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Bioshock Infinite: Between Sea And Sky (FanFiction)

Novel By: FullyAlive24
Fan fiction

This story bridges the story gap between Bioshock Infinite and Bioshock Burial At Sea. It shows the father, daughter relationship, that Booker and Elizabeth we're never able to have, and the after affects of Post traumatic stress for Elizabeth after the events in Columbia. (Also posted on "FanFiction.net") View table of contents...


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Booker takes a deep gasp and coughs water. He had just been drowned, by many different versions of his daughter, Anna DeWitt.

"Dad! Dad! Are you ok?" Anna screams.

"You almost killed me!" Booker yells, while coughing out more water.

"Listen, Dad...that wasn't me...it was other versions of me" Anna said, trying to persuade Booker of the truth. Booker's nose starts to bleed, and he wipes it away with two fingers.

Anna takes Booker's hand and helps him up. When he gets on his feet, he bends down, and continues to cough water. Anna grabs his hand.

"Are you ok?" Anna says, concerned about her father.

"Yes, i'm alright, Anna. A few minutes underwater, does bad things to the lungs" Booker says sarcastically.

"Now that our business in done in Columbia...What do you want to do now?" Anna says, wondering of his answer.

"Why ask what, when the more delicious question, is when?" Rosalind Lutece says, in a cheeky way.

"Booker was drowned by his own daughters, and almost killed. Now he wants to be as far away from the situation as possible" Robert Lutece says, as a way to inform Booker and Anna.

Booker and Anna glance at each other. When they look back, the Luteces are gone.

"Dad...we're they right?" Anna says, again concerned.

"I'm tired of all the fighting and war...and I want to spend time with you. After all, you're my daughter, and it's been almost 19 years. I think we have a lot of catching up to do," Booker says seriously.

"Well...dad, I'm sorry I caused this much trouble," Anna says, looking sorrowful.

"I was the one who caused it all. If I never sold you, we could of had a happy life. Without destroying Columbia. But I wasn't responsible enough..." Booker says while looking at Anna. But Booker continues.

"This AD," Booker holds up his hand, for Anna too see.

"I branded it in my hand, as a sign of sorrow. I shared that room, with me and my regret for so long. Until the Luteces, had me get you" Booker finishes.

Anna reaches out, and hugs Booker. Booker can feel her trembling in his arms.

"So...Anna, you want to go to Paris?" Booker asks, in an excited tone.

"You remembered?" Anna asks.

"Yes, I remember...you were in love with Paris. And now that the siphon is gone..." Booker leads off.

"I can create tears out of thin air!" Anna says excitedly.

Anna takes her two hands, and stretches them apart, creating a multidimensional tear. This tear is headed to Paris. Booker can see the Eiffel Tower through the entrance of the portal.

Anna takes her dad's hand, and leads him through the tear.


The two appear in a building. The building had a lot of glass windows, and it was made out of marble.

"There it is, Dad," Anna says, as she points through the huge window toward the Eiffel Tower.

Booker looks through the window in sight amazement.

"What a sight, huh?" Anna says to Booker.

Booker turns around, and calls the elevator.

"We need to get down to the 1st level," Booker says as the bell for the elevator rings. Shortly after the door opens, and the two go in.

When the two enter, Booker hits the button with the side of his hand.

"I can't believe it...I'm actually here, in Paris!" Anna says so excited, she could jump out of the elevator window

The elevator stops on the first level with a thump, and the ring of a bell. The two step out and head for the door. Right before they go, Booker grabs a map.

Booker and Anna start for a bridge to get on the right side of the lake. Anna stops at the middle of the bridge and puts her back to the Tower.

"Do I look okay? I want to look as good as Paris itself," Anna says looking at Booker

"You fit the part.Now let's go, we don't have that much time," Booker replies

When Booker and Anna make it up the street, Booker thinks of something

"Shit, we're going to need money...I didn't think about that,"Booker says.

She says "It's got to turn up somewhe-..."

"In a sticky situation?" Robert Lutece interrupts.

"Would help if you had some..." Rosalind Lutece says, leaving the answer for her brother.

"Money.So we will let you choose."

"Money. So I'll let you chooschoose," Robert Lutece says

"Choose what?? Booker askes the two

"Bird or the cage, Mr.DeWitt." Rosalind Lutece says

"One has money, and the other ones has more money o.r possibly none at all?" Robert Lutece informs them

The Luteces are holding trays with the new necklaces on them. They lay on small red pillows, just like in BattleShip Bay. They slightly different look now, unlike the older one.

Anna looks down at her neck.

"It's gone...my necklace, I swear it was just there!" Anna says confused.

"Tears are alternate realities..."

"So things have a, way of changing. Neck ware, people, music...just some examples" .Rosalind Lutece reminds Them.

"Oh god, I forgot" Anna started

"I hope I didn't ruin anything else" Anna finished

"Which one, Booker?" Anna asked him

"The bird, because you're truly free now, gone from your cage" Booker says

Anna reaches over, and giss the Bird necklace. She puts it lights her neck and then reaches for the red pillow. She lifts it up, and under was hundreds of Euros.

