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Teme and Dobe

By: ggluvj1

Chapter 1,

A/N: starting my SasuNaru yaoi. Accident's Leads to Love is still ongoing so look forward to it!!!

Warning: boyxboy scenes throughout the novel and i'm only warning you this once so if you don't like it then don't even start reading!!!

Summary: There was a story about two brave warriors who fought each other till their deaths over…something, causing both warrior‘s family and friends to repel each other. No one actually knows the story, but somebody‘s got to know! And that person lives among the two strongest clans in town, the Akatsuki and Jinchuuriki. As the two clans are at war, 17 year old Sasuke falls in love with the blonde on the opposing team. Once Naruto finds out, he couldn’t help but falls for Sasuke as well. If either clan knows about it, one of them will be killed. No matter what, they have to hide their love. But what if someone had already found out?

(Wanted to post something of sasuke and naruto to start bad if you don't like it :P (not my pics btw))

17 year old Sasuke

17 year old Naruto

It was a blinding night as the raven moved swiftly. Tonight was his turn on patrol. He hated patrols. It took too much of his time but if he disobeyed, who knows what Pain would do. On the outskirts of Akatsuki territory, Sasuke felt relieved as he was almost at the end of his patrol. All he needed to do was turn back and…SWOOSH. Sasuke stops in his steps and blinked.
“What was that?” he thought out loud. High on alert, Sasuke ran after it. Hidden well in the dark, the raven crept quietly and spotted the trespasser. They had ran quite a distance, far from Akatsuki borders. Sasuke narrowed his eyes and saw that the trespasser was a blonde. As the blonde turned around, checking the grounds, the raven stepped back into the dark. Unnoticed, the raven continues to watch as the blonde took a bag out of his orange jacket. Taking out his katana to attack in case the mysterious blondie was planting a bomb, he readied himself. The blonde took out a small can and opened it.
Almost falling forward, the raven pulls back. What the fuck is he doing? the raven thought. He watched as the blonde cooed at something. Out came a puppy. It was dirty, covered in mud, and scrawny. The poor thing was whining in fright but edged closer as the blonde cooed some more. Sasuke thought it was cute as the blonde caught the puppy and fed it. The puppy squirmed and whined loudly, but quieted as the blonde took out a bottle of milk. The puppy took it hungrily. Sasuke slightly smiled as the blonde smiled warmly, hugging the dirty puppy to himself.
“Ne, you’re so dirty. Where did you go this time?” the blonde said to the puppy, laughing as it licked him.
Sasuke forced himself to look away. What had he been thinking? The trespasser was cute? The raven couldn’t believe that he had actually thought that. Silently, he turned away to go back home when he suddenly trips over a board, causing it to drop something. The noise was so loud that Sasuke froze in place. He was scared that the Akatsuki would hear it and come running to this place, finding the blonde and the puppy.
The blonde turned his head towards the sound, alert. His eyes showed fear and surprise. Letting the puppy go, the blonde slipped into the dark, picking a weapon along the way as he went to see. A big iron bar laid on the ground. The blonde didn’t let his guard down a bit and walked back to the puppy. Petting it some more, talking to it, and playing with it.
The raven panted heavily as he hid himself. It had been a close one. Luckily, the blonde didn’t notice him. Suddenly, he heard some noise coming from the way he had come from. Akatsuki! The raven panicked as the blonde and the puppy were about to be discovered. He averted his gaze to where the blonde was but no one stood there. He ran out to where the blonde was and looked around and about.
“Sasuke.” a voice called out to the raven.
Sasuke turned around and out came the red head Gaara.
“What are you doing out here?” Sasuke asked.
“That’s my line.” Gaara replied, walking out into the light. “You should be on patrol, not taking a walk. If Pain finds out-”
“And he won’t if you don’t open your mouth.” Sasuke retorted.
Gaara stared at the raven. He wasn’t in the mood to fight today and what was Sasuke getting all wrapped up about? Then the red head turned away without another word. Silently, the raven followed.

Night by night, Sasuke went to check the place where he saw the blonde, wondering if he had returned to feed the puppy. The puppy was still there but wasn’t getting enough to eat as the blonde never returned. After many attempts, the raven decides to feed the puppy himself. The next night he brought leftover bread and ham. As he approached the place where the puppy, the raven hid himself as he heard a voice.
Carefully, he peeked and saw that it was the blonde. He was alone, again. The puppy licked the blonde’s face as the blonde laughed with joy.
“Hey, cut it out.” he said.
Sasuke watched as the blonde fed the puppy. This time it wasn’t a bottle of milk but ham and bread, the same as what he had. Smiling, he watched them till his heart’s content. I guess I’ll leave this here. the raven thought as he placed the bag carefully and soundlessly to the ground and left.

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