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Sunset: Renesmee

Novel By: edwar4ever1901
Fan fiction

Reenesme Cullen is now almost a full grown immortal, and when she finds out a secret, her life suddenly changes. Something her best friend did not tell her. Something, that will change her life. For ever!
(This contains some swearing, and sexual material. Don't read, if you can't handle!) View table of contents...


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The moon was reflecting on my skin. The big grey wolfe stared at me, confused. Suddenly, a big redbrown wolfjumped in front of me. My life, my everything. I saw the vampire, smelled the sweet aroma of hers. But i hated her, of all my heart. The redbrown wolf tried to rip her head of, but without any luck. She was to strong. I heard a crack, and then a howl. My life was nothing worth anymore...


"Aaaah... Jake, stop! Its not funny..." But i laughed. We were at the beach. He tickled me. He was my best friend. And the mos annoying person, id ever met. He sopped tickling me, and laid down next to me. He smiled. Right now, he actually was sort of beutiful. The sun was hidden behind the grey clouds, and the ocean was almost black. Somewher, i could hear someone scream, and then laughter. I loved this place of all my heart. It was so beutiful, with all the green and at summer, yellow.

"So, you got what you wanted, again." he said, smiling.

"Well, its not really my fault." I said. Suddenly, two girls walked by, giggling, when they saw Jacob. They were about fifteen, i guessed.

"Someones liking the wiew." I joked.

"Let them dream." he smiled. I thought about it for a minute, then i realized, that as long as i had known Jacob, hed never been on any kind of date, or had a girlfriend. I knew, that my mom, Bella, was his humen soulmate, but non of them were humen anymore, so that didnt really matter. My mom had Edward, my dad, and nothing coul change that. And i also knew, that the wolfes had this... Imprinting thing. I had seen Sam and Emily, Quil and Claire, Paul and Rachel. But why wasnt it happend to Jake yet? I was jealous over, that some girl would steel him from me one day. It made me mad.

"Jake?" I asked.

"Yeah?" he answered. He looked tired.

"Tell me about imprinting again."

His face went serious. "Why?"

"Because i dont really understand it."

"Well, its hard to explain," he started "Its not that easy. when you had your imprint, this person means everything to you. You would die for this person. If you imprint on a baby or a child, its more complicated. At first, youre a brother, then, after a couple of years, your a best friend, and at last, its true love, or something like that." He was telling me this, as if there was a meanig behind those words. Like he tried to tell me something really important. But i wasnt Sherlock Holmes.

"Why havent you imprinted yet?" I asked him.

"Thats even more complicated." He sighed, and stood up.

I stood up, next to him, took his hand, and then we walked back to Billy and Jacobs house. The girls, i spotted earlier, looked dissapointet. I had to admit, that as we walked by, holding hands, we looked exactly like a couple. But thats just the way it was between me and Jacob.

"Hey, kids!" Billy said, when we came inside. He was sitting in his wheelchair in the kitchen. The house was small, whith a big livingroom slash kitchen area, and three small bedrooms.

"Hey Billy. How are you doing!" I asked. I liked Billy. He was a good person, and like Jacob, there was something special about him, thet just made people smile. Like a sun.

"Good, thanks. And how is youre family Nessie?" he asked.

"Well, my uncles and my dad are out today, so its just been my mom an Alice today." I told him. When i said, that my dad ws out, i ment hunt.

"Are you hungry?" Billy asked.

"Starving." Jake said, and sat down at the kitchen table. I sat down next to him. There were only two chairs, and they didnt mach. Billy had his own chair.

We had pasta on the menu, because Billy wasnt the best cook in the world, and then me and Jacob went into his room. He acted weird, when he fell down on his bed. He looked like he was stressed. I leand against the window when i watched him.

"Jakey, are you all right?" I asked, and put my head on his chest. I heard his heart beating, and suddenly i felt all fluffy and warm inside. What was this feeling, i now experienced?

"Yeah, of couse. Why are you asking?"

"You look miserable." I was still listening to the rythem of his heart. It was like, this was the sound of my life. My heart didnt mean anything now, but his heart did. I started to imagine myself a beat, and then the lyrics started coming. I always loved music, and i wrote a lit of songs myself. I played guitar, and sometimes i made music with my dad, who happend to play the piano. I started to mumble the notes i had in my head.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"What?" I said. I still had the song in my head.

"Youre mubling." he said "Is there a song coming up?"

"I think, yes." I said. I felt tired. This had been a long day.

"Okay, lets get you home, before youre dad is going to kill me." he said.

"Okay." was the only thing i could say. I was distracted of him, wearing nothing else, but old jeans. What was going on? My brain felt fuzzy, and my heart speeded up.

"Ness, are you ok?" he asked me.

"Yeah, im just... feeling sick, thats all. No need to worry, he..." Didnt work. Jacob still looked suspicious.

Suddenly, a puzzle was completed in my head. The things, Jake told me about imprinting... brother, best friend... lover...

And in that second, i knew that Jacob had imprinted on me, when i was just a baby.

And i also knew, that he wasnt just my friend anymore.

I was in love with him.

