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Life's Twists and Turns

Novel By: Dream Seeker
Fan fiction

Amanda is a young woman in her early twenties experiencing life's twists and turns on her own for the first time. The easy route is always an option; however, Amanda is determined to make a difference in the world....on her own. Choosing the difficult route, Amanda is often faced with eventful new challenges that can make or break her future success. Amanda must balance her busy life between having fun and doing responsible adult activities of working and going to college. View table of contents...


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I woke up the next morning around eleven feeling refreshed. I thought about checking on Lindsay, but then I remembered that she had to be at the Pizza Mia at eleven to deliver pizzas. Lindsay works at the location where the General Manager will leave on her shift to go to the bar, not mine. For her it is nice because I can pick-up shifts for her if need be, however, she cannot manage the store so it doesn't work both ways.
My stomach begins loudly rumbling as I venture into the kitchen to look for something to eat. It's strange but some days I just do not feel like eating breakfast. I decide to go with a turkey sandwich and some chips. As I am eating my breakfast I remembered my Walt Disney report, which the thought of it makes me groan. I wish that I had more time to watch TV and relax like Lindsay is able to do. Lindsay does not go to college. She says she will go one day when she is ready. I don't know if anyone can exactly be ready for college. I guess for most people it is not as hard. Many students get full rides to college either in scholarships, grants, or parents funding. For me, I could get a full ride from my parents if I live at home for the duration of my college. I have contemplated that idea and every time I choose the hard route of living on my own and working while attending school. I enjoy not following curfews and not having to report to my parents on my every whereabouts like I am a sixteen year old teenager. Even in my early twenties, if I lived at home, these would be the rules.
After about two hours of working on the report, it is time to go to work. My restaurant location does not open until three pm on Sundays. I finished four pages and only need three more before Wednesday night. As I am getting ready for work, I receive a phone call from Bob, the owner of the Pizza Mia. "Amanda I need you to get into work as soon as possible, I need to talk to you about last night."
I simply said "yes, sir" and we hung up. Hmm, I wonder what he could want to talk to me about. All my paperwork was correct. I think I did short the cash register drawer by $50 on accident but the money was deposited in the bank. Maybe that is what he wants to talk to me about.
When I arrive at work, I find three police cars out front. Shit, I thought, what happened here last night? My heart is pounding profusely as I walk into the restaurant, unsure of what I would find once I walked in. I scan the restaurant to try and figure out what happened. There were four police men that I could see so far. Two were fingerprinting the table where we toss the dough. The other two were talking to Bob in the manager's office. I notice that the safe is missing. Wow, I wonder how the crooks got the safe out. It was very heavy and I thought bolted to the ground.
After Bob finished talking to the police, he called me over. "Amanda, since you were the last manager in the store last night, I need you to answer a few questions from the police."
I swallow nervously. I hope they don't think that I did this. Surely not, there is no way I could lift the safe and besides I have never stolen anything. "No problem, what questions do you have for me" I asked looking at the two policemen directly in their stern eyes.
"Mam, can you tell me what time you locked up and if you saw anything suspicious last night?" Asked the tall blonde policeman.
"Sir, I locked up around two-thirty am. I did not see anything upfront; however, I did not look in the back lot." I responded calmly, although inside I was tied up in knots to think some criminal may have been hiding in the back lot just waiting for us to leave for the night.
"How much money was in the safe? We need to know anything missing so that we can update the theft report" Asked the shorter, heavier police man.
"For some reason, I shorted our cash register drawer last night. There was $200 instead of $250 in the drawer. The $50 I shorted in the drawer and the nightly income is in the bank night deposit." I responded with clarity.
Bob raises his eyebrows for a moment and my heart skipped a beat. I was worried about his response as to why I had shorted the drawer. Will I be in trouble? I know he will be happy that he lost $50 less than what he was first figuring. Oh, say something. I don't like to be in trouble so let's get this over with. "Amanda, I am not sure why you shorted the drawer, but I am glad you did it last night. Please try not to make it a habit, especially on Sunday because the bank is not open. What other workers closed with you last night?"
"Yes, sir I will not short the drawer again. Ben and David were the delivery drivers and Danielle worked inside with me." I responded.
"We will need to speak with everyone who was here at closing last night." Said the short police man.
"Amanda, please find their phone numbers for me. Then you can take the rest of the night off. I need to close the restaurant tonight so we can finish the investigation. We can reopen in the morning." Bob said.
