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The Chronicles of Alex

Novel By: Gavin Emerson
Fan fiction

The following fan fiction may contain foul language and adult themes. It’s also set in the Pokemon universe (the games, not the Anime) so if you have a problem with Pokemon, you’re in the wrong place. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! Enjoy :) View table of contents...


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The day started as any other, the sun shining directly on Alex's face, particularly his eyes. Being in the middle of summer, he couldn't just pull his covers up to shield himself from the light, as the heat would be more uncomfortable than the light itself, even with the cool morning breeze coming through the open window. Alex let out a sigh; he'd just found a comfortable position too. With a grunt he pulled himself up from the bed and walked over to his closet, pulling out a pair of shorts and a white t-shirt.

He slapped on his watch and put on his shoes before walking downstairs to the kitchen.

"Well look who finally woke up!" Alex's father exclaimed, "How'd you sleep champ?"

"All right I guess. Where's mom?"

"She went to the store earlier to get some groceries. She should be home any time now."

As if on cue, the front door opened and Alex's mother came in carrying multiple bags of purchased goods.

"Alex! Good morning honey! Could you go out to the car and get the rest?"

"Sure," Alex said, walking through the front door, flailing around to avoid stepping on the family pet, James, who had decided to walk right in front of him on his way out.

"Goddamnit James," Alex whispered under his breath. He reached down and tried to grab the animal, but it expertly avoided his arms as it slid gracefully through the partially opened door and around the house. Alex sighed and went to the car to pick up the rest of the groceries, but stopped short at the car door. There was only one bag left, and it just had some Pokemon food.

"Why wasn't she able to grab this?" He wondered. Letting out another sigh he grabbed the bag and locked the car. He walked back to the house, muttering under his breath as he went. He walked through the front door and closed it, James slipping through just in time.

'Mischievous shit' He thought, clicking the door lock on the knob shut. He walked back into the kitchen and opened the pantry. To his surprise, there was already a full bag of food in the pantry.

"Mom, there's already a new bag in here, you didn't need to get-" Alex turned around and looked at his parents expressions. They were both looking at him with large grins on their faces.

"Ok, what am I missing?" Alex asked. His father pointed to the bag of food in his hands.

"Open it," He said. Alex was confused, but he slowly began to open the bag. This didn't prove too hard, as the bag was already opened. He was also perplexed by the lack of any odor coming from the bag. He opened it further, still looking at his parents, whose grins got wider as he opened it further. Finally the bag was fully opened, Alex glanced into it.

He sat paralyzed in shock. In the bag was an assortment of different items. There were a few potions, 3 that he could count, A bottle of paralyze heal, antidote, and at the bottom of the pile were 6 pokeballs and a belt to hold them on. Alex stood speechless. Why did his mom get this stuff for him?

Reading Alex's expression, his mother said, "Come on Alex, don't you remember what today is?" Alex's mind raced, what was he forgetting.

"Oh come now," His father piped in, "I know this school year was hard, but you couldn't have possibly forgotten your sixteenth birthday!"

'That's right,' Alex thought, 'I'd completely forgotten' He took one last look into the bag, then back to his parents, then placed the bag on the table and gave them each a large hug, thanking them many times over before rushing upstairs and grabbing his backpack from next to his bed. He emptied out what remained of his school items and packed in a few pairs of clothes as well as a journal. He ran right downstairs and started organizing the new items into his backpack, putting on the belt and placing the pokeballs on it.

He stopped and looked up at his parents again, suddenly feeling like he was being rude, acting like a 3 year old on Christmas.

"Mom, Dad, thank you so much. I'll make sure that I write every day, and I'll try to get back as often as I can. I.. I.. I… This is so sudden. I don't want to make you feel like I'm-" Alex's mother raised a hand.

"We know dear. Everybody leaves home some time. Here, take this." She passed him a small, round device.

"It's a pokegear, from the Johto region. You should be able to make calls to us at any time, and I've even put in our number already. Just remember to give us a call every so often."

"Yeah!" His father said, leaning in closer to Alex and elbowing him lightly in the ribs, "and make sure you give a call when you finally find a girlfriend, eh?"

"SAMUEL!" His mother shouted.

"What? You can't expect a handsome kid like him to stay single while he's out on his own can you?"

Alex began to blush, his mother let out a sigh as his father's ever present grin grew even larger.

"Thank you both, I'll remember to call every so often." Finishing his packing he zipped up his backpack and began walking to the door. James began rubbing against his leg as he placed his hand on the doorknob. Alex reached down and gave the umbreon a pat on the head. He opened the door and started to step out when Alex's mother stopped him. Her eyes had tears in them, but it was evident she was trying to hold back.

"Just… Please be careful out there." She said, grabbing his face with both hands. She gave him a small kiss on the forehead and let him go. He reassured her and began walking towards the research center. He began fighting back tears just like her and had to turn away before he began bawling like the overgrown baby he was.

His mother closed the door behind him and stood against it. James stared at her with his head cocked to the right. Alex's father walked over to his mother and embraced her tightly.

"He'll be just fine, he's a smart kid!" He said reassuring her. Though he believed his words, he too was starting to choke up thinking about Alex.

Alex rubbed his eyes as he walked down the sidewalk. He stopped in front of a small video store that had a documentary program running in the window.

"It's been 7 years since the defeat of the Elite Four by the hands of Palet Town's rising star Red. At only 10 years old, he accomplished what most adults have failed to achieve in their entire lives. Most viewed him as a child prodigy, but other believed it was just a fluke. Red took his place in the hall of fame, but it was short lived, as only a month after his victory, he disappeared. He didn't leave any evidence about where he was going, and the scientist Bill refused to track him down through his storage system, saying that he would not disrespect the wishes of his friend by ratting him out. "He deserves to be left alone after what he's accomplished, and I don't think I should be the one to infringe on his privacy." He said in an interview.

After all of these years there still is not a sign of Palet Town's champion. Where he is, no one knows, but everyone knows that wherever he is, he's probably living a very relaxed life."

The program ends and Alex stared at the screen as it faded to black and commercials run. He was suddenly filled with confidence. 'If a 10 year old can do it, I can too!' Alex thought. He began walking faster down the street, encouraged by an inner fire that was lit by the report. The research center came into view and Alex picked up his pace again, but was suddenly stopped by multiple ear piercing screams. Down the street to his left, a dust cloud was moving quickly towards him, following a fairly large group of mankey. Alex stared in wonder, as the herd gets closer. As they get closer however, he realized that they weren't just stampeding; they're chasing after one of their own who seemed to be at the front of the group. A few of them were landing a punch or two before falling back behind the leading mankey.

Alex continued to stare at the group wondering what he should do. Suddenly his body started moving out of instinct, not away, but towards the hoard of raging Mankey.



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