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The only family I have are killing parasites...(TwilightFanfiction)

Novel By: dclovesfd
Fan fiction

Madilin is searching . searching for her great great great uncle Edward Mason View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 21, 2010    Reads: 90    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

Madilins eyes. and her mothers

John Kelen

Madilin Mason

I felt like some one was following me as I drove down the interstate at 120 miles per hour in the stolen 2011 coal black aston martin. But I know it was just the tention the only car following me or driving behind me was a light blue dogde truck and it soon pulled into a exit. It was 3 am in the morning and I had been driving since 11 am yesterday. I hair in a notted mess on my head. Deep circles surrouned my deep green eyes. Taking another drink of my Monster energy drink I blinked a couple times. The night was cold and wet, but the rain had stopped and the roads were glistening sheets of black. The pain rippled threw me as I remembered telling my adopted family I was leaving and I did not want them coming after me or looking for me. And That I needed to find some one from my family. The only person in my family that still was alive. My Great Great Great Uncle Edward Mason. The only Edwards I could find that had a reminis of Mason as a last name where in Texas, Florida and Forks washington. Having no luck in anyother place and having cried for 3 hours. I finally was close to the only hope I had left, Forks washington.

A tear slowly made its way to my chin as imaged of John ran threw my head also. The last kiss we shared felt like a gun shooting my heart. But I had to find some one from my family, some one to remind me of my dead mother. And Edward was my only hope. I had crushed my phone and threw it in a trash can in a empty street while in Florida. The only money I had was a 50 dollar bill, and a 20 dollar gas card. All I had left now was 12 dollars and a half of a tank of gas.. My mother, with her bronze shoulder length hair and green eyes. Soft features. I had my fathers coal black hair, and my mother deep green eyes. The necklace she gave me beofre she died clung tightly to my sobb filled throat. The Letters Edward Mason carved in it she got it from her great grand mother Elizabeth Mason Edwards Mother.

The speed of the truck making every thing a blurr in my vision out side the windows. Unlike my mother, I loved speed, My mother was afraid of what wouldhappen to me because of speed. But she left this earth before she could stop me from my horrible speeding and my addiction to being an Agrenilin junkie. I was 1 hour away from forks, and my heart was beating slowly in pain. The heater on high, jacket on the passanger seat. I had stole the sports car from a Mall parking lot in Texas. Leaving beind no clues as to who took it. But kindly left all the objects in it on the ground where it had once been parked, all but a road map and pack of gum. I shoved a french fry in my mouth chewing it, it was cold but I had to eat something.

My eyes straight ahead focused on my destination. I did not even know where he lived, but I knew he had to live in forks and I knew he was a vampire.....................................


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