Great, a night off! Maybe I can actually relax. Sorry it took your restaurant to be robbed, though. I quietly thought. I located each employee's phone number, scribbled them on a piece of paper I got from the printer, and handed them to Bob. While I was in the office, I also checked my schedule. I worked Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday morning. I worked Saturday and Sunday night. I am scheduled off on Wednesday and Friday. Shit, I thought. I am going to have to try and trade with the General Manager. He always wants Saturday nights off. What was I thinking when I said we would try to have the party on Saturday? I am lucky he gave me Friday night off again because normally I have to work both days.
I decide before I leave to scan the store once more to try and put together what happened. I found a trash can knocked off the cart and bashed in pretty bad. The cart was severely dented so it is possible the thieves put the safe on it to get it out the back door. The back door board was slit and the lock was taken out. There was a hole in the location where the lock originally was. I guess the criminals sawed through the door to remove the lock. After my scan, I determined that there was no additional damage I could see so I headed home.
On my way home, I opened my cell phone to call the General Manager, Scott. "Amanda, how is it going tonight up at the restaurant? Is everything ok?"
Oh, he doesn't know. I wonder why Bob didn't call him first. I guess it is because I was the manager on duty last night and there was no need to bother Scott with the news at the time. I thought about waiting for Bob to tell Scott, but I then again, I cannot lie to answer his question. Scott is my boss. "The restaurant was robbed last night." I relayed my observations to Scott who seemed unmoved by the occurrence. Scott has two jobs and I believe that most of the time he thinks of the Pizza Mia as his second job by his actions. For instance, the fact that he does not manage the restaurant inspections on his own and entrusts them entirely to me, his assistant. Also, on the nights I am scheduled to work with Scott he is often in the office busily working on paperwork which does not look like Pizza Mia documents. I usually run the shifts when we work together.
"Scott, I know you normally schedule me to work on Saturday nights, is it possible that I could switch you? I could take you Friday night shift. I need this Saturday off if you could work it out." I waited patiently for his response.
After what seemed like an eternity, Scott firmly responds with "I really need my Saturdays off, Amanda."
"I know, Scott. It's just one Saturday. I work almost every Saturday and hardly ever ask you to switch schedules." I respond, hopefully.
Scott is silent for a minute. He is thinking about it! "Amanda, I guess we can switch schedules this weekend, but don't make it a habit."
"No problem Scott and thanks" Then I thought about food for the party. I better wait and ask him another time about receiving a discount on food for the party. I mean he did just let me have Saturday off. We hang up.
When I return home, Lindsay is in the kitchen watching television. "Hey Linds, how was your day? Did you make lots in tips this afternoon?"
"No, not really Amanda it was pretty slow this afternoon." Lindsay replies. "Sunday afternoons during non-football times are dull, you know this."
Unable to wait any longer to tell Lindsay, "I have Saturday off work so we can have the field party."
"That's great, Amanda. I will get out the tractor on Friday afternoon before work to cut the grass and gather some wood." We have a farm tractor which is much needed because the house is on ten acres. As I mentioned before, there is plenty of room for tents and to have a large bond fire. We just need to cut the grass because it is extremely long. We did not cut it before this past winter. When the grass gets as long as it is now, I like to call it our miniature jungle.
I thought about other items that needed preparing for our field party. "I guess I can pick-up the keg, ice, cups, and jello shot ingredients on Saturday morning. Then I will make the jello shots and prepare our MP3 CD's."
Lindsay looks as excited as I am. We are eager to get on the invite list. "Lindsay, can I invite Sara? I know you two don't get along, but I was hoping that you would try for just one night."
"Amanda, I guess I can try but it doesn't me that I am going to like it. She is just not my type of friend. I do not know how to explain it."
"Thanks, Lindsay! I have about fifty people I want to invite. How about you, Lindsay?"
Lindsay thinks for a moment then responds, "I don't know maybe fifty as well. Want to say it starts at seven pm?"
"Seven sounds great! Well, I need to send out the invites and finish my homework." I quickly leave the room before she can try and talk me out of my plan. Sometimes Lindsay tries to get me to push my homework back. I am sure she is getting ready to go to the bar. With my busy schedule, I like to finish my work early to reduce stress. Besides, I am not too big on the bars. Occasionally is fine, but the drinks are too expensive there and you always have to worry about getting a ride home.
After several emails, text messages, and phone calls it was about eight thirty in the evening. I figure I need about two to three hours to finish my homework. Lindsay had left for the bar and the house was disconcertingly quiet. It couldn't be a more perfect time to finish my work because I shouldn't have to worry about interruptions. Around midnight, I finalized my informative essay on the Walt Disney Parks, as well as the little bit of math homework I had.
Finally, time to relax! I scan the television for something to watch. After not finding anything, I decide to go to bed early. Besides, tomorrow starts my long week. I have classes Monday through Thursday in the evenings from six to nine-thirty. According to my work schedule for next week, I work in the mornings, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday ten am to four-thirty pm. A few hours extra sleep will be nice and relaxing in itself.


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