"Nessie?" he almost whispered. "Ness, whats going on?"

"I dont know," I whispered.

He just looked at me. It was like, id never looked at him before. His beutiful darkbrown eyes. Hus smell, not sweet, more like trees, and the heartbeat...

But right now, there was one big question left in my overboiled brain.

"Why didnt you tell me?" I whispered.


"That im your imprint!" I almost yelled. "For Gods sake, Jacob, this is like a huge thing, and then i dont know anything about it!" I was mad now.

"Because, you would react like this!" he said. "I wanted to tell you, bu its just not the time, and..." he was miserable, Oh my God, my heart just grew bigger. He continiued his explanation, but i couldnt find head and tail in it. When he stopped talking, i took his face between my hands.

"Jake," I whispered. "There isnt a perfect time."

We just stood there, with nothing to say. It started raining outsude. I didnt smell Billy in the house.

"Jake, i... Have to go..." It just felt awkward. He looked down at me, his eyes were burning.

"Okay." he said, and then, i just ran.


When i came to the cottage, i saw my mom at the door, waiting for me. Her ling, darkbrown hair, was wet, and her eyes were worried. I just went inside, i went up to my room, and slammed the door.

I laid down on my big round bed, and barried my face in a red fluffy pillow. Tears ran down at my cheeks, and i was tired and confused.

Time passed by, and i was so tired now. I heard laughter downstairs. Mi dad was home. I could feel my moms shield, so my dad wouldnt kill me with his bla bla right now.

I finally fell asleep. My dream was confusing. I was running, and then i saw Jacob, laying on the ground, screaming of pain...itried to help, but nothing happend...

I woke up, screaming. My heart was racing, and all i could think of, was his dead body...My Jacob...dead, gone for ever...

""Are you all right, baby?" My mom asked. Her voice was so beutiful, and i loved her so much.

"Mommy." I mumbled.

"We need to talk about this." she said.

"About what?" I asked. I looked out the window, where the sun was shining.

"You and Jacob." she finally said.

Chapter 1: part two:

My mom sat down on the edge of my bed. She had that look, like she didnt really want to disguss this. Truth? Neither did i. Bu i had this strange feeling of, that it was neccasary.

"How did you..." I started to ask, but then i stopped. My mindreadin dad, of course. "Dad told you."

"No." She smiled, when she saw, how surprised i was. "No, i just knew, that something was bothering you." She sighed, and removed my hair to behind my ear. "Usually, you would be smiling, when you came home from La Push," She continiued "so when i saw, that you were upset, i knew, that there was something going on. And i was right."

"Mom, you knew all this time? But you didnt tell me?" I felt hurt.

"Of course we didnt!" she said "Jacob wanted to tell you, but Edward didnt want you to know. So we, or they, decided to tell you one day, when the time was right. But now, Sherlock found out herself."

"Genetic issues." I mumbled. She laughed.

"Yes, you can call it that." she said, still smiling. "But Nessie, how do you feel?" she asked me with a serious tone.

"I honestly dont know." I answered. "I feel...fluffy!"

"Fluffy?" she repeated.

"Hard to explain." I mumbled. But i was still sure of, that i was in love with Jacob. "Mom, youre shielding now, right?"

"No, honey your dad is a part of this to." she said. To late for me to save myself, so i just thought: Hi dad. Thanks for spoiling my life and messing with my head.

"So, do you have a plan?" Bella asked.

"For what?"

"The Jacob-issue!"

"Oh, ehm... No, not really." I admitted.

She sighed, when Edward came in. He sat down next tp her, and smiled.

"What did i miss?" he joked.

"Well, Reenesme is figuring it out, right?" mom asked.

"Yeah, speakingofwhich, i need air, so would you min leaving?" I said, in an annoyed tone.

My mom kissed me on the forhead "See you, baby." And my dad waved, and then, they were gone.

"Finally." I mumbled, while i went in to my huge walk-in-closet. Old, dark blue jeans, and a white t-shirt. And then, bacause it was cold outside, i added a grey sweater. I jumped out of the window, and started running to nowhere. I just ran and ran... I felt like Forrest Gump right now.

"Nessie!" It was Jacob. What was he doing here? I turned around, and there he was. Shirtless, and he was covered with dirt. A little bit distracting.

"Jake?" I was surprised.

"No, Hulk. Of course its me!" He said, while he ran towards me. When he reached me, he did what he usually did. Hugging the air out of me.

It felt so good, beeing this close to him again. I loved, i loved him...i, for no reason, repeated in my head. My heart was speeding, and my cheeks were red. My brain was boiling of my own, special drug. My Jacob. Suddenly, tears ran down my cheeks. Tears of happiness.

"Nessie, why are you crying?" he asked.

"You wont believe me, if i tell you." I whispered. He took my face between his hands. I could feel his breath.

Our faces were so close now. His breath tickled me, and made me smile. I closed my eyes before our lips met.

He kissed me softly, but still, with every feeling he had in his huge body. I kissed back, more passionetely. I could feel his tongue against my teeth, i wrapped my arms around his neck.

This was perfect, and i would never run away from it.


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