Anna's face lit up when she sees the money. But next to the Euros, lasys one Silver Eagle. It Lays on the tray, sparkling almost like a diamond.

Anna grabs it, spins around, and tosses it to Booker

"Booker Catch!" Anna shouts, as she flicks the Silver Eagle to Booker. Booker reaches up to grab it, but it Luteces are slightly past him. Anna and Booker turn their backs to grab the Silver Eagle, and when they look back, they are gone.

"Hey dad?" Anna asks.

"Yes, Anna?" Booker replies.

"Elizabeth. Could you just call me Elizabeth? I've had the name for so long and it just feels strange being called Anna."

"I know it's weird but, can you call me Elizabeth again? I want to keep that i've had it for so long" Anna asks

"Ok, but we need to get going again" Booker says, reminding Elizabeth

Downtown Paris

The two finally make it downtown. Booker looks over at Elizabeth and sees her growing smile.

"Wait...Dad...It's music, someone's playing music over there!" Elizabeth says, pointing over at people dancing to music

"Can I go?" Elizabeth asks

"I won't take long!" She keeps pleading

"Go ahead, I'll meet you over there in a minute" Booker tells Elizabeth

Elizabeth walks, quickly because os. excitement. When she reaches there, the dancing people beckon her over.

"Do you know how to dance?" One of them ask.

"You'd be surprised What I know how to do" Elizabeth responds. One of them grabs Liz, and she joins their dance.

Booker looks at the food stands to buy their goods while Elizabeth is dancing

Many of the managers in the stands start to shout at Booker with intent to sell things to him

Booker walks over to where Elizabeth is.

"Come join me dad!" She pleads, While moving

"Elizabeth, I've told you before...I don't dance" Booker tells Elizabeth

"Oh come on! Have a little fun!" Elizabeth says, trying to convince her dad to dance with her

Booker refuses to join her and Booker hears here panting

"C'mon, let's get you some water" Booker says to Elizabeth. In response, she ends her dance, and follows Booker

The stands on the street are selling all kinds of things like Food, drink, art, and decor.

They stop at a food stand, and wait to order.

"What do you want? " Booker asks

"Cotton Candy" She replies, Booker looks back at her with a smile.

"Yes sir?" The person asks Booker, awaiting their order

"Um. ..one Cotton Candy, please" Booker said. In response the man grabbed a big Cotton Candy from the shelf behind him and handed it to Booker.

"3 Euros please" the man told Booker. The father slipped him the money, took the food, spun around And handed it to Elizabeth

"Thanks dad!" Said Elizabeth happily, as she positioned her hand around the food. After she took one bite, she looked up and smiled.

The beautiful smile from the big blue eyed girl was a wonder to behold. It made the old man's heart crumple, because he knew he didn't deserve this praise he got from her.

The two walked around, until she finished the treat. When she finished, she threw it away in the trash can, and caught up to Booker.

The two walked up to a stand that had a plumb man with a Wild mustache. He was speaking about the different types of Birds in Paris, and beyond.

"Hello miss, would you like to help me?" The man said to Elizabeth. She eagerly shakes her head and walks up to the man

"I want to see if you can identify this bird!" The man tells Elizabeth.

He walks away and grabs a picture, and returns. He walks up to Elizabeth and covers the picture with his hand.

"First, I shall explain some of its features" The man explaines to the brunette.

"This bird is a urban myth, created by people we do not know by name. They say the bird is half man, half machine, created to protect one special girl. We don't know where to find this bird, but you would know him if you saw him." He says to the small crowd around his stand. After he finishes, he waits a few seconds and looks back at Elizabeth.

"Are you able to identify that creature?" The man asks the petite teenager.

"I'm afraid not..." She says, in response to his question

"Fear not visitor! This bird is the. .." The man removes his hand from the picture

"The scary, huge, mythical Songbird! Some say, you can call it with a single song. We know the song but not the instrument." The man tells Elizabeth and the crowd

Elizabeth turns around and buries her face in her hands. Booker sees her reaction. And walks up to get her

He wraps his arms around her to calm her down. And she begins to cry

"Im sorry my dear lady, I had no intend to Sadden you!" The man says, possibly trying to look good

"Ssh... it's alright, he's dead, he can't get us" Booker says, in an attempt to make Elizabeth feel better.

Booker finds a bench, and sits down with Liz. Elizabeth, still crying, puts her head on her father's shoulder.

Booker starts to stroke his daughters hair to keep her calm, as she trembles in fear on his shoulder. She picks up her head, and Booker can see tears streaming from her shockingly beautiful blue eyes.

"I. Hate. Columbia. I never wanna hear about it again..." the beautiful girl said.

"That's why we left. And don't worry about anything getting you... I'm here. " As the ex pinkerton said that, he looks deep into her gorgeous blue eyes.

