By: dclovesfd
Fan fiction

Renesmee has found out byJake that he loves her, she wants to love him to, but her family just keeps trying to pull her away from him View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 5, 2010    Reads: 113    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

"No! Im going to see Jake" I said for the forth time. " No your not, your staying home...." My dad yelled at me slightly. " Why do you hate jacob" I screamed. Me and my father had been going at it for a month now, he hated jake so much, and I didnt know why, jake told me he loved me on my 15 birth day. I love him to, but every one in my family just keeps trying to pull us apart. " Because your staying home sweetie" Mymom said softly..." Dont you dare! you dont even likehim mom and he was your friend!" I said growling at her. " Dont growl at your mother!" Dad yelled. I felt tears on my face. " You dont need to see him all the time ness" Esmee said softly. she was the only one I trusted besides carisle maybe. " I havent seen him in a week.." I said my voice think. " Dont cry please.." Mother said trying to calm me. " NO! im sick of it.. why do you hate him so much. I love him, and all you do is try and try to pull me away from him, you may think its a phase, but its not! I love him! why am I the only one who can see that, and feel that. its because noen of you understand!" I yelled half sobbing.

I started running up the stairs. " We just dont want you to get hurt" I heard my mother whisper to her self. What does she mean, hurt, Jake would never hurt me. I growled falling into my bed, sobbing, tears falling like a river. Knocks came to my door but I ignored them. I finally had no more energy to cry nore said dont come in, so finally my mother stepped in and I was half asleep. " Sweetie?" SHe asked. I opened my eyes slowly. " Are you ok?" She asked. " no" My voice thick still. " Were sorry, we just dont want you to get hurt.." SHe said softly. " What do you mean, Jake would never hurt me and you know that." I said sitting up. " I know he would never really hurt you phiscly, but I mean, hurt your heart...." She exsplained wrapping her arms around me. " He said heloves me mom" I whispered. " Yes,but people change, and...I dont want him to not love you anymore someday and hurt you....I can already tell you hurt inside just from being in love.." She said rubing the side of my head.

" I promis mom, that if he hurts me...ill be strong, and come to you, and be ok... I just need to see him mom" I said. " I know. Thats why I came up here, I have my sheild around us, so your dad cant hear us. You can sneak out the window, Ill cover, your father is still mad..he only wants the best for you to." SHe smiled. I nodded. She walked out. I cleaned my face, and changed into sweats and a tank top. jumping out the window bare footed i knew my face was still slightly red, and my hair was a slight mess around my head. I walked slowly down jakes street, it was 2 am, he would e sleeping, but I also knew he was staying the night at sams with the rest of them, since it was friday. I slowly nocked on the door, luckly it wasnt raining. No one answered at first , but them Emily opened the door. She was awake after seeing my face.

" Is, jake here?" I asked wrapping my arms around my self. She nodded and let me in. The boys were awake but watching a movie. " Ness?" Jake said quickly getting up when he saw. me. He wrapped his arms around me tightly. " Whats wrong?" he asked worried. " Me and dad, and mom had a fight, mostly me and dad, dad doesnt know im here, he didnt want me to be here with you. mom understands though shes covering for me.." I told him. He walked with me over to the couch, and sat down, pulling me intohis chesk, he kissed my lips once then my forehead. We talked for a little, I did cry again once.

But after that I fell alseep, something I had not planned on doing, my mom would figure out how to cover for me though. The dream was dark black slightly comforing. Jake also fell asleep, I was warm next to his body. his warm arms wrapped around me. But I was still worried about what my mother said to me......


renesmee has brown hair in my book..

Edward and bella




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