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Teme and Dobe

Novel By: ggluvj1
Fan fiction

There was a story about two brave warriors who fought each other till their deaths over…something, causing both warrior‘s family and friends to repel each other. No one actually knows the story, but somebody‘s got to know! And that person lives among the two strongest clans in town, the Akatsuki and Jinchuuriki. As the two clans are at war, 17 year old Sasuke falls in love with the blonde on the opposing team. Once Naruto finds out, he couldn’t help but falls for Sasuke as well. If either clan knows about it, one of them might get killed...or both! No matter what, they have to hide their love. But what if someone had already found out? What will happen between them? View table of contents...


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Once the car came to a stop, Naruto quickly unbelted his seat and quickly shoved the door opened. Sasuke reached out.
Naruto, eyes filled with fear, turned to face him. "Don't touch me!" he cried out.
Sasuke flinched, his hand hanging in mid air. He knew it. Naruto hated him. Hated Akatsuki. Hated him.
Naruto froze then looked away and slammed the door shut, running inside of his house. Iruka stood by the door, looking surprised at Naruto's sudden rush and looked out at the staring raven. He narrowed his eyes, meeting the calm dark eyes in the car. He shut the door as the car left the road.

"Naruto? Naruto what's wrong?" Iruka knocked on the Naruto's bedroom door. He received no answer. Worried, he fetched Kakashi, who was laying in bed reading Make-Out Paradise.
"Kakashi san, Naruto won't answer me."
"Leave him alone. He probably just had a fight with his friend."
"Kakashi san, do something!"
Kakashi sighed and propped himself up on both his elbows, closing his book. "What am I suppose to say to him? That the kid belongs to the Akatsuki and hurt Naruto's feelings?" Iruka flinches. "Think about it, Iruka san. Naruto is growing up. Sometimes he would want some alone time to think."
Iruka looked away, sadden but knew what Kakashi said was true. Of course he should let Naruto have some time alone, but shouldn't he explain to Naruto about the Akatsuki? His frown turned into a pout as unable to leave Naruto alone.
"Then what about Tsunade sama's recent founding in the reports about murders found in Konoha?"
"Ahh, that. Now that's something you should announce."
"you're his guardian aren't you?" Kakashi smirked.
"Aren't you one too?"
"I'm merely his guardian as much as you are."
"I think we should keep this from him as well."
"And get himself killed? He's gonna find out sooner or later and by the time he finds out, he's either dying or in a gloomy state."
"Don't say that!!" Iruka exclaimed. "Jeez, what kind of 'mere' guardian are you anyways? Saying stuff like that."
"I'm sorry, Iruka san." Kakashi sat up and leaned forward to give Iruka a kiss.
Knock knock.
Both adults look up and saw Naruto standing by the door, sadly looking down on the floor.
"Iruka san…"
Kakashi blinked as Iruka opened his arms, letting the blonde teen sink into his arms, crying.
"Iruka san!"
Iruka, close to tears himself, swallowed down the tight knot in his throat. "What's wrong, Naruto? Did that black hair kid scare you?"
Naruto clung tightly to Iruka's sweater sleeves, soaking the front with his tears, barely able to say anything, just shaking his head no. Kakashi sat up completely, sitting beside Iruka and pulling him close as so he could place a hand on Naruto's head. Naruto continued to cry then sobbed and finally fell asleep, face covered in tears. Kakashi had helped carried Naruto to bed as Iruka wiped away those tears.
"What should I do?" Iruka looked up from Naruto to his silver haired lover. Kakashi smiled a small smile and walked to where Iruka was and cupped Iruka's face in his hands.
"Not I, Iruka san. What should we do." Iruka slightly smiled. "I guess we should tell him the truth tomorrow.

"Naruto! Breakfast is ready!"
Naruto refused to go to the appetizing smell of bacon and sausage. He sat on his bed, knees pulled up to his chest, arms wrapped around those knees and cried. His heart was in pain. His mind replayed the scenes where he had discovered the tattoo of the Akatsuki, when Sasuke lied, to last night's scene when Kiba was carried to those sad dark colored eyes of Sasuke. Sad? Was that what he had seen last night when that lying good for nothing finally admitted to being an Akatsuki?
"Teme…" Naruto cried silently to himself. "Why does it have to be you?"
A knock at his door. Naruto quickly wiped away the tears and nose before grabbing his study book.
"Come in…"
Iruka slowly opened the door and walked in. He smelled of bacon and sausage, making Naruto's stomach growl.
"Come down for breakfast, Naruto. I know you're hungry." Iruka said softly.
Naruto shook his head. "I'm not hungry."
Iruka sat down on his bed, smiling like a caring parent should. "I know you've been crying, Naruto." he reached out and touched Naruto's sticky cheek. "I don't know what happened, but you should know, Naruto, that I'm always here for you."
Naruto didn't flinch away as his eyes welled up with freshly new tears. "Iruka san…" he grabbed around Iruka by the midriff and hugged tightly, crying again.
"He…he's an Akatsuki…I don't want to believe it…but it's true…and he lied!"
"Shh~" Iruka stroked his blonde hair and rubbed his back, soothing him. "It'll be alright, Naruto."
Naruto pulled away, nodding and wiping away his tears.
"I want you to listen to me, Naruto." Iruka caressed Naruto's left cheek, looking into the sadden blue eyes. "I want you to stay away from that guy. He's dangerous and I don't know what he had planned last night, but I was worried and am really glad that you're safe."
Naruto smiled at that. Then his mind slowly wrapped around Iruka's words, suddenly realizing something.
"Now, let's go downstairs and get some breakfast before it's cold. I know you never turn down food, Naruto." Iruka smiled.
Naruto put away his book, threw off his blankets and walked downstairs to where Kakashi was, sitting in a seat eating and reading.
"Morning, Naruto." Kakashi said, glancing up once at the blonde before going back to his book. Naruto smiled and sat down.
"Good morning, Kakashi sensei."

