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The quick and the dead.. (Twilight fanfction.. 4 yrs after breaking dawn)

Novel By: dclovesfd
Fan fiction

While the cullens are trying to live their undead lives as best as possible, and the wolves are getting alone better with the vampires, renesmee is slowly fallng for jake. but meanwhile an evil vampire, who hunts vampires because of her past, is out to hunt them , till they are as far in hell as she can drag them....... View table of contents...



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Jazmin Fonder....14 / 123yrs old....

Chapter one...

" And I do not!, Play games Johnathen.." Jazmin Fonder yelled loudly into 19 yr oldJohn Conners face, from across the table. " Yes. I mean, yes Jazmin mame.." John stuttered. John had to be at least 1 foot taller then Jazmin, and he was well built. But he was only human, thought Jazmin had the apperance of a 14 yr old girl, she was a 123 year old vampire. Her mind stayed younge, and her age did, but she was smart, very smart and also very dangerous.... Jazmin sighed turning around, and walking over to the window. " Go tell Emily and Jim to bring IT in.." She ordered, saying the word IT with major discust. While looking out the clear window upon the gray gloomy outside, she pulled the heavy coal black satin curtains over the windows. She turned around as Emily and Jim were dragging the boy in. The boy had long sholder length blonde hair, and worn clothes from maybe 1934, she desided. " You may leave John..." She told him. John left the room closing the doors behind him. " Why were you hunting on my land?" Jazmin asked simply tilting her head to the right. Stepping forward slightly, her heels made small clicks that echoed in the huge ball room.

" Because I can.." The boy with glistening red eyes answered grinning widly... " Now come on.. it was just a simple question.." She said softly. The boy snarled a gutteral snarl. Jazmin made a -Tsk- sound and her eyes were thoughtful for just a brief moment. " Leave him. Ill take care of it" Jazmin ordered. Emily and Jim were not vampires, but Jazmin had found a way to weaken vampires. Vervain, a highly dangerouse plant for vampires. That could burn them at the touch of its bud... Jazmin more or less liked doing the dirty work her self, once in a while Emily and Jim had the fun. John never liked it..." Your going to kill me?" The boy asked smiling. But as Jazmin made her way over to him, the amusement dissapeared from his eyes and there she saw fear in his eyes.

As she laid her hands on his face, A smile smile stuck at the corner of her lips. And the room was filled with a peircing screech. Jazmin dropped the disasembled head onto the floor, and walked away, pain lingered in her eyes, as did a sense of hope, yet small and indirect. She sighed standing by the door. Opening it, and stepping out into long corridore. With out the lights on, almost no light shone into the hall. Only the light coming from a window at one end of the corridore. Jazmin spend quite a while looking out that window. In silence. Emily, Jim, and John, were out, most likely finding some blood for her. She'd go out and find a human, or blood her self, but she rather disliked the outside world, unless she was hunting, hunting vampires that is, most of the time Emily and Jim, found them and brought them to her, but once in a while, she would hear something about a vampire or vampires, living to far for Emily and Jim to find and found her self unable to resist going after them..

Her past, a very dark past. In the beginning though it was not, as a younge child, her had worries, normal 7, 8 year old worried. Friends, homework. Living with her single mother, father abanded them, before Jazmin was born. Life was not to bad, until, Jazmin turned 13. When her mother met, Grinzly... Joshua Grinzly. Then her entire life changed, for a whole year, she hated him, knew something was wrong with him, wrong with her mother, her mother became dispontent. Very quite, forgetting whole days sometimes. just after she turned 14, Jazmin found out he was a vampire, very hard it was to come up with this thought, at first Jazmin called herself crazy...then she tried to fight him. And something disturbing that night, has caused Jazmin to be a vampire, and hate them at the same time with her life.........


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