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Doorway Revelations (A Doctor Who Story)

Novel By: flavoredair
Fan fiction

The Shadow Proclamation sets a bounty hunter after The Doctor for his refusal to lead them into war against the Daleks (Journey’s End.) Rose is left once again in a parallel universe cut off, but not alone. The Meta-Crisis (Cloned) version of The Doctor is left in her care. If he is The Doctor how long can a free spirit, a champion of the stars, the on coming storm be bound to the Earth? Who is left to represent Gallifrey?

If you felt you needed a more balanced ending for Rose and The Doctor look no further. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 5, 2008    Reads: 471    Comments: 4    Likes: 4   



After much deliberation the deed was named treason and the traveler deemed guilty. This particular traveler was especially elusive. The hunter was chosen, Khankiurdon of the Reaper Class. Khankirudon only ever hunted. Its soul conviction was: Life without pursuit and capture is life wasted. This belief was so bred in that between summons it laid dormant, frozen in Coobrika Diamond. A millennium passed since its last conjure before the Shadow Proclamation. The order had been given to reclaim the traveler. The traveler's scent was pungent everywhere. Khankiurdon traced vernal auras back to the Medusa Cascade. Kiurdon sensed an odd flux in that region. "There used to be planets here." It hissed. It took deeps gulps of space to refresh its track. Kiurdon flew faster then any creature. It was faster than sound or light or darkness. Within a blink of the eye Khankiurdon was almost to the Milky Way. The scent was freshest here.

Kiurdon had all but caught up with the traveler. The ship was in sight. It tumbled erratically with only a few hundred light years separating the hunter and prey. Kiurdon slowed. It waited several clicks behind. For many days they engaged in a secret ballet of follow and hide. They bounced from one nebula to another. The ship landed finally on a random third planet in the heliocentric system. She was an echo of a dead race, an alien to this world, but could easily blend in without question. The traveler stepped out from the ship like so many times before, impaired momentarily with over powering light. The wind carried a faint strawberry scent, and as with all simple pleasures, it made her smile ingenuously. An angular cloaked figure, two times as tall as her, floated inches off the ground within arms distance. The creature stared at the startled alien, tightening its grip on an intimidating scythe. The reaper had no eyes, merely sockets. There were no lips, merely crackled gray skin where it met gum and teeth. The traveler collected herself. Strange creatures in strange lands were becoming the norm, but some things still shocked her. She promised to work on that.

"Hello, excuse me, I didn't mean to stare. I think I'm in the wrong place." She shot her ship a disappointed look, as though to say like so many times before. Inside a blink Khankiurdon was inches from her face. At this vantage the reaper could detect dual heart beats. It inhaled deeply through special glands embedded in its palm. It drank in her psychic signature. She felt a strong pull towards the creature as though the wind were at her back. The invisible force drew them closer. She was saturated with the scent the Shadow Proclamation had condemned.

"You are the defector. You will be punished." Its voice was low, nearly above a whisper and hissed from an ungodly realm.

"Sorry?" The girl backed up to the ship.

"You are being charged with abandonment at time of war by the Shadow Proclamation. You will be imprisoned indefinitely." Kiurdon held the scythe sideways.

"I'm just looking for someone." It jabbed the girl across her stomach with the scythe's grip. She stumbled backwards into her ship. The door locked. She desperately turned the engines, but they refused to fire. The Reaper phased through the ship as a wraith would. "Don't do this!" She protested. "There's been a mistake." Kiurdon descended on her. "Noooo!"


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