"Booker. .. you're so good to me. Thank you." Liz said to Booker

"I'll be right back, please don't move" Booker said, then he left.

Liz starts to tremble again, because all of her protection is gone. She's all alone on the bench, while everyone else does business.

But in the short distance there's a man...

He sees the girl shaking on a bench all alone. And he gets another look at her. 'Wow' he thinks 'that is a really pretty girl'.

This man works at a flower stand, and rush hour had ended. He grabs a thing of flowers for the girl, and heads over to her.

As he gets closer, Liz can hear him coming and looks up to see a man, similar in age looking down at her.

"Hi, what's your name?" Says the man, as he stoops down to her level.

"Elizabeth... you can call me Elizabeth" Liz responded

"I saw you looking upset on this bench here... are you alright?" The man asks Liz

"Yeah... something just upset me, I'll be fine" Liz responds

"I got some beautiful flowers, for a even more beautiful girl." The man says. Grabbing a hold of Elizabeth's hand

"Where is she? I bet she looks really pretty" Elizabeth says to the man, while glancing around.

He puts the handle of the flowers in Liz's hand.

"Pretty, and a sense of humor" The man says

"Your so sweet...I don't know your name" Elizabeth said

"My name is Jack" The man said

She smiles her beautiful smile, and says something

"Thank you Jack, that is very nice of you" Liz said to Jack

As she says that, Booker arrives back, and sits on the bench.

"Your eyes are so enchanting, Elizabeth" Jack compliments Liz.

Both Booker and Liz smile.

"Thanks Jack, you are very nice" Liz responds

"Hey, do you like the Eiffel tower?" Jack asks, as he points to it in the sky.

"Very much, yes!" Liz said excitedly

"What would you say to, maybe going on a date with me tonight, at the top?" Jack asks the gorgeous woman nervously

She looks over at Booker.

"Can I?" She asks Booker

"It's your choice" Booker says

Elizabeth looks back at Jack, with her gorgeous smile

"I'd love to!" She says excitedly

"I have a relative who can get a table for us, so don't bring any money, it'll be on me" Jack says to Liz.

"Meet me, right here, at 8PM, okay?" Jack says

"Will do!" She says with excitement

"Can't wait, bye!" Jack says as he walks back to his stand.

Booker glances over at Liz

"Little weird? Having a guy walk to to you, and want to go places with you?" Booker asks Liz, wondering what she thought

"He seems really nice. And anyway, you know I've always wanted to go to the Eiffel tower" Liz tells Booker

Paris Further Downtown

The two had made their way further downtown Paris. They were in building, renting out a room for their short stay

After they rented the room, they walked up the stairs and walked in.

The room was very well kept, and Elizabeth was very impressed.

It's 6 PM, and Liz's date is fairly soon.

"I need a dress Booker, for my date" Liz reminded Booker

"Yeah, of course. Let's go to the store and pick one out" Booker replied


Elizabeth looked for 30 minutes before She found the dress she liked. It was firered and beautiful. She showed to Booker, and he liked it.

After they bought it, she thanked her dad, Booker, with a big hug


When they finally got back to the apartment, Elizabeth asks her dad to help her change, for her date.

As Booker unstraps her corset, he begins to think about his daughter.

Booker loves his daughter. Shes beautiful, intelligent, witty, The whole 9 yards.

Inside he feels happy for her, because she found love, or at least a date.

She really needs someone in her life, I can't be her everything, thinks Booker

"Thank you, Booker" Liz says, after Booker unties her corset

Booker looks at the back of her head, as she pulls down her clothes and undergarments.

"I'm happy for you." Booker tells Liz

"For what?" Liz replys

"You're going on your first date" Booker reminds her

"Thank you. Im mad nervous though." Elizabeth says, in a frightened tone

"Elizabeth...you'll be fine. If i can do it, so can you." Booker tells Liz, trying to cheer her up

Before she realizes, she steps into her fired dress, and lifts it up her body.

"Let me" Booker says. He takes her dress straps them on Liz's shoulders.

"Thanks dad" She says, as she wraps her arms around Booker and hugs him.

"Do I look ok?" Liz asks, as she does a slow spin

"You look good. Trust me, that kid will like you" Liz's dad tells her

"Thanks dad" Liz says, as she gives her dad another hug

"You...better go. You have 10 minutes." Booker tells Elizabeth

Elizabeth starts to look at her father worried.

Booker reaches at her neck, ad evens out her necklace.

"You'll be fine, Elizabeth. now go.Tell me all about it when you get back. And don't let that boy treat you with anything accept respect." Booker tells Liz

"His name is Jack, and he'll treat me right" Liz says with a smile.

"Bye Elizabeth...remember have fun. And get to know him." Booker tells Elizabeth

"Bye, dad" Elizabeth says as she steps out the door

To be Continued.

Written By: FullyAlive24

Edited By: Fullyalive24

Co Witten By: Subject_Delta

Co Edited By: Subject_Delta

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