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My Own Animorphs Story

Novel By: Emmi987
Fan fiction

I'm doing a fanfic for the series Animorphs. If you haven't heard of them, you should read them. because you probably won't understand this fanfic if you haven't... anyhow, i own none of the characters except E and the Yeerk i created. View table of contents...



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Yo, it's me, Emm987. I'm just here to remind you i don't own any of the characters, and i only created a few people, such as E and the Yeerk coming in the next chapter. it might be a bit confusing, but i like putting myself in stories, so yeah. anyhow, here's the first chapter.

"Yo, E, time to get up!" my brother Will said, taking my pillow.
"I'm up, I'm up!" I said. "Give me back my pillow!" He did, and I fell asleep again.
"E! Up! Now!" My mother was calling to me now. "You're going to miss the bus!"
"I'm up!" I said, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. "Time?"
"Seven minutes," Mom replied, leaving my room.
Seven minutes! I muttered to myself as I quickly got dressed, plashed my face with water, slipped my shoes on, grabbed my backpack and ran out the door to the bus stop. I got to the bus stop just as the bus pulled up.
When I got on, my friend Cassie smiled as I sat down next to her. "Up late?" she asked.
"Of course!" I replied. "There was this thing last night Lynn brought me to. What was it? The Giving? The Joining?"
"The Sharing?" Cassie said softly.
"That's it!" I smiled. "It was fun, but then Lynn had to go to a meeting for exclusive members, or something." I saw Cassie relax a bit.
The bus came to a stop. Cassie and I walked to class. I put my backpack on my seat and said, "Be right back." I left the classroom.
I remember seeing something in the janitor's closet. Something like a keypad on a shelf. I walked into the closet and looked at the shelf. It was there. And blinking.
I pressed a button. Nothing happened.
The door opened. I saw Tom Berenson, on of Will's friends, before he saw me because I hid. He came in with another person. I was extremely confused. He pressed some buttons on the keypad. I gasped slightly as I got that elevator feeling.
Too bad they noticed.
Well, what have we got here," Tom said. He leaned down, grabbed my wrist, and pulled me up. "What is E doing here," he said all steel-like. I swallowed back a whimper--his voice, contrast to the friendly voice he used around my parents, somewhat scared me.
I also recognized the other person--Lynn. She did not seem happy to see me. then she said the words that started it all--" How about we take her to the Pool?"
The pool? What pool? I don't want to swim. Plus, I lost my swimsuit a couple of weeks ago after I let my cousin use it. But when Tom nodded in approval, almost smiling, I suddenly felt frightened for myself.
The elevator stopped. We stepped out.
The first thing I heard was the screams--screams and cries of despair. With hope suck out of them and replaced with pain. I was about to cover my ears when I remembered my wrists were held down. So I closed my eyes tightly.
The screaming and crying got louder as we descended. I opened my eyes. Cages. People were in cages. People aren't supposed to be in cages. And this place was huge! It looked like several football fields. Big and creepy.
It was creepy because there were creatures I've never seen before. There was one like a giant centipede with razor sharp teeth. One that like like--like, well I don't know, some sort of monster? It was really tall and had horns on its head and blades. Another one, which I didn't get a good look at, looked like it had webbed feet or something--but I only got a glimpse.
Tom and Lynn continue to pull me through the crowd and to a line. The line wasn't very long. Soon I was at the front of the line.
I looked down at the brown-grey sludge, feeling sick. Why am I here? I kept asking myself. Tom and Lynn pulled me closer to the mud. I could see there were things in it. Giant slugs or something. Lynn forced me onto my knees. I tried to get back up but Tom hit me on the head. Hard. I still struggled, and Lynn called over one of the creatures, the one with the blades.
The creature scared me. So I was on my knees. The creature pushed my head into the sludge. I tried to resist. But it didn't help. My head went down into the sludge. I kicked and managed to kick Tom. My head was still in the sludge. I felt something on my ear. It slithered into my ear.
There was a slight pain, and tom and Lynn pulled me up. I tried to stand up, but I couldn't. Instead, I turned my head to Tom. Smiled. Nodded. And stood up.
I didn't do that! Why was I doing it?
I heard laughter in my head. The laughter died down and my panic rose. A voice in my head.


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