That night, Naruto had stayed in his room the entire day, moping while Iruka sat in the living room, thinking what to tell Naruto.
"Kakashi san." hands on hips, Iruka snatched Make-out Paradise out of Kakashi's hands.
"Pay attention to what I'm saying, Kakashi san!"
"I was getting to the good part, Iruka san!" Kakashi whined.
"If you don't listen, we're not going to do it for an entire year."
Kakashi froze at his words. "Y-you can't be serious, Iruka san?"
"Try me."
Kakashi frowned through his mask and sat back, pouting. Iruka smiled and placed the book in one of the shelves by the fireplace.
"Naruto, come down here please!"
Naruto came down the stairs and saw both his guardians sitting together by the couch, looking at him…well Iruka was. Naruto mentally rolled his eyes. aw man, not another lecture. He got the bottom of the stairs before asking,
"Did you want something, Iruka san?"
"Sit down please." Iruka demanded nicely, pointing to the couch across from his and Kakashi's.
Naruto slowly skittered across the room to the couch and plopped himself on the couch. He searched Kakashi's eye for any clue but received none as the copy-nin clouded his eye with no emotion. He looked at Iruka, slightly cowering, ready for whatever he had to say.
Iruka sighed. "Naruto."
"This isn't another one of those lectures that you'll be getting from me." Naruto sighed in relief. "But it's not anything good either."
"Well what is it then?" Naruto asked, curious.
Iruka glanced once at his nonchalant silver hair lover and sighed again. "I know this will be hard on you, but…" Naruto looked at him intently. "we need you to stay away from that boy."
Naruto blinked once then smiled sadly to himself. "Heh…like I'm ever going back out with him…"
Iruka could see the shadow looming over Naruto as sadness overwhelmed him. Iruka had never see him like that before. Naruto was always cheery, excited, and could never sit down for long, but now…it was different. He was sad, eyes puffed red, his twinkling blue eyes weren't twinkling anymore, and worst of all, he wasn't…Naruto. It seemed as if he was…heartbroken.
"Naruto." Kakashi finally spoke.
Naruto looked up. Iruka nervously fidgeted in his seat as Kakashi stared straight at the blonde.
"Have you recently heard about Tsunade sama's report?"
Naruto slowly shook his head. "No. What is it about?"
Kakashi narrowed his eye. "It's about the recent murders in Konoha." Naruto stiffened. "By Akatsukis." Naruto stared at his guardians.
It was no surprise to any Jinchuuriki. They had heard many reports about Akatsuki murdering innocent people.
"But that doesn't involve us does it?" Naruto glanced at Iruka for an answer, but met no eyes.
"Naruto." Naruto looked backed at the copy-nin. "The murders have been sighted in our turf." Naruto gasped silently. "They were Jinchuuriki members. They were found a few nights ago."
Naruto's fists opened then closed tightly. That was the night Sasuke texted him about their date and he had Sakura over…and she left after that!
"Sakura! Is she…" he forced tears back.
"Sakura?" Kakashi questioned. "Don't worry. She's safe. Only the ones on patrol that night were murdered."
Naruto let out a breath of relief. He thought to himself, if Sakura died, what would he had done? Mourn? Revenge?
"How do they know it was the Akatsuki?"
Kakashi showed him a kunai. "What other clan other than us uses deadly weapons like these?"
Naruto sat there, mouth gaping.
"Also, Tsunade sama has declared for us to keep everyone inside for the time being. Stronger and bigger patrols are sent to search the perimeter. And most important,-" he stared intensely into the blue eyes. "We are not to contact the Akatsuki in any way or form. Meaning that friendly terms, friendships, and relationships are severed."
Naruto's heart somewhat crumbled at that. He was having a hard breathing and he mentally clutched at his chest. Not being able to text Sasuke? Sure he can do that. Not talk to him? He could do that too. But friendship wise? He felt the bond falling. He was just getting to know Sasuke better and now this? Was it his idea so that he wouldn't find out about the murders? Naruto then physically clutched at his chest and took in deeps breath, feeling as if the world was running out of oxygen.
Sasuke's one of them... he reminded himself.
Iruka ran to him, rubbed his back and whispered soothing words for Naruto to calm down. After Naruto had calmed down, he had Naruto lean towards him.
"I'm sorry you had to hear that, Naruto, but we couldn't do anything else."
Naruto stayed quiet for a moment, then spoke. "It's alright. At least you and Kakashi sensei are fine then I'll be okay." he forced a smile on his face, barely convincing either guardian.
"We want you to promise us that you'll stay away from that boy."
Naruto hesitated, then nodded, avoiding their gazes.

What do you think about the story so far?? good? bad?? it gets interesting after this so please rate/comment!!


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