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Midnight Moon....What if Bella never jumped?

Novel By: dclovesfd
Fan fiction

What if Bella, never jumped, Alice would never have the vision. Rose would not have told Edward, Bella would not get back with Edward...What would have between her and Jacob?? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 14, 2010    Reads: 786    Comments: 5    Likes: 5   

-Lord forive me-I thought as I stared down the cliff I was standing on. My bare toes, handing off the edge. I needed to see Edward again, it hurt, so bad, the hole in my chest burned like the fire inside my every limb. -Bella, no..you promised-His voice said to me. I smiled closing my eyes. "You wanted me to be human, watch me"I said taking smiled and taking a deeo breath in. I lifted one foot, suddnely I was throw back to the ground. " What are you doing you could have been killed!"Jacob said madly hugging me. I clutched my sides, trying to get the pain of almost being with Edward to go away. "Do not dare to do that again"He said looking into my eyes. Thats when I broke down, I hugged him and cried in to his chest. I didn't care what I said anymore around him. I didn't think while I was crying and I didn't care. "E..Edward."I said sobbed as he carried me to my truck. He set me in the seat and he started driving him.

"Shhhh Bella"He said reaching over and putting one hand on mine. I breathed in and out. "It hurts so much Jake"I said crying. He looked over at me his eyes pain and angry. "I will kill him some day"He said his hands going into fists. "Please....Jake dont talk about it anymore"I said sobbing and holding his hand tighter. He losend and looked at me his eyes full of pain for me in them. I strarted breathing deeply. I was able to not cry, and keep my self held together as we drove to Billys, were Seth and Quill were hanging out.

Billy and Charlie were watching the game at my house. I couldn't walk still when we got there. " Come here"Jacob said, I hugged him and he carried me in. Seth and Quill looked at us there was confused. Jacob sat down. "What happend?"Seth said worried. "I think she was trying to kill hre self, I found her and got her before she could jump off the cliff"Jacob said looking at me worried. " I...I wasn't trying to kill my self"I said breathing in and out. "Then what were you doing?" Seth asked. Quill just looked at me waiting for me to answer. "I can't tell you, you will think I am crazy and send me to a frinking insane house"I said sitting on the couch leaning into Jakes side, he put a arm around me. " We aren't going to put you in a insane house"Jacob laughed. "Yeah come on Bella"Seth said coming to sit by me.

" When..I do..dangeris things..its not as hard for me to remember..e..edward"I said starting to crying again saying his name. Jacob hugging me. Seth put a hand on my back. "Shh"Jacob said shushing me. I breathed in and out. I clutched my sides again. I sat up Seth moved back to the chair quickly. Suddenly the wave of pain in my chest burned hotter then before. I screamed. "Bella?"Jacob asked. I screamed again clutching my sides again. I fell onto the floor. Suddenly Seth, Quill, and Jake were